Forum Rules
Forums attract different people with different cultures, beliefs, opinions, tastes etc. You don’t have to agree with anyone, but we expect you to show respect for the preferences of others. Discuss by using arguments, instead of scolding and calling names. There IS accounting for tastes, but if you do, do it in style.

Offending and annoying other forum members is not tolerated. Sometimes, ignoring is the best option. Users that post racist or discriminating remarks will be banned.

This forum is not a chat box. Reactions that are targeted to one person specifically (like “shall we meet up tonight at…?) can be sent through the Private Message system (PM), email, or other means outside this forum.

To keep everything readable, please write in proper English, don’t overuse obvious teen writing, text-message style abbreviations, and please don’t type ALL IN CAPS (except for topics) or in SoMe SiLlY miXeD CAsE.

Linking to illegal mp3s, ftp servers or bit torrent files is not allowed (though we don’t mind you spreading those links via pm). Linking to legal mp3s (for example songs of your own band) is no problem.

To keep threads easy to read, please don’t use huge banners or pictures in your signature, preferably keep it text-only and not too long, let's say about 4 lines.

Please keep discussions on-topic to keep them readable and concise. There is a separate off-topic forum for everything that doesn’t have to do with Pinback or other bands.When a thread is going off-topic too much, the administrator/moderator will separate the thread and post the off-topic part in the off-topic forum (or wherever it belongs).

When starting a new thread, please check whether there already is a topic about what you’d like to discuss, for example through the search button on top of the page (not a working feature yet). If that is the case, please use “reply” instead of “new topic”. Open threads in the right forum, otherwise the administrator/moderator will move them.

If you want to add something to your last post, please use “edit” instead of using “reply” again when there are no reactions after that post yet.

Please consider whether your post actually contributes to the discussion; only saying that you (dis)agree, or just posting to increase your post count adds little to a discussion. Please come up with arguments, we don’t want any “yes-it-does”–“no-it-doesn’t” games.

When quoting other posts, remove the unnecessary parts; only use the parts that are relevant for your answer. You don’t have to use the quote-function when responding to the most recent post of the thread. The quote-function is especially useful when replying to an earlier post, or a post coming from somewhere else on the forum.

The administrator/moderator can and will ban members that don’t oblige to these rules.

The administrator has the ability to dismiss a member without a statement. The user is allowed to cancel the membership at any time. All data will be erased, but not his/her posts! By posting on this forum the poster loses his copyright on all his stories/posts.

The administrator/moderator can and will, when necessary, edit, move, remove posts and topics at all times.

When you experience any problems or have any tips or complaints about this forum, please contact the administrator/moderator or post this in the “about this forum”-forum.

Finally, have fun at the Pinbackfreak-forum!



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