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Posted by: ADMIN May 26 2008, 08:26 PM
People who live in Hawaii have it all right? The parties, the money, the friends, the beach, the glamor. Well if you think that, then you're wrong. Nothing is as it seems. The young waitress has a secret life her best friend doesn't even know about. The rich and famous keep swarming the island, causing all kinds of damage and stirring up trouble as they along. The rich throw their money away on pointless things while the rest can't afford a decent place to get away from the storms. What's a person to do?

No one is who they say they are, everyone has secrets that they want to keep. What happens when these things are exposed? Do they own up to it and admit the truth? Or do they continue to deny it and go on with their lives like nothing has changed? That's up up to you.

The best friend is smitten with the daughter of big time music executive; but does he really like her or is he just using her? The funny, good hearted skater is falling out of love with the girl who used to have his heart, why does he stay with her then? Is he afraid of being alone?

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