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 The Battle for Temina: Beta Version, It's a war. Run!
Tacheon Black
Posted: Sep 5 2007, 11:14 PM
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All right, this game is a little complicated, but not as complicated as it's bound to be once I get all the bugs out, so bear with me.

This is a game of the mind. It's almost an RP, but not quite. More like... a turn-based RTS, if that isn't completely paradoxical.

The Beginning:
Choose a side. You can be good, or bad. Simple. There is no middle ground, save for the non-player characters that Lysis and I control. Next, choose an area that you wish to use in the game as your main base. There are a maximum of eight slots in this game: four for good, four for bad. You can hole up anywhere that you would be able to warp to using the Song of Soaring in Majora's Mask. The list of places that that includes is:

Clock Town - This is neutral ground, and is deemed unallowed.
Milk Road - This is too close to Clock Town, and would prove overly advantageous.

Southern Swamp - Marshy ground makes terrain hard to traverse. Ideal for the deployment of long-manufacturing time units.

Woodfall - Anyone who's ever been here can agree on one thing: It's a death trap. Since this is considered a temple ground, it's super-defendable, and has its own protector God.

Mountain Village - This is a cold place-- if your allies don't control Snowhead. Otherwise, weapons (and weapon-wielding units) are battle-ready at twice the normal speed. Of course, it's only got one entrance (from the main map), so it's well-defended against anything short of an air raid.

Snowhead - This is also considered a temple ground, and is also a deathtrap. It's less dangerous to you if you control it, but for attackers, their reduced visibility and lack of secure footing can be their downfall. It has its own protector God, but it's still only mortal... wait, what?

Great Bay Coast - The ultimate spot for producing water-based units. Also, it's impossible for non-burrowing, non-jumping, or non-flying units to reach. The only problem is that heavier units, even allied ones, tend to sink into the sand a little. Pinnacle Rock counts as part of Great Bay Coast. Pirates Cove doesn't, as they're their own separate non-player faction.

Zora Hall - The underwater paradise. Only accessible by a small patch of land which is, at best, hard as hell to reach without going through... Zora Hall. It's nearly impregnable by those not willing to use a lot of water-based units or wait a long time for someone to leave. This also counts as a temple ground, which makes it super-defendable, and yes, it has its own protector God.

Ikana Valley - Same accessibility limitations as that for entering Great Bay Coast. You can reach the Southern Swamp from here, which is extremely advantageous for both the allies and enemies of those posted there. Sakon's hideout is valid ground, and is good for hiding units until they're battle-ready.

Ikana Canyon - All that jazz. Seriously. This place is a Temple Ground, so it's super-defendable. It's also got access to Stone Tower, which makes is have its own protector God. It's hard to get to, and easy to knock people off of. It's also got access to the Well (but not to Ikana Castle). The music box house in non-fortifiable.

Other than that, you just have to think of the units, which leads me to my next topic:

The unit concept is actually a little complicated to grasp at first, but then it gets a lot easier. You start out with nothing, but then you build your way up from there. You can build (make, train, whatever) only five units per turn, but turns are pretty simplistic things once you get the hang of them. Each person's turn takes an hour (game time), and it takes small units (things that haven't been mini-bosses or bosses in Zelda) only three hours (posts) game time to come to fruition. It takes six hours (posts) for larger units to come into play.

Units can be any enemy from any Zelda game after Zelda went 3D, and yes, that includes the crappy cel-shaded Zeldas and Twilight Princess... and even the Oracle games (although that's pushing it). Based on that unit's characteristics, it will do different things in different environments. Don't worry, you don't have to worry about special damage counter systems or anything like that, that's what the war mods are for (don't ask, I'll cover it later).

Finally, the good stuff. There are actually people, called War Mods, that take care of the combat department. Combat is defined as two (opposing) factions taking residence in one particular area. If, say, Good is currently occupying Ikana Graveyard, and Evil marches into there, they will engage. Now, depending on the type of armor of the invading units and a bunch of other things that War Mods will be taking into consideration, the attackers will either get an 'ambush' bonus, or a 'conflict' negative bonus. If you're ambushing them, half of the opposing forces (chosen at random) will be destroyed immediately. It you're too loud, everything will continue as normal, and it will just be who has more of the stronger units.

There is no set way to show who will win in a chosen conflict, it really honestly depends on the mood of the (totally impartial) War Mod. Don't get mad at me, it's just a game, and a beta version at that. When one team wins out, by totally destroying the other team, they are allowed to make three (non-boss) units on the spot. Then, area effects and other things will come into play. Say, for instance, Evil does, indeed, invade Ikana Graveyard, and in the middle of the conflict, the bones of Captain Keeta get destroyed. The new area will be opened. War damage to your zone, however, will make one less unit you can produce in that area immediately following a conflict. Try not to cause too much trouble.

As for the movement portion (which probably should've come first, but whatever), it's actually really simple: Once you've got a force ready to march, tell where you want to go. A War Mod will find the fastest route there, and then your units will move through one area of the map (like, North Castle Town is one, South Castle Town is one, South Termina Field is one, Milk Road is one, Romani Ranch is one, the Cucco Shack is one) per turn.

I covered these briefly, but they're still important enough to cover again. First, I'll give out the basic example of a turn, then I'll explain these in-depth.

In order for this to make sense, know that I already have 5 (five) Iron Knuckles already at my base.


1 Blue Tekketite
3 Stalfos
1 Redead

Move 3 Iron Knuckle North Termina Field

End Turn

The first part shows which base you're controlling, if you're occupying more than one area. The second part shows what you're making, and how many of each. The blue tekketites (all of the ones that you asked for) will be made in after three posts, along with the redead. The Stalfos, however, will take six posts to be made. Why, you ask? They were once minibosses in OoT. The third part shows what that person wants to move, how many they want to move, and where they want to move it/them. In this case, they want to move three Iron Knuckles through All of the Goron territory into Termina Field (North). This would take four turns total to get there. Still don't understand why? In order to get back, they would need to get through the path up to Snowhead (don't ask me how they could clear the gaps, this isn't real life), through the mountain village, through the path to the Goron village, and into North Termina Field itself. Four turns.

If you want to make multiple movements (because, sorry I forgot to mention this, you can make five units at one base, and three at one occupied zone), just start each new movement with the location in all caps. Preferrably with something to indicate that we are, indeed, continuing your turn.

War Mods will give a full synopsis of each turn cycle after all the players have posted once that phase. Since War Mods control, you guessed it, war, you will not engage in battle (regardless of how long ago you arrived) until the end of that phase, and the War Mod posts. War Mod posts do not count as actual hours. If someone is attacked by the first player, and so they make five more (insert small enemy here), if there are six hours left before the War Mod post, those units will be able to participate in protecting that area.

Temples and Protector Gods

Temples are special. Any area that contains a temple (Woodfall, Snowhead, Zora Hall, or Ikana Canyon) are considered protected by a specific God. That God acts as a combatant unit, and can destroy up to three units at once, even large ones. A God can be destroyed by taking control of its temple, which is accomplished one of two ways:

1) Bring at least seven (large) units to a temple ground. Three will be destroyed by the god, and the other five will occupy the temple and therefore take control of it. Of course, plan for other, smaller enemies as well, and plan accordingly.

2) Defeat the opposing team member everywhere else except for that ground. If you push them back far enough, they'll be unable to retaliate, and their God will be unable to save them.

When an opposing team's temple is captured, not only will the God become yours, but the team will be unable to make more units, and will be forced to use the ones that they already have. This is how you win-- defeat all the enemies.


All right, that should be it. Now, it's time to sign up.

1) Tacheon Black (I won't be a war mod this time)

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Most excellent set by Keil.
Fear the mod.
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Hi no Seijin
Posted: Sep 11 2007, 08:56 PM
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Group: Members
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Joined: 11-September 07

Okay, I think I understand this. At least enough to sign up and give it a go.

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