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 Last-minute places free
Posted by KEB - 09-22-14 12:45 - 0 comments
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 Epicentre Magazine launch
Posted by Jane Holland - 04-11-12 01:10 - 0 comments
The debut issue of Epicentre has just launched, edited by moi and Ian Chung.

Bit of prose, a review, and some poetry by Helen Ivory, Richie McCaffery, Peter Cowlam, Claire Trevien and others ...

Looking for new work too, if anyone's interested.
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 Shrapnel and Oranges
Posted by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin - 01-31-12 22:53 - 0 comments
Kevin Cadwallender's collection of poetry, Shrapnel and Oranges, is online here. It's fairly bursting at the seams. By turns gritty and graceful, generous and grudging. Read it!

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 Poetry of Lanscape
Posted by Julia Webb - 01-29-12 18:46 - 3 comments
I am looking for examples of poetry where the physical geography is echoed in the shape of the text on the page - any ideas?
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 Eliza Griswold, "Everyone Is an Immigrant"
Posted by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin - 01-10-12 20:51 - 1 comments
From the article (Poetry and reportage in Lampedusa):

"I think of what Wallace Stevens says in The Necessary Angel. A poet has no moral role. A poet has to use imagination to press back against the violence of reality. I donít agree. He also wrote that reality was growing more insistent, more violent. I agree with that."

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 'Confessional' Poetry, Lowell, & Bishop
Posted by mgranier - 11-19-11 12:05 - 2 comments
Even those, such as myself, who only read the occasional article on Lowell or Bishop (and why they are/are not 'major', 'great', etc.) can't help noticing how Lowell's descent appears like a counterweight to Bishop's speedy rise. I don't give a toss really, as I love both, especially Bishop; I am just bemused when poet/critics like Kleinzahler sweepingly dismiss Lowell's Collected as a 'holed tanker' sinking into oblivion (you'll find more maritim ...read more
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 Where is Everybody?
Posted by Matthew Francis - 09-2-11 15:26 - 7 comments
On Facebook and Twitter, I suppose. Sooner or later I will have to cave in and join them, but I just feel that when I do my last claim to have an extra-digital life will evaporate. Seriously, are they now essential for a writer? And are they as much of a pain as I strongly suspect they are, or am I just being fogeyish?
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Posted by Steven Waling - 08-17-11 10:08 - 4 comments
In an article on the New Statesman blog, I came across this curious phrase:

(discounting, of course, the usual old bastions of neo-modernism).

Who are these people? I can't say I've ever met one myself...
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 The Petition
Posted by Angela France - 07-31-11 14:00 - 1 comments
Petitioners! the petition site's software has a bug. Look at the names and see who is marked as 'unverified'. If it's you, you may have to go through the whole registration thing again. If it's someone you know, please tell them. All unverified or duplicate names will be deleted so you're not signing twice. Out of 950+ names, 150+ are unverified, so we need 200 verified names before that petition can get out.

Copied from Lydia Macpherson's FB
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 A response to last Friday
Posted by Duncan Gillies MacLaurin - 07-30-11 16:42 - 0 comments
David McDuff has translated Pia Tafdrupís poem in response to the horror that was last Friday:


In his earlier post he linked to two sites, 1) the first posting of his translation:

http://www.ou.edu/worldlit/web-exclu.. ...read more
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