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 upcoming 4.1
Posted by Stealthsnake - 03-12-12 23:41 - 10 comments
Id like to officialy anounce the return of BoG. Version 4.1 is close to release. THis is going to be a big bug buster version, with some sensible changes and additions thrown in. Changes will include,

SF comepletly reviewed and troop try ...read more
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 The Last Topic...
Posted by Stealthsnake - 08-14-08 20:52 - 10 comments
Well this is it, in 24 hours time or so the forums will be closed.

Heres the cheesy part, just to get it over with.

Id like to thank all the present and previous staff of these forums, for keeping them clean, and doing all the ...read more
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 Pack Your Bags!!!
Posted by Stealthsnake - 08-7-08 20:17 - 7 comments
Todays a sad day, these forums we have all come to know and hate ( tongue.gif ), are closing.
This is due to th ...read more
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 Battles of Gondor Tournement!
Posted by Stealthsnake - 08-1-08 12:09 - 4 comments
As i mentioned before, Battles of Gondor will soon have its own tournement! Im sure some, inlcuding myself may think is bog ready for that, balence/bug wise. Thats exactly why i want this tournment, what better way to find these problems Read 276 times - last comment by anglia   Print email

 Jobs Needed
Posted by Stealthsnake - 07-19-08 17:56 - 8 comments
Ive got some modding and forum jobs for anyone intrested.

Mod artist/graphics guy(s)
need some new decent images for unit portraits and hero images.

voice recording guys
anyone with a microphone, need some voices inga ...read more
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 Version 4.0
Posted by Stealthsnake - 07-7-08 09:54 - 25 comments
Now i know i made a topic already for the new version but i thought id make anouther one to remind people!

I want version 4.0 to be a big one, one that people will remember bog for, as it will be the start of what will hopefully be mo ...read more
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 Monthly Update June
Posted by Stealthsnake - 06-24-08 20:29 - 6 comments
Hey all,

sorry for lack of inactivity, ive now finnished college and have 11 weeks of holiday, but i have not had a day of work sicne i finnsihed and so i have not got around to working on bog.
I do have more free time again, so exp ...read more
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