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 The new consoles are upon us
Posted by Reverend Hunt - 11-2-13 14:48 - 8 comments
PS4 and Xbox One both launch this month. I'm not interested in either yet from any sort of standpoint. For fighters, Xbone only has Killer Instinct, which I'd still like to try, but I'm not buying a new console for it. So far I think PS4 more
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 Where the Online Game play?
Posted by Clay - 03-19-13 09:23 - 4 comments
Yeah i just brought BH2 and 1 I was wondering where is the online muiltiplayer at
just wondering when it gonna come up in update or not
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 Playshit 4 Announced
Posted by Remzi - 02-21-13 03:12 - 25 comments
And it doesn't actually sound that bad.
Decent specs (although the processor will prolly suck like the PS3 processor), being able to go through an internet browser while you play games, being able to put the console in a low-power suspend m more
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 Apparently, XNA is going to be "retired"
Posted by Zanza47 - 02-3-13 18:22 - 4 comments
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 Happy Holidays!
Posted by Titusthree - 12-31-12 05:12 - 5 comments
Better late than never.

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 Battle High 2: New Students Trailer
Posted by Reverend Hunt - 12-20-12 08:06 - 9 comments

Matt just finished this. Major hyping tool, right here.

Someone's already done a mini-article on it, too

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 Bad Bots is now in Steam Greenlight
Posted by Titusthree - 12-17-12 17:18 - 1 comments
I've been working really hard with IndiePub, doing our very best to improve the game and we are now close to releasing it. Just a few more final touches.

I need your support guys to get BadBots in Steam.

Bad Bots is now in more
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 Wreck-It Ralph
Posted by Reverend Hunt - 07-20-12 14:20 - 3 comments
This movie looks kinda cool and Disney is doing all the right things to promote it. They're hauling a faux retro working arcade machine to various events, they've got Ralph as a guest character in the new Sonic racing game, and the film appr more
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 Steam Greenlight
Posted by Zanza47 - 07-9-12 23:47 - 4 comments
Well, this seems relevant to me.
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 I cannot stop laughing.
Posted by Remzi - 06-28-12 09:27 - 0 comments
Chuck Norris, you have successfully trolled thousands of people.

Now I'll just leave this right here.
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