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 Dust Tactics Panzer Walkers Review, not good.
Posted: Apr 24 2012, 07:48 PM

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Group: Moderator
Posts: 1,308
Member No.: 212
Joined: 19-October 05

Ok so I got my packages today when I got off from work today. And couldn't wait to open them up and share my findings today.

So I like to do something called a compliment sandwich. Where I start with something good, say the truth and then end with something good. This will be a very meaty sanwich.


Last weekend I saw this review on BOLS and they were real favorable but I had questions that they did not answer.


So thats the good thing. Now for my observations.

user posted image

Cool box, check

user posted image

Already scared, if the head doesn't come off that would make it super hard to paint.

user posted image

Well sure looks cool. Gotta say the detail is crisp for the most part. Nothing seems overly scewed from having to be molded at funny angles. That's good.

user posted image

Ok so the head comes off. At least it will be easy to access all the cockpit areas and engine machinery. But you will not the notch in the back. This makes the head only go on facing forward. SO no movable poses. It wouldn't take much to permanently re position the head but to let it detach for storage will be a challenge.

user posted image

More bad. Just look at those seams. Terrible. No better than a toy and when I finish this review I'll probably restate that opinion. And the legs are 100% stuck. So if you want to reposition be prepared to use a loot of bone saws and refabricating joints.

user posted image

The armor panels are all glued on and will not easily detach. That will make it extremely difficult to paint behind there.

user posted image

Some of the armor pieces were glued poorly and either were off in the package or will easily fall off. If only all the glueing was this poor the kit would be much better for it. It kind of looks like the one weapon has a wash on it. That is not the case, that is bare plastic. These models are indeed primed with a very thin coat of paint but they are assembled fully before painted and that is the area that didn't get paint. Exactly why I wish the armor was all on you to assemble.

user posted image

Some more terrible seam lines. You'll need to fill that gap on the muzzle cause its on both sides. Honestly I'm tempted to buy brass baarrels and just re barrel it.

user posted image

Some modularity for the back accessories and I'm sure some of the magnet gods will be able to do some magic with it but looks are deceiving. for the long gun model the ammo box has to snap in to the top of the guns as it is assembled thus the guns are not rotatable when in the anti tank configuration. So honestly for only $30 just buy a second one. The smaller ones will be much easier to make weapon swaps.

user posted image
user posted image

Here is a size comparison on the four konig vs the gunther. The scale is different. My understanding is that the konig is 28mm (please correct me in your comments) and the gunther is true 1/35th. I'd be curious to see how the $300 resin konig compares in size.

Next up, the light panzer.

user posted image

First off I think the size is perfect for a sentinel, being just over 3 inches tall. (Again someone correct me) But it goes down hill from there.

The legs are a again totally stuck which rases questions on how you get the model with a different leg pose as shown in the box art.

user posted image

If its random, that would be super lame. who wants a squadron of all the same pose?

Also my biggest fear the feet are indeed one with the base. If its glue its some very strong glue, there is no popping the feet off you will probably have to chop up the base and grind it down to the feet if you don't want to damage the model.

user posted image

But the head comes off and is fully movable this time.

user posted image

Another fear of mine exposed. Miss aligned parts, and no way to fix it without breaking pieces off and regluing.... hopefully without shattering it. And look at those gaps for the mold undernieth. I hear you say "but those are on the bottom" and if that were true it would be hidden and fine. But these are the AA guns which aim up and you will see the gaps from the front.

user posted image

This is another example of why I'd want the armor to come off. I can see someone who is a better painter than I making these things glow like plasma guns.

Same story with the medium panzer

user posted image

Fully movable although the left leg blocks any movement to the left. So you will have an army of right looking robots. Same feet glued to the base, same seams.
Forgot to mention all the hatches are glued shut. Personnally I like my tanks buttned up but these little guys are perfect for diorama scenes and all the resin kits are made with crew pouring out.

user posted image

The arm is another disappointment, the pincer is glued together so again good luck breaking it free to reposition it.

user posted image

And the silly thing swivels along its longitudinal axis. But only ~2 degrees. Why? Its so little its not worth any thing and with the rest of the model stuck it seemed like a waist of effort on their part.

My Conclusions.

These are quality products, good subject, good detail, great price. But we have to define what they are.


These are not a sunday model build. I was hoping they would be built ready for paint. But if you want to fill the god awful seams you will have to re prime it, so no time is saved there. And if you want to get behind any of the armor its going to be a painfully slow process of removing each piece just to paint. To base them on anything but the silly looking bases they come on you will have to do a lot of work removing them from the bases. But if you just want to add rocks and grass I don't see why you couldn't do it on the current base.

If you want to achieve serious results all they did for you was hurt you by doing work you will have to undo. Personally I think building the base pieces is the most fun part and easiest why would you want someone to take that from you?


These are very nice game pieces. if you want a game you can throw a couple hundred dollars on and play at the store, the day you buy it these are for you. Only those people who only want to play the game will enjoy these.

If you are a serious painter I don't think you'll like them because the work to clean them up will be more than you want to do and not being able to paint around things will probably drive you crazy.

If you are a builder they took away all your fun why even buy it. Unpackaging takes as long as putting the pieces on.

So as a hobbyist that does not really want to play a new game I do not recommend these kits the way they are. If you just love the subject as I do by all means get them but there is a lot of work cut out for you. They are way cheaper than the resin kits.
Light panzer ~$16 vs $115
Mdeium ~$25 vs $98-115
Konig ~$40 vs $250
Apparently there is also a premium line of dust tactics scale with double prices that are prepainted supposedly to high quality but that is for someone else to review.

These will not be an easy pleasant distraction from your army. They are about as daunting as refurbishing an ebay chimera that was built by a fool. You might have saved some money but you quadrupled your work load by removing an prepwork you usually would do.

But these are not models any more that premade prepainted Panzer IVs from the toy side of the Hobby store.

I'm loosing focus so I'll add more and edit this later.

user posted image
Posted: Apr 27 2012, 11:57 PM

Group: Members
Posts: 7
Member No.: 4,133
Joined: 2-September 08

Damn, the BOLS review was way off. Those mould lines are just HORRIBLE.
I can see now that these are very much for the 'Gamer' Wargamer who wants to get units on the table as fast as possible, rather than the 'Modeller'.

Thanks for putting this up

Who's intellectual close friends get to call him T.C.
Providing it's with dignity.
Posted: Jul 10 2012, 11:28 PM

Group: Members
Posts: 34
Member No.: 1,531
Joined: 19-April 07

I have to agree with Mechanicore... the seamlines are sometimes horrible and frustrating, most of the time annoying at least and only on two of my walkers I had absolutely no problems at all.
And it's a big but...
I love the looks! And I go the extra mile to convert them, open the hatches and reposition them smile.gif
As for the different walking pose of the light walker... in the revised core set, you get a unique light walker hull with differently posed legs. So If you want to have variation on them, you have to get the RCS.
The medium walker's legs can be repositioned... but it takes carefull craftmansship, to get the different parts detached. If you get the resin ones from dust models, you actually get the medium walker completely on sprues, which really is nice for repositioning.
I will upload some pics from my complete armies later... for the time beeing I hope you enjoy pics of a custom Dust warfare scenario we played with custom build units...
Dust Warfare ambush scenario

My Photobucket... lots of random 40k stuff...
My Photobucket
Posted: Feb 9 2013, 06:28 AM

Creator Of W.I.P.

Group: Admin
Posts: 65,540
Member No.: 1
Joined: 20-May 05

Well done great write up... yeah the mold lines are a bit rough.. and the parts being molded in place like the claw closed or the armor plates already in place making it difficult to paint.. hmm

Thanks for taking the time to inform all of us.


user posted image

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