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 Libertas Weyr
Posted: Jun 22 2008, 04:27 AM


Site name: Libertas Weyr
URl: http://z9.invisionfree.com/Liberas_Weyr/index.php?act=idx
Activity: Active, with growing numbers.
Admin(s): Kaedryn, Tock
Mods: Amy, Dove, Lachesis
Notes: Libertas is a non-canon weyr, there are a few additional colors. Currently in need of all male colors, candidates, and riders, and wher handlers.

What Libertas has to offer:

-An active administration and moderation team.

-An interesting plot that you have a chance to be part of... Spies, murder, and mayhem galore!

-Several new and interesting colors, including Obsidians and Platinums.

-Since it is new, leadership positions are open... Yearning for a Weyrlingmaster? Interested in being an Amaris spy? Come in and see for yourself what we have to offer.

-Unique roleplay. We are pretty open to new ideas and odd characters are the norm.

Amaris Weyr... A pitifully small weyr created by about one hundred dragonriders, as well as their kith and kin, holders and crafters all, deep in the heart of Southern... They had been charged with the task some Turns ago, to come and try and see if they could make the land hospitable once more, to see if dragons could flame the Thread from the skies there and allow humans to once more make Southern their home.

But everything seemed to go wrong. Felines had killed many dragon riders who had been scouting or hunting, odd illnesses taking even more lives with fever... Until only a few embattered souls were left to try and complete their task. All their hopes rested on their Golden Queen Saayleth, who finally Rose one hot summer morn, to be caught by Bronze Mitieth, and went on to lay twenty two eggs on the makeshift sands... Including one brilliant, gleaming Queen egg... Days later, Mitieth's rider caught fever that refused to break, leading to his death days after the clutching... And then Saayleth's rider began to fall ill as well... All held their breath as they watched the hardening eggs and the dying woman, hoping that their leader would survive, hoping that the dragon's would Hatch as children, some too young and others too old, were rounded up for a chance at Impressing...

Finally, the day arrived that the eggs began to rock and shake... Cracking and Hatching left and right and each Impressing to their Chosen few until finally, only three eggs were left... The large Queen Egg, and an oddly black egg that sat right beside it, as well as another egg, gleaming cream, large as well... Of the three, only the Queen egg was shaking, and many worried that the two smaller eggs were dead... And then... Something happened... A young pair, twins, ran forward onto the Sands, the male yelling angrily and the girl, pale faced and sweating, until they fell on their knees before the eggs, the male before the cream and the girl before the black. As people started forward to get them off, and Saayleth hissed and growled weakly, the twins broke their respective eggs with hard blows, spilling out two dragons that caused silence to resound through the crowd...

Two weak hatchlings raised their heads, crawling to their bondeds with tiny creels that silenced once they reached their respective bondeds. The crowd's eyes darted back and forth from male to female, staring at the two dragonets... The one that had crawled to the male was as large as the bronzes that had Hatched previously, yet his hide was nothing like their's... Pale, shimmering silver it was, just a touch of bronze left behind... He was a stunning dragon, though already heated words began to be thrown about, aberration, mutant, should have died... And yet, he had Impressed... D'vian, Mine... You have saved your Sentioth... I knew you would... The Platinum called to His, nuzzling the boy carefully even as he flopped weakly into his arms, before turning to his sister...

Black as the night itself, the other Hatchling's hide appeared nearly black at first, but glimmering with a hint of indigo when the light swept across her, and even as painfully tired as she was, her neck curved with regal grace as she looked to Hers. And you, dear Saiti... You have saved your Reverath. I thank you. With the wake of these two, it almost went unnoticed when the Queen Hatched, her pure golden form crooning to her siblings before she walked forward, finding Her's quickly enough, speaking her name Prosiath. Only moments after that a loud keen went up over the weyr as Saayleth blinked Between, gone to join her beloved who succumbed to the illness that had ravaged her body.

And so the first Platinum and Obsidian were born, growing alongside their normal colored sisters and brothers, haunted by cruel words of those who spoke out against them, calling them hideous malformed creatures that should have died in the Shell, only silenced by the golden Queen who defended her brother and sister... A few sided with D'vian, Saiti, and their dragons, seeing the two as merely odd colors, even when Obsidian Reverath and Platinum Sentioth grew to be nearly the size of bronzes... But nothing could keep the whispers from coming back. Slowly the weyrlings grew, taking their place in the decimated wings, slowly allowing Amaris to grow as the illness seemed to taper off, the hunters finally driving the wild cats away... It seemed everything might be all right once more.

That is, until Gold Prosiath Rose, and Platinum Sentioth Chased... And much to the shock of everyone there, the Platinum male outflew all others who dared to Chase the fierce Golden Queen, winning her favor until they mated in the sky... And the mutters began again, revived by this 'atrocity' of nature... And those mutters only incresed when Reverath Rose the next day, only two males following her, a bronze and a blue, others grounded by their Riders, yet still very few paid mind to the oddly colored large dragoness, imagining her infertile.

That is, until both Gold Prosiath and Obsidian Reverath took to the Sands, hissing at each other all the while as two clutches were laid... 15 for the gold, and 13 to the obsidian, and... Two Queen eggs. Then it was shock that hit the weyr as the call went out once more. But this time, candidates were oddly 'hard' to find, prejudiced weyrfolk not wanting their son or daughter to be chosen by a freak's eggs.

But finally enough candidates were found to stand, the last few being dragged to the sands just as the eggs began to rock... And this time, even more shocks were to come... Most of the eggs hatched normal colors, until about halfway through. Then, Prosiath's gold egg began to rock, eventually hatching out another *mutation*, a brilliant dark red female, glittering metallic as her mother, who quietly left the Sands to find Her's, finding her soon enough in a young male who hovered at the back of the human parade. B'ryden? Mine? Why do you hide amongst all these others? You should not scare your Adelith so... And then from Reverath's Clutch came two more rocking eggs, each one Hatching to dump out two more odd colors... One was a dark, matte black without the glimmer of its mother, while the other was a bright, bloody red... The red dashed forward to leap right into the arms of a young girl, her mind voice giggling madly. Mine! Mine! Your Duveth has Caught you! I shall keep you, methinks! Even as the black slinked forward, silently curling up beside a skinny, almost fragile looking black haired male... Don't think you can hide from me, C'dyn. You're Mine.

After that, the rest of the Hatching went apace, and the biggest shocker came in the form of Obsidian Reverath's Queen Egg Hatching forth a perfect little Queen, a golden beauty who snapped and snarled until she found Hers among the last of the humans. By this time, the elders of the weyr had made their decision... They had seen what allowing these freak colors to live at their caused... Mutations like this that had never been seen before, screwing with the genetics... It could not be allowed to continue... They could not be allowed to stay here and corrupt the rest of the weyr... They would allow Gold Prosiath to stay, they needed a Queen after all, but the freaks had to be driven out of the weyr.

And the announcement was made the next day... Backed by the bronzes and browns, the blues and greens of the weyr, the new colors were shunned and told they had to leave, and while the dragons would not attack others, this did not stop the humans... They were harried with threats and in some cases, beaten... But the new colors, led by Obsidian Reverath, her daughter Gold Stasiieth, and the Ruby Adelith, refused to leave... They had no where to go... Tensions rose and rose, the weyr split into factions over this... Until one day, Gold Stasiieth's rider, weyrling Jaysee, was killed in murderous rage by a fanatic... Instantly the gold went into a rage and betweened with her beloved rider's body, the murderer dead from her claws, and the weyr stunned.

But this only spurned more hatred for the new colors, and it allowed those who fought against the new colors more room... Eventually Reverath and her bonded knew they had to flee... Her daughter was dead, and every day the danger grew... And so, with the new colors, as well as a few of their supporters, Obsidian Reverath and the others ran away, taking little with them and flying as far as they could until they came upon a spot that they could make their home... Near to the warm coast, with mountains guarding their back's, the small group settled down... Finally, they could leave and not fear persecution from the fanatics at Amaris.

They called their new home Libertas, built on the freedom they had longer for... And turns passed, the small Weyr growing quickly and spreading out, a hold building not far away, the dragon's numbers building until they could protect their lands easily enough, the hatred of their old home left behind completly. Life was as close to ideal for the weyr as was possible for nearly two hundred turns, Obsidians and Rubies and Golds flying alongside each other, as did all the other colors.

Now, two hundred turns have passed since the vicious murder of a gold, since the frightened Flight, and Libertas has grown... But something dark stirs... The previous Queen, Gold Harth, has died, her rider seemingly passing away of old age... Though something seemed odd about the whole incident, many have brushed it off. All eyes turn to see who of the remaining Queens shall Rise first and become the next weyrwoman among those left behind. What will become of Libertas now, and will the whispers coming from beyond the mountains, speaking of dark deeds and murder and blood, affect those living there?
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