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 Houston We Have a Superproblem…
Posted: May 29 2005, 04:43 AM

New Comrade

Group: Members
Posts: 2
Member No.: 8
Joined: 29-May 05

“Houston We Have a Superproblem…”

I know many people are tired of reading the latest edition of “As The Rune Turns” and would like to get back to recruiting, leafleting, educating and building the infrastructure needed to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children. Unfortunately we must clean up a few messes before we can move on. To allow malcontents like Erich Gliebe, his Playboy lap dancing girlfriend and the notoriously drunken, sometimes violent and always belligerent Shaun Walker free reign with new crops of well-meaning White Nationalist is a crime.

I for one will not stand by and give them a free pass for “the good of the Alliance” or for “unity’s sake.” That’s garbage! These snake oil dealers are no better than the Negro panhandler who hit me up for money as I walked down Bourbon Street this afternoon. A month or so ago when I added the “Movement Watch” section to White Wire my goal was to provide a publicly accessible Website to expose some of the nonsense currently being passed off as politically necessary by those posing as our “leaders.” The expose’ below and the ones that follow are penned in that spirit.

David Pringle

“The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.”


user posted image
Posted: May 29 2005, 04:46 AM

New Comrade

Group: Members
Posts: 2
Member No.: 8
Joined: 29-May 05

The photo to the right graphically represents the deviance and depravity of the “new” National Alliance. Unfortunately, it also represents what our NA member dues are paying for these days.
user posted image
Meet Georgia stripper, Hollie Erika Snyder, who goes by the name “Holiday” in the various strip clubs she has worked. The nude photograph featured here is nothing compared to some of the images of Erika that are said to be circulating. And, you have to admit, this one looks better than the other strippers featured in the so-called “Girls of Resistance” calendar Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker were peddling for the National Alliance last year.

Alliance members can reach the girl in the photo by calling the National Office (304-653-4707), but not too early, Shaun sleeps late these days. Members can be proud that we now have someone so famous on staff. She has not only posed naked in adult magazines, for years, Atlanta residents could watch Hollie Erika Snyder performing twenty dollar lap dances for black men in notorious strip joints like the “Gold Club,” the “Cheetah,” the “Oasis Good Time Emporium” and the “Mousetrap Diamond Club.” When asked by White Wire almost all the doormen remembered good ole “Holiday.”

Friends in Georgia claim Erika, now 33, has been a stripper since she was 18. That is, until she found religion.

Hollie Erika Snyder also goes by the name “Holliecost,” describing herself as the “high priestess of the Church of Hitler” on her website,, which is just one of her more recent creations. She also ran the bizarre site for several years.

Over the past few weeks, White Wire has researched the background of this obviously proud Aryan woman, who NA Chairman Erich Gliebe now has living on the property at the National Office. In an interview with Citizens Against Hate last Winter, Gliebe claimed he was now engaged. He said, “As for women, I’m quite happy with the relationship I am currently in and am interested in settling down and having a family.”

The entire interview can be read here: Citizen’s Against Hate

Long-time NA members will recall that Gliebe has been “engaged” to several women in the past, including NA member Kim, who he punched in the face during a leadership conference, and NA member Kelley, who he cheated on with another NA member named Katie while he pursued the wife of another NA member named Stacy who he put on the NA payroll to produce the NA membership handbook. I know, it gets complicated.

As Hollie will no doubt learn, Erich only “promised” to marry these women. (The pawnshop guy in Cleveland selling Gliebe those second-hand engagement rings must be getting rich.)

Erich may have met his match, this time, however. Chairman Gliebe had best watch what he says in public or private to the crazy stripper girl he is now scamming. She is known to go postal on ex-boyfriends. In fact, in her yahoo profile, Hollie Erika Snyder, using the name “superproblem,” now claims that she is already married.

Click here to read Erika’s Yahoo Profile.

For the safety of our beloved Chairman, I would ask that all NA members please keep their dues current with the National Office. It is apparently not easy for Gliebe to keep the “High Priestess of the Church of Hitler” in the manner she is accustomed. Last month, the Chairman began soliciting NA members in the Bulletin to provide new appliances and building materials to improve the farmhouse where Gliebe has Erika living, rent free.

The stripper who goes by the name “Holiday” is also on staff. Today, Erika Snyder is an executive and a “clothing designer” for Resistance and Unholy Records. She and Erich are using NA dues money to pay Anthony Pierpont to produce a line of tee-shirts they intend to sell on the Internet. Holiday’s first shirt reading “Holocaust Survivor” should be added to the catalog any day now.

How did this short, satanic, bottle-blond stripper and multi-racial lap dancer make her way into the White Nationalist movement? Did she read the Turner Diaries? Mein Kampf? The Color of Crime?

Uh, no. A former boyfriend recalls Erika’s racial awakening when she remarked “I don’t really like dancing for niggers. They don’t tip well.” Sounds like a topic for a Leadership Conference speech.

Although he denies it, we also now have proof that Erich Gliebe is doing other business with Anthony Pierpont. Gliebe has purchased a couple thousand CD’s from Panzerfaust. Gliebe purchased these disks directly from Pierpont for around $3.50 a piece last month and he intends to sell them for about four times that price on the Resistance website.

A number of the bands involved are claiming they are being ripped off by this transaction. We will be publishing a list of the CD’s and other merchandise purchased from Panzerfaust by Gliebe in future editions of White Wire.

We also have proof that Gliebe is paying Anthony Pierpont to make tee-shirts designed by Hollie Erika Snyder. In total, Gliebe has paid Pierpont several thousand dollars using Shaun Walker’s credit card.

If he has not done so already, Walker will quickly reimburse himself from one of our National Alliance bank accounts. So please, by all means, keep those dues payments current.

Since announcing last week that White Wire was doing a story on Erich Gliebe and Erika Snyder, we have received a number of phone calls and emails from WN folk in Georgia. I actually traveled to Georgia this week to meet with some of Snyder’s former acquaintances.

As it turns out, Erika Snyder is well-known in the state. She was accused last Summer of stealing from United Skins of Atlanta. She is alleged to have stolen a large amount of money from the young skinheads who were raising funds intended for Ian Gaudin.

That’s right. Just as Erika began “dating” chairman Gliebe last Summer, she is alleged to have broken into the home of her last boyfriend, trashed his house, and stole his safe, which contained around $2,000 in start-up money for the Ian Gaudin concert that was held this last December.

You remember Ian Gaudin, don’t you? His father was a Dallas National Alliance member who was murdered by blacks just before Christmas 2002.

Suffice to say, the conduct of the National Alliance on behalf of the Gaudin family has been less than honorable.

Now we learn that last Summer, while Erich Gliebe was lying about the amount of money Resistance Records had raised for Ian Gaudin, and while Shaun Walker was sending out poison pen letters to the promoters of the benefit concert demanding they give no money to Ian Gaudin’s grandmother, Erich Gliebe’s new girlfriend, Hollie Erika Snyder was robbing the house and stealing the money the promoters intended to use to hold the event.

With that kind of “team effort” on behalf of the child of a murdered NA member, I think it is safe to say the Alliance has now perfected the concept of “member services.”

Hollie Erika Snyder is also fairly well-known in a few of the more, shall we say, deviant communities in the Atlanta metro area. The NA’s latest commerce in crude, sadistic and abnormal satanic music may have something to do with Gliebe’s latest so-called “fiancée.” We may cover some of her writings and associations in a future article.

Anyone else know of her? We are looking for White Nationalists who may have had contact with a short bottle-blond stripper who has been “working” in Georgia the past few years under the names, Holiday, Erika H. Snyder, Erika H. Chrystal or Hollie Erika Snyder. Her email names and sigs include “gogoNAZIgirl,” “Ultragods,” “Super Stripper,” and “Playboy Model Superproblem.”

We are especially interested in contacts she may have had in the Kennesaw, Woodstock, Atlanta, Georgia areas or in or around Nixa, Missouri in the past.

Anyone with more details about Snyder’s activities and involvement with the websites,, and would also be appreciated.

Snyder seems particularly concerned about movement people being aware of her involvement with the Church of Hitler website. She claims she can just deny it and no one will be able to prove otherwise. When a senior NA leader recently contacted Erika and told her that the reputation of the National Alliance could be damaged by her association with the COH site, Snyder wrote back:

“I also agree that now I am in a tough position of being in the middle of the COH and Erich’s reputation. I did take a break from the COH board when we first started seeing each other, but then had to get back on due to Dave taking a leave of absence and not being able to run the board. Well, Dave has let slip through the grapevine that he ‘may’ be coming back to the COH. I guess what I am trying to say here is that, yes, I understand that it looks rather bizarre for the Chairman of the NA to be dating the “High Priestess of the Church of Hitler". However, CNN or 60 minutes hasn’t called for an interview yet, so please understand that I need just a little more time to tie up loose ends as far as removing my identity from that board. As of right now, they can’t prove my identity or screen name on that board as the Chairman’s girlfriend, so any questions that would be brought up to Erich or I could most likely be refuted if that is what Erich would want me to do.”


Since Erich Gliebe and Shaun Walker are using the Cosmotheist Church name to sue Bob DeMarais, it will be interesting to hear Walker’s explanation for having the “High Priestess of the Church of Hitler” on staff.

Of course, Gliebe has no history of staying with the same skank for long. In the same widely-circulated email, Erika begins to express frustration with the length of the Gliebe engagement. She writes:

“As far as the marriage thing goes between Erich and I. I can only say that marriage and kids are the goal, but do we have to rush into it because people are calling Erich a womanizer? Isn’t there a proper “courting and engagement” time that the masses generally try to follow? Not that I do what the majority does or is expected of me. I, for one would marry Erich and have his children today and he knows that. “


Let’s just see how long Gliebe’s latest “freak fling” lasts. It will be highly entertaining to watch how the fur flies when Gliebe tries to get rid of this particular problem, or “superproblem,” as she calls herself.

The Chairman won’t be able to say he wasn’t warned. One of Snyder’s former boyfriends called Gliebe on the phone and told him the whole story about Hollie and how she broke into his house, stole his money and property and vandalized his vehicles.

Actually, as long as Gliebe can string the stripper along, at least he is reporting for work at the National Office fairly regularly now. And obviously, he and Shaun Walker don’t have to drive all the way to Charleston to get a table dance anymore. You gogoNazigirl!


user posted image
Posted: May 29 2005, 10:08 AM


Group: Admin
Posts: 19
Member No.: 1
Joined: 28-May 05

That women is representing a Team huh.gif
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