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 Metal Gear Solid 3 review
Major:Cadian Guard
Posted: Dec 16 2008, 12:26 AM

former concept artist of the mod

Group: Major
Posts: 528
Member No.: 3
Joined: 13-August 07

Heres a oldie but a shitty. Metal Gear Solid for the PS1 was probably one of my favorite games way back when. Characters were welly fleshed out, very interesting boss fights, convoluted up the ass story yet complex (which..face it...all games really lack), and a good stealth system for the PS1. Unfortunately what i learned after played MGS 2 is that MGS 1 was the best it was going to get (barring MGS 4 cause i havent played it yet). MGS 2 was actually my most hated game on the PS 2. Everything...EVERYTHING...that made the series good for me was gone. You only got to play as the games iconic main character Solid Snake in the intro (he's quickly replaced by a blonde haired 20 year old named Raiden who bitches so much....), made the boss fights more ass than intriguing (example: MGS 1 introduced us to Psycho Mantis who was a psychic that could predict all your moves and could only be stopped by taking the controller and plugging it into Port 2. MGS 2 fed us a bisexual Vampire named Vamp that you fight 3 times throughout the entire game and no matter how many death sequences he has by being shot in the face, electrocuted, shot and drowned in the figgin ocean cant kill him....yah hes brought back in MGS 4). To explain MGS 2 story is also bonified impossible since its so poorly written and redundant its pathetic....it really needs a editor....now with the bilesome MGS 2 out of the way lets move to MGS 3 Snake Eater!!! (gay ass sub name....)

This is where the game takes a titanic plunged into bullshittery. The game is a espionage action game as it mixes stealth with action. Ok thats interesting and it worked in MGS 1 and 2, but the predecessors didnt have this gay fixed camera that hovers right in front of your character and never moves cept to glance left and right. So when you run towards the camera you can see in front of you. You know how Splinter Cell has the whole spin the camera 360 degrees around the main character....MGS 3 doesnt have it. THE CAMERA IS FIXED AND CANNOT BE CHANGED. Since you cannot get the full view of your enviroment, being able to see enemies on the lower floors or right in front of you towards the camera is impossible! So you will get caught by people off screen alot! and boy i mean ALOT!!! all in all i have never gotten anywhere without being caught by this one KHECKER! that is off screen and hiding in a KHECKING! bush in god knows where. So this is where action comes in. The game seems to give you a large arsenal (okay since i get caught all the time), but the balance between action and stealth is aweful. Action dominates here! Also this is one of those game in which if your caught EVERYONE knows where you are. they dont even need to radio in for backup (which is cool that the enemy use their radios to coordinate attacks), but you will be forced to fight forever against LONG waves of soldiers. Also to go back to stealth, since they restrict camera so much and you can be caught by people off screen....imagine how i feel when im forced to sneak and being caught fucks it up. Also there is no auto save or load screen so if you KHECK! it up you just have to die and restart from where you walked in. I cant just go hit start and hit load and retry i have to retry by hitting the fuckin reset on my PS2!! GAH!! ....yah i playing that level as i write this review and i had to fully reset the system 5 times now or commit suicide just to retry since a load feature is somehow beneath Konami........

6/10 - KHECK! THOSE CAMERA ANGLES!!! KHECK! THEM IN THE KHECK! FUCL FUCD]AKWF; NAE;MFN ;AKWN M1!!!!!! GAH FUCKERS!!!!......also the action elements dominate the stealth elements, and the lack of a load options is a total dick move.....

Now note you DO NOT PLAY AS SOLID SNAKE.....you play as Naked Snake! (i wish i was fuckin kidding but thats his code name) who is really Big Boss from the old OLD Metal Gear games. Big Boss is the "father" of Solid Snake (Solid is a clone of Big Boss). The game takes place in the 1970's and does a pretty good job representing that. Snake is sent into Russia to take care of a insurrection that is trying to get their hands on a famous soviet scientist who has the ability to construct a massive mobile nuke launcher mecha things called the Shagohod. Well, when you think its a mission complete, your mentor, Boss (Boss is the current Big Boss, but when you eventually fight and pwn her in a boss battle she dubs you big boss thus having...oh KHECK! you get it) betrays you and wtf owns you and you get b***h slapped by your superiors. Eventually, you are sent back to atone for your mess up and find out the evil rebel leader Volgin, who plans to assassinate Nikita Kruschev (yep it includes real people along with fictional ones).....you know what KHECK! trying to explain the story since all the characters explain like a million things that dont make a single bit of sense so just play it and see......the story is very VERY convoluted and REALLY needs a editor to remove the redundent lines, but its still has a sort of compelling nature like MGS 1 had and the characters such as Snake and Boss are REALLY fleshed out and well done. Unfortuantely the bosses in the game suck so much. You have the Pain who controls a army of kilelr bees, you have the Fear who jumps around like a spider, you have the End who is a half man half plant sniper, and the Fury who is a guy dressed as a cosmonaut with a flamethrower......they in know way can compare to the bosses in the first MGS solid...im sorry but no fuckin way since they lacked the phiolosophical nature that the old bosses had, the personality, and the fuckin sense....

9/10- Konami get a damn editor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphics- meh they are sweet for the PS2 although i hate the fire effects.

9/10- fix the damn fire

Sound- music and voice acting is top notch though i want to kill whoever wrote the lines so redundently........

9/10- fire the script writer

total 8/10

MGS 3 is by no means the bilesome disgrace full piece of flaming smooze that was MGS 2 but the blaring faults it you so hard in the face. The game seem to be good enough with the story, but cant make up its mind on what to do with gameplay. Splinter Cell made up its mind and centered on stealth. Konami thus needs to make up its mind and settle on one genre rather than fuckin up to genres that are in total contrast of the other! Now i have heard rumors that MGS 4 is coming out for the 360 (konami even released a pic of MGS solid stuff next to the 360 pwr button symbol so i have my hopes up) so i hope these issues are gone there. Metal Gear is a iconic game for the playstation consoles and has alot of promise that fortunately MGS 2 didnt KHECK! up to much. Im still a major fan of the first MGS for the ps1 and am trying to like MGS 3 but....BAH! ......
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