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Lagstorm of Kirin Tor
Site Infomation

We have a Forum now, hopefully people can use it.

Welcome to the Forum of Lagstorm. We are a guild on Kirin Tor a U.S. Server of World of Warcraft.
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 Tai Sheng
Tai Sheng
Posted: Jul 6 2006, 06:02 AM

Group: Members
Posts: 6
Member No.: 108
Joined: 2-July 06

Name: Tai Sheng (Would love to have a style name, but I can't figure out how I decide upon them.)

Age: 22

Hair: Darkbrown

Eyes: Darkbrown/Black

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Face Appearance:

Sex: Male

Build: Fit, Slim

Faction: Wei

History: He was born as a peasant. He later joined the military and showed great prestige to his commanding officers. Soon enough, he became a Liuteneant under the Han. During the Yellow Scarves rebellion, he found himself drawn to Cao Cao's skill and ambitious attitude, and had gone to join him.

To his colleagues, he is known for his ambitous attitude, and his adept skill to strategy and adaptation. He wasn't much of a fighter, however, it was hist mind that won his battles.

In a skirmish with the Yellow Scarves, he saved his unit from defeat by feigning retreat. Then, as the enemy broke rank in pursuit, they skipped right over the cavalry who was patiently waiting from afar. As the enemy neared his soldiers, their rear was cut down by the cavalry who had given chase to the chasers. Though his unit was outnumbered, it was that tactic that saved him from total annihalation.

Roleplay Sample:
The horns, the horrid blaring horns of the orcs and demons blaired across the battlefield to strike fear into the hearts of the few stalwart warriors trying to buy time in Sithland. However, it was to no avail, they already knew they were dead and accepted it.
The Orc general Kralth marched in the front of his army. He lifted his horrid demon's blade in the air and let out a loud booming war cry. He was soon joined by the roar of the million man army behind him. Thier power was immense, and they knew it.
"Send in the third division," Kralth told a Captain.
The draconian captain saluted and had the herald raise the flag. The third division was mostly made of goblins, and the little critters marched forward.

Shana led the archer division, and now, the enemy was in thei reach.
"!" she cried out and her archers let out a deadly volley of steel arrows at the enemy.
The goblins at the other side fell victim, however, thei numbers were immense and kept marching.
Lord Sith rode out in front of his foot knights. They were highly trained, highly loyal, and very well armored. They were slow, but once they got to the fight, they could fight off about anything.
"March forward," Lord Sith ordered and led the slow march forward.
It was an epic scene, ten thousand glistening knights slowly making their way against an army of ten times that. They did not waver and stopped as the goblins began to run towards them.
"Prepare for battle!" Lord Sith called out and his knights positioned their large tower shields in front of them.
Vanna led the other forty thousand infantry and now she began to march.
The goblin's charge was met with the blunt end of the knight's swords. The battle raged, but the knights refused to move, holding their line. However, the goblins soon began to out flank them, forcing the knights to sacrifice what little men they could to fill the gaps.
Finally, Vanna arrived with her reinforcements. Her men rushed the goblins and together with the knights they began to push the poorly trained goblins back.

"Send in the Orcs now," General Kralth ordered, not even caring for the goblins.
The fifth division now marched up the hill. They were alot more armored, alot bigger, alot stronger and better trained than the goblins.

Lord Sith fought atop his horse, cutting down goblins that he neared. It seemed well, they were pushing the enemy back. But then, he could see the horrid site of another one hundred thousand strong marching towards them. He let his heart leave him for a moment, but he quickly gathered his wit and cried out a battle cry.
The fighting only became more intense. Although the goblins suffered detramental casualties, they worked well in tiring the thinning human lines.
Finally, the orcs came to play. Lord Sith's men could barely hold their own against them as they were already tired.
"Fight on men!" Lord Sith crie dout as he slashed a goblin that tried to jump him. "We fight for our families!"
His men cheered and vigor replenished.
Crisanta saw the thinning lines, and knew this was her time to act. She led the ten thousand elite cavalry, known for their ability to be able to charge into battle real well. The ground underneath them shook violently as they charged into the fray.
Thgeir clash was detremental to the enemy army, however, the sheer numbers slowed them and they were forced to fight on as well.
Lord Sith looked around at the battle, then back up the hill where he could see his daughter Shana looking hopefully down the hill. She was married, but chose to fight here until he could abtain his poer. Now, she was fighitng for her life, without her love beside her.
Lord Sith rode up to her, bloodied and beaten.
"Father," She said and rode up to tend to his wounds.
He waved a submisive hand. "They are nothing," he said. He looked into his daughter's eyes. "Listen to me," he said. "I want you to leave."
"No I can't!" She instantly protested.
Lord Sith grabbed Shana by her hands and gave a small smile. "I remember when I held your hand for the first time. They could barely wrap around my fingers," he let out a sigh and cupped her hands together within his. "Shana, listen to me. Leave now and go back to Zagato."
"But I don't want to leave you--"
"Shana," Lord Sith interupted sternly. "Listen to me. I want you to go back to Zagato. Tell him of what is happening. Be the alarm for the North, so that what we did here won't be a failure."
Shana opened her mouth to protest again, but Lord Sith placed his finger on her lips. "Shana... my beloved daughter. I order you to go. We will be fine here."
Lord Sith rode back out into battle, leaving Shana there speechless. She didn't want to go, she wanted to stay here and fight. But she also wanted to see Zagato again. She loved him, he loved her. He was so kind to her, not like those other men that tried to court her. They were so full of themselves and cared only about what they have and what they can do. But Zagato spoke of dreams, dreams of peace and dreams of a better world.
A captain who had overheard the conversation between the two went up to her. "You should go my lady," he said. "We will make sure your passage out is safe."
The men behind her let out a cheer in agreement.
She looked at them, looked back at the loosing battle, and then back to the men again.
"Thank you all... so much," she could barely say. "I..."
"Don't worry about it," the captain said. "Just go, you are the last hope for Sithland now. Lead our broken people again so that they may return to a better life."
Tears slid down Shana's throat, and she was barely able to manage to kick her horse to move forward. Her men parted to make an alley for her. They all gave their last salute to her. As she passed the last of them, she turned aroun and gave one last look.
"Go my lady," said an elf. "Bring hope to this world, as you had done for the elves."
It was true, it was Shana who had promoted peace between the humans and elves. They loved her, the humans loved her, everyone looked up to her. Right here, they were proving their love for her. She couldn't say anymore. With all the force she had left in her, she bucked her horse forward and rode away from the battle.

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