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 Chef Shuffle in the Okanagan
Posted by tribaads - 01-22-15 01:08 - 1 comments
Excited to see that Lee Humphries will be heading up Vintage Hospitality (VH) as Culinary Director. VH has The Sonora Room at Burrowing Owl, Liquidity Bistro and the Gunbarrel at Apex. Great move for Lee!
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 Waste Management Companies
Posted by ifgcreative - 12-2-14 23:44 - 3 comments
Hiya - just wondering who uses who for bin rental, pick up, etc in Vancouver? Approximate rates, too please? Any complaints or people to steer clear of?

Gringo Gastown
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 Eating in Victoria
Posted by George Baugh - 11-7-14 05:11 - 2 comments
OK kids, where are the best places to eat in Victoria? Haven't been over for a couple of years.
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 What's up with UD?
Posted by wino - 10-25-14 11:02 - 17 comments
This has been such a great forum for so many years. Industry banter, gossip, stress relief and commiseration was always paramount on this site, and it was always the second thing to look forward to after a shift and that first sip. What happened? Is ...read more
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 Raw Pork in Toronto
Posted by jamie - 06-16-14 15:55 - 0 comments
I like sashimi but this might be pushing the envelope.

http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/0 ...read more
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 Seattle gems?
Posted by grayelf - 05-28-14 20:17 - 1 comments
Greetings all. We're headed down to Seattle at the end of June for five days. I've got bookings at La Medusa, Westward and Canlis, going to try for Book Bindery and Lark as well. Also considering Tamarind Tree for their take on Vietnamese. A ...read more
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 Patio Vinyl or other Tablecloths
Posted by gnarly prat - 04-10-14 13:53 - 2 comments
Seems a little retro but I am looking for vinyl or other patio table covers. Anyone know a supplier?
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 Food Waste Recovery Survey
Posted by membermaker - 04-9-14 23:10 - 0 comments
The Metro Vancouver Solid Waste Dept. and Zero Waste Implementation, the BC Centre for Disease Control, the City of Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver Food Bank are collaborating on a project to put together industry guidelines that will help food b ...read more
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 Caviar in Vancouver
Posted by George Baugh - 03-27-14 03:33 - 1 comments
What restaurants in Vancouver serve caviar properly?
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 TOP TABLE GROUP Acquired by Aquilini
Posted by mimi - 03-18-14 19:04 - 1 comments
NEWS: Toptable Group Acquired by Aquilini Group

Toptable Gr ...read more
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