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Title: How to draw shipbucket way...
Description: crude introduction for MS paint

Gollevainen - June 18, 2008 05:43 PM (GMT)
I decided to make this so that It would encourage others to venture into completing the real or newer build sections of the Shipbucket. I have take rather simple screenshots while I did my latest Soviet missile cruiser, in order to show you the phases that I go trough when drawing.
I begun drawing that ship around 19:30 last nigth and finished it around middnigth (yeah, another nigth wasted in front of PC screen...dear me...:wacko:)

Step one is to take a existing linedrawing of a ship that You are about to draw.
Occasions that I have made drawing without something "beneath" has been in case of few finnish minesweepers and missileboat where none exists. Specially in case of larger ships, Its almost impossible to make an accurate presentation of reallife ship with "free hand". None forbids for such hard-core approach thogh...but Ill wish my luck (and symphaties ;) ) for those who dare...

user posted image

In here I have just made a new copy over it in Gif format. The reason is to get the JPEG pixel haze nullificated to fewest possible colors. ....and yeas I know, it looks funky with those chess-board squares, but life is...
After I have saved this file, only thing I do is to re-size the picture into shipbucket scale (2 feets equals pixel) ...This means that take the length of the ship in feets, multibly it by two and then divade the result with the ammount of pixels that the lenght of the base-drawing takes. I meassure the length from farest point in the stern into the tip of the bow. If I know the waterline length...then I take the pixel length of the waterline, naturally...
After this I save the image again, this time in BMP format.


Begun to draw the lines....I use red color for everything that will come black in the final drawing, blue for grey, ect... In here the art of shipbucket comes to play. It is ones personal choises and chosing, how he will draw and how he will "follow" what is beneath, how he draws certain things and ect.... I will not try to teach my style, here are only few observations
user posted image

A. As I want to bend the edge of the hull, I use black (here red) as the line for the hull, then one pixel "line" for ligthter grey (updeck), then the main grey to do the seccond line, under which the darker hull-grey color scheme.
NOTE that despite the orginal drawings seems to have somewhere two pixel between the hull edge and the main-grey line, I tend to "squeeze" it to follow the one pixel line. That way you get more "Shipbucketing" look to the drawing.

B. In here we have the Sa-n-1 SAM system and RBU-6000 ASW RL. No need to start drawing them, as existing "kits" of both can be found in Shipbucket charts (actually RBU-6000 is not there...hint, hint... ;=) ). My way is to took all "kits" that Im going to use into the same drawing, and simbly alter their color fit to the work-in-progress colors, but everyone has its own way...
Also if anythign repeats in the drawing (windows, new radars not yet in the try to drawn them only once and then copy/paste where it appears next. Thats how the shipbucket feelin' is retained.

3. Now we become the main reason why Paint isen't best option for drawing this way...the layers! (photoshop owners can giggle with pity in their voice for the next part...)

But for us paintieers, no need to cry yet. Remember the first save as Gif? Well here it comes handy. When the base-drawing is in six to seven colors, its rather simply to choose each of them as the lower color (A), then select all, cut and as the upper color spot in white and the objects are pasted as non-covering (B), the screen is left blank with the lower spot color. Simply use the fill tool with left click and then rigth click, paste and the image appears whit the color chosen for lover spot dissappeared. Repeat with all of the colors that the base-drawing has (figure out why GiF?...imagine to do that with JPEG), you leave with the lines of your own work....almost like having layers in use...almost ;)
user posted image
You also know why to use the simple red/blue/yellow colors, as most shades or shipbucket grey and black is usually among the colors that JPEG transfers to GiF format, so no need to get rid of those you have drew.

4. Now, to get into Real colors, simply choose (A) the lower spot with the color you want the "work-in-progres" color (upper spot) to change, and use the errease tool (B) with rigth click.
user posted image

5. Color the ship enterily to its proper outfit. After that, start adding the details, raills and missing ladders and assorted stuff.
user posted image

Now, It wasen't that hard was it? I hope these hints and insigth will help you guys and even more, trigger you to venture into drawing real life desings, so that the Bucket could be completed and cover every possible warship ever made. Its a huge task but something to work for.

Matt Labunda - June 18, 2008 06:17 PM (GMT)
wow, that's certainly interesting, I may give it a shot at some point.

MConrads - June 18, 2008 09:07 PM (GMT)
That´s possible with Paint ? :blink:

Great work.

Colosseum - June 19, 2008 01:49 AM (GMT)
Poor man's Photoshop. :P

Good thing I got my perfectly legal version from uh.... school... yeah. :P

Really though, that's a smart way to trace in Paint. Good work. :)

Portsmouth Bill - June 19, 2008 09:58 AM (GMT)
Excellent :D

I've only just had a quick look, but it looks just what I need to get me launched onto some stuff I keep putting off.

I'll revise my previous accolade: after yourself Sibelius was the enxt best thing to come out of Finland!

Gollevainen - June 19, 2008 03:20 PM (GMT)
Well after struggelin with Paint, its amazing how you begun to notice those little tricks that speeds up the work considerably...

JLDogg - June 21, 2008 03:34 AM (GMT)

Just checked out photoshop and at $300.00 & up :o
I think I'll stick with MS Paint. :P

MConrads - June 21, 2008 03:03 PM (GMT)
Try GIMP, that is a freeware version of Photoshop.

Hood - June 23, 2008 12:24 PM (GMT)
I have a slightly different method, rather than trace over another drawing (which I find fustrating esp on aircraft) I use 'clean sheet' approach, using two or three different drawings and going by measurements and drawing every line myself I using a ruler to scale things from a really detailed picture if I have one available. For a start getting a drawing into the right size on paint is a major pain itself.

Eg. On a drawing Yamato's turret base equals exactly 1.5cms, take Colo's turret (check its to scale) and you then have a definite measurement you know is fully correct that you can use to scale off the drawing into the line drawing. So if a deck house measures 1.5cms high on the drawing, use the length of the turret to get the right measurement of pixels. I know it works as Taiho was drawn using this method and all the pieces fit 99% perfectly.

Working by eye, like my Cruiser/ Destroyer when I only had one basic outline drawing and a fuzzy painting can be useful but things can quickly get out of line or fail to fit.

Gollevainen - June 23, 2008 12:48 PM (GMT)
I quess there is no "Right" method for the drawing, each one does how it suites them best. But I think one thing is common to all style is that you need to have alot of good photographs of the actual ship if you want to make the drawing as accurate as it can get. When I drew the Kiev and Kirov, For every line that I drew, I stared at existing images and tried to memorize every single detail.

As for the scaling, if you use paint and meters, this following formula gives your reference images into right scale:

(Lenght of the ship/0.15)/the pixel lenght of the linedrawing=a precentual which to strech or widen the image.

Colosseum - June 23, 2008 01:43 PM (GMT)
I just trace in Photoshop. :unsure: :ph43r:

JDhere - July 21, 2008 11:15 AM (GMT)
whats the best to use with no experience

MConrads - July 21, 2008 11:33 AM (GMT)
whats the best to use with no experience

Tracing with Photoshop or Gimp. The programs are a bit more complicated than Paint but the drawing process is much simpler than the versions described by Hood and Gollevainen above.

You´ll need a line drawing to start with though.

Best regards.

navybrat85 - February 10, 2010 06:38 AM (GMT)
I have I am working on a copy of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), and I am able with to have the real image on the background layer, then add new layers for new sections. For example, the hull is on layer 2, the superstructure on Layer 3, Main Battery on Layer 4, and Secondary Battery on Layer 5.

paul_541 - February 10, 2010 08:21 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (navybrat85 @ Feb 10 2010, 02:38 AM)
I have I am working on a copy of the USS New Jersey (BB-62), and I am able with to have the real image on the background layer, then add new layers for new sections. For example, the hull is on layer 2, the superstructure on Layer 3, Main Battery on Layer 4, and Secondary Battery on Layer 5.

You working for update the drawings of the Iowa class ? Me too I try to redrawing the USS Iowa ( BB-61 ) class. Here is an overview of my work (It's the Missouri in 1944) :

user posted image

;) :o :rolleyes:

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