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welcome to ___livetheMOMENT. we are a brand new literate to advanced rpg set in the marauders era. feel free to take a look around at our rules, plot, canon list, and such, and drop a message by in our c-box so out members can get to know you. we would all love you here (=
much love and all that,
sanj <33


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this lovely skin was made by finch of ifsz.
the content of LTM (rules, plot, canon list, etc.) is credited to sanj and jkr.

 Owens, Hailey, Gryffindor fourth year
Hailey Owens
Posted: Aug 18 2007, 05:53 AM

Group: Members
Posts: 1
Member No.: 32
Joined: 18-August 07

out of character

    4 years
other characters;
    almost every day unless I work too much

character information

full name:
    Hailey Morgan Owens
    Hailey Bug, Midgit, Midgy
    July 28
    fourth year
    Willow, Dragonheart string, 9"
    siamesecat, named Pheobe

character appearance

user posted image

celebrity play-by;
    Miley Cyrus
    Her hair in brown with blond highlights. She normally wears in down and wavy, but sometimes she put it up.
    Big innocent blue eyes
    She is slim and slightly lanky
    115 lbs
overall appearance;
    Hailey's signature outfit is a funky graphic tee, jeans and converses. She dresses up in pretty glittery skirts and dresses with wild colours and pretty patterns. She loves headbands and slouchy hats. She keps her coco brown hair really long and wavy as it looks best that way. She doesn't really wear heels- she thinks they're waaay too uncomfortable. She's light on the makeup because she wants to look ethereal and natural, although she does wear some eyeliner. She is very youthful and fun looking.
    Hailey does like to dress up and look girl. She wears fashion foward clothes when she isn't in school uniform or dressing causal. She almost always has a high quilty pursh with her. She likes pastel colors and fun patterns. She is a thin young girl, like most fourthteen year olders. She's not overly flashy but she gets herself noticed when she wants to be.
    She is pretty fair skined most of the year, but sometimes in the summer she does get a bit of a tan. Athough this does tend to make her look a little washed out. Hailey has a contagous laugh and an adorable smile. Her whole face seems to light up when she is happy. She holds her self with dignaty and grace... most of the time. She has the body of a dancer, very will toned all over and slender.

    character personality

    five words to describe your character;
    boy crazy
    the beach
    the colour pink
    horse back rideing
    ice cream
    being in love
    Chocolate covered strawberrys
    being alone
    school work
    writeing papers
    being judged
    old people... they're creepy
    people who don't belive in love
    strawberry milk
    spicy food
    bad hair days
    her good outlook on life
    the way she sees other people
    her courage
    how innocent she is
    too trusting
    she is easy to falling in love and easy to get her heart broken
    she isn't very good in school
    she tries to push her self to the lead
    nail biting
    singing and dancing in inaproprate times
    interupting people while they are talking
    eating out of bordom
    shakeing her foot when she is setting down
pet peeves;
    stupid people
    clicking pens
    people who don't keep up with there work
    annoying weird dorks
    good songs that are over played
    she wants to be on a world quddicth team
    To be a famos singer/dancer
    To be the next Head misstress at Hogwarts
    (she's a very ambitionous girl)
    men's cologne
    summmer after rain
    eagle, because they resprest courage, bravery, and freedom. They also symoblize dominace and strength.
    It turns into a old and very alone version of her.
overall personality;
    Hailey is generous and warmhearted. She loves to help those around her. She is a very creative and enthusiastic indeavedual. Broad-minded and expansive, she adaptes to thinks around her will. When is a relationship, romantic or other wise, she is faithful and loving. Athough she can be pompous and sometimes patronizing she is a very good lover asnfd friend. She does have a tendancy to be bossy and she interferes with things that are not her problem .... or busniess.

    Hailey is the most dominant, spontaneously creative and extrovert of all the zodiacal characters. In grandeur of manner, splendor of bearing and magnanimity of personality, she is the monarch's among humans. She is ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in her vocabulary, and he is self-controlled. Born leaders, either in support of, or in revolt against, the status quo. She is at her most effective when in a position of command, her personal magnetism and innate courtesy of mind bringing out the best of loyalty from subordinates. She is uncomplicated, knowing exactly what she wants and using all her energy, creativeness and resolution to get it, as well as being certain that she will get whatever she is after. . She think and act bigger than others would normally dare; the ambitiousness of her schemes and idealism sometimes daunt her followers, her practical hardheadedness and ability to go straight to the heart of any problem reassures those who depend on her. If she meets with setbacks she thrives on the adversity.

    Her faults can be as large in scale as her virtues, and an excessively negative Hailey can be one of the most unpleasant human beings imaginable, displaying extreme arrogance, autocratic pride, haughtiness, and excessive hastiness of temper. If jealously suspicious of rivals, she will not hesitate to use cunning, lies and trickery to discredit them. Self-centeredness, greed for flattery, boastfulness, and bombast, pomposity, snobbish superiority, and overbearing, and intolerant disdain of underlings; to whom she will nevertheless delegate the carrying out of minor details in her grandiose schemes, and from whom seh is not above borrowing immoderately if an occasion necessitates it.

    Add to her a passion for luxury, a lust for power, unlimited sexual lust, and emotional indulgence, and a character emerges that no one would want to know either in public life or private. But her pride may go before a fall, as uncontrolled impetuosity is likely to bring her low. Fortunately it is rare that Hailey is so undisciplined as to give way thoroughly to this list of vices, and her tendencies to ther is usually balanced by an innate wisdom.

character history

happiest memory;
    When she was 4 years old her dad took her to a Kareoki night. She was allowed to get on stage and sing a song. She was so excited and preformed like a true star. She has always she this as the point in her life when she knew she was going to be famous. When she got off the stage her father told her how proud her was of her. This more than anything made her very happy. She has always remebered this even tho she was very young when it happened.
worst memory;
    When she was seven she woke up to find that both her mother and father where missing. She paniced and ran around the house looking for them. Her biggest fear in the whole world is being alone. By the time she found her parents outside in the garden she was sobbing so hard she couldn't be understood.
    Adam Owens
    Madaline Owens
other note-worthy family;
    Her son will be Oliver Wood
overall history;
    Hailey was born to a pure blood family and a rich one a that. She was a very wanted a spoiled little girl, but she was never bratty. Since she was wizard born she didn't attend school before Hogwarts so she spent all of that time with her parents. This made her a very sheltered and innocent girl. Her magic was discover early in her life. She is 5 when she perfomed magic for the first time Her parents had told her no to a piece of cake so she floated it to herself. Her parents here so happy about her use of magic that they let her have the cake. She has always been very over protected.

    She was so excited when she got her Hogwarts letter. She rushed her parents to Diagon Alley to buy her school supplies and pet. This turned out to be a sieamese cat which she name Pheobe. She was so neverous her first day of school she could hardly speck.. which is wierd for her. During the sorting hat ceremony she was so afraid she was going to be sorted into Slythrin. However she did like much of her family before her, get sorted into Gryfindor. School her first year was hard but she made it through. She spent most of the summer that first year talking about school.

    Starting her second year she begin playing quiditch. She is one of the chasers and is VERY good at it.This along side with performing is her passion. She wants to be the captain of the Gryfindor team but she will have to wait a few years for that. Also in her second year she meet Sirius Black. She has a huge crush on him but doesn't say anything about it. She is never usually a shy person but in this case she kind of is. Her second year was also the year she took to wandering the halls and on occation brakeing the rules. This is the year she discover the room of requirement. She was wandering the halls late at night when she heard foot steps comeing towards her. She paniced and in her stress to end up in the room of requirement. It was decorated in beautiful victorian style. There was a red velvet couch and chair and a table full of food. From then on she used this room as an escape when she wanted to get away from other people.

    In the summer between her second and thrid year she got very sick with the flu and was in bed for the first month. In the second month she weaky pulled herself from bed and took to exploreing around town. In doing so she meet a young boy who goes to Drumalstien Academy, named Porter. They meet nearly every day in the towns square and spent to whole day toghter. They quickly fell for each other and he asked her to be his girlfriend. She was happier now that she ever had been... she was in love and young. This would be the boy to give her her first kiss. They were standing outside of the local pub and hold hands. He lend close to her face and asked "would it be ok if a kissed you?" she smiled and her face turned the brightest of red before she finally nodded. On the last day of summer to meet in there usual spot and discussed the fact that they would being going to diferant school and would not be seeing each other for at least a year. They both disided that it was best for them to breck up and next summer meet up again and see then. The parted there ways and that night Hailey cried herself to sleep. For once she wasn't excited about going back to Hogwarts.

    In her thrid year she meet Andromeda Black. They were fast friends. Hailey was glad to have someone in her life that she could talk to. Other than that her thrid year was mostly uneventful. She spent a lot of time thinking about the summer and wiishing for school to be over. Finally on her first day of summer she ran to the town square. Porter was there waiting for her. She ran and hugged him but the imbrace was not fully returned. She pulled away and he smile "You have grown so pretty in a year," he said and she blush but the next thing to come from his mouth would not be so nice. He told her how he had meet a girl from a closer schoool that he could see during the year and that they were going on a vaction with her family in a week. Hailey was crushed but she smiled a nodded and pretended to understand... had he not thought about her all year like she had. She spent a good part of the summer sulking and finally disided that she had to move on.

almost there

roleplaying example;
    I raced through the halls. Some how I knew where she would be. I jerked the door open and I was gasping for breath. My face was still tears stained, red , and puffy. I walked to the bed side and lay my head down but my body stayed on the floor "Don't waste your tears on an idiot like me. I didn't mean to scare you." My eyes were pleading ... I felt love strong in my heart.. I loved her and I knew it now stronger than ever. "I'm sorry.. don't hate me,"

    I pulled my hand back and flopped down on the bed "Take your time, but I could not hold the way I feel for you any longer. I'll wait for you until my dieing day, come what may," I looked up at her "I want you to trust me in you own time and your own way. I'm not here to hurt you or push you.... I just want to love you, and Lily. I'll protect you both and I'd Rather die than see you in pain. You have to understand thats why I hit Noah.. he has know forever how I feel.. even before I did he was trying to provoke me to make a move with you and let you see the real me inside, and I don't want to hide for you any more. I want you to see me for exactly what I am." I layed there stareing at her.

    My heart wenched in pain Noah was wrong... she didn't love me she hated me and I terrified her. Tears rolled openly down my face even tho I willed them not to. I had not wanted this to happen. I didn't know what to do. I sat in shock. My put my hand to my head. This is all my fault, my face was soaking wet. I had no idea what to say or do and so I cried.

    I shock with anger "You bastard!" I yelled. I clinched my fist so tight I was bleeding. I ran at Noah "fI hate you!" My fist slammed into his face. I let it go as hard as I could. "For Christ sake how could you do that to me?!?!? My own brother my flesh and blood," My fist was cover in blood.. mine and Noah's.

    A rage ingulged me and my power soared. The power in side me was growing. The betraly was fueling my power. He kissed her and he knew better than anyone my feelings for her. An energy ball formed in my bloody hand and the power with in it sent rippeled the air around it.

    I began to cry my knees buckled and I feel to te ground. I heaved incontrolable. I wanted to speck I wanted him to tell him that it was his fault... he provoked me. I hated him at that moment and I hated myself even more. My blood covered hand went to my face. It smeered every where. I didn't care anymore. The tears and blood mixed.. I didn't care who saw me or what they said. When I words finally came I looked up at my brother "And your no better," I said simplely tears still pouring down "You pushed me in the ways you knew would hurt the most. Your my brother for christ sake your the one she should be afraid of," My heart was brecking and I hope he could feel it... all of it, because it was killing me. ( I know this is in first person but I will rp in third)
the phrase;
    raindrops falling against my window-pane
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