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Posted by: FunLoveer Jun 21 2007, 05:00 PM
Bad person.

Posted by: Uncle_Z Jun 21 2007, 09:14 PM
user posted image

Posted by: Jane Holland Jun 21 2007, 10:26 PM
Heh heh, my first bad person. I usually delete their applications as soon as they try to register but that one slipped through the net. Sorry!


Posted by: Ovid Yeats Jun 22 2007, 01:08 AM
My moi wot a palava of ungodliness throbbing down opposition wiv higher strung eyebows methinks dearest of special friend in the special friend fact tree ogam primer of druidic banfili nationality, ones con, learning to love or nea as a native uk person looking for love, peace and harmony, ones neighbours, European sidhe say..firstly provincial, oneself be true said a few other suits, you dam culturally shared nuance bombing straight facing the cooling wind, let not trolls in the goddesses lair, swaery sweary doodle doo, queen who trolls are let not in..born out of ones time methinks sailor of the whirlwind jane i predicted would clean up at the table, re-inventing mystique as goddess boudicca & co, last of the iron age winner princesses at the defeat during the first roman s/he invasion period, her breaking was the effective withdrawel of Brythoic culture on the island of Britain, into wales the roman Empire and Britinnia of hotch potch longwinded inclusion waffle linking and licking romes ass, either that or ones teeth kicked in, by the labrynth of byzantium complexity of allegience and inclusion to a mysterious misty aul citizenship of church innit, really, mythical waffle one believes in, and in her amazing book, Holland creates a living poetic verse all can hear, Amergin in slacks, sidhe of s/he Goidelic culture scudding across a wave staying intact and free from Empire, collapsing but 350 years ago, one allowable drop in the ocean of the total span - 2000 years a reality - innit though?

However the gauges callibrating history passing on this island, i rite and deposit my own stay, plea, prayer, wish and - where belief is just sorta "on," - an invisible mist it is, all here know sphisticated cultural mores are subtley, but significantly different, boudicca and co a reality here till cromwell come and raised the Idea Imperial Sir Selfish, again to flay one of freedom before weather spoke in a voice understood to the foreigner mastering english three generatins on. Some feat, one can claim, for some not, i dunno for one is but a simple poet and jane hollands book, poetry methinks..

"Any person who escapes a flood is of biblical proportion surely, certainly a life of poetic escape, redress and utterance balanced with a nuance for her own language, sound in new form methinks said the irishman to the manx wimmin tearing over baize cliffs, the certainty of myth behind her utterance, cuhullain, danu herself, the mist alone an airless tornado trooping through bare branches, on a frozen mid-winter night, the week of equinox and druidic banfili, gotta be ms, more poetry pleasing one sounds when the rain gods came reversing your luck overnight, astounding reality innit jane?

Posted by: Jane Holland Jun 22 2007, 01:44 AM
I think that's my cue to say 'Thank you.' biggrin.gif

Posted by: Jane Holland Jun 22 2007, 01:47 AM
I'm stealing the last para of your post to post up as a comment after my Boscastle flood post on If you disagree violently with me doing that, Ovid, just let me know and I'll delete it.

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