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Posted by: ADMIN May 26 2008, 07:21 PM
I know, the dreaded RULES section, we don't have many, but yes we do have them.

*First sign up with a First AND Last name; after you register the ADMIN will validate you and then you need to complete the

* This is a HUMAN ONLY Role Play. So that means, NO: Creatures, Beasts, Vampires, Werewolves, Robots, Wizards, Witches, Goblins...etc etc...

*You can have as many characters as you wish, just keep them active.

*I'd hate for this site to close down after a few weeks or months, so let's work together to make it great!

*Posts should be at least ONE paragraph, at least six sentences. Make it worth our while to post with you.

*When you open a topic, PLEASE post in the forum using the given code. Also EVERYTIME you log in, please check in case you're needed somewhere.

*Also, the and is a MUST to fill out.

*Post in THIRD person, UNLESS your character is chatting online.

*Avatars should be 200x300pixels. If you're not sure how to resize a picture, send a picture to my account ((Kayla or ADMIN)) and I'll set you up

*Banners are great to have but do not place one that will stretch the page. Again, I can resize for you OR if you'd like a custom one made, I know a few great sites that I can link you to.

*Characters who are inactive for 1 month without letting an ADMIN know anything, will be deleted and removed from threads.

*If you're inactive for a while and then want to join again, just sign up with the name you used previously and PM the ADMIN, we'll then move your plot and application back to the appropriate place.



*Drama IS GOOD*
*NO ONE is perfect*
*Love Triangles can be annoying if used over and over, but they ARE allowed.*
*If you have any problems or questions, PM an ADMIN or post in the CBOX*
*Adult characters are more than welcome too. The teens need some supervision and guidance.*

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