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 Violation 134 results
Posted: Sep 6 2011, 07:32 PM


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Sunday, September 4th, 2011
TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts


Written by: Sam, John, Dan, & Moo

Quadros: Welcome to Violation 134; The Fallout from Point of No Return!

Franks: Were coming LIVE from the TD Garden here in Boston, Massachusetts.

Quadros: That we are! And as I suspect we have one of THE biggest Violations of all time!

Franks: Every Violation is a big deal Ray!

BOOM! Fireworks explode around the stage area with a massive explosion as "Bulletproof" by 12 Stones plays loud throughout the speakers and the arena, the fans pop loudly with a mix of confusion and anticipation as more fireworks explode around the JumboTron as four men step out onto the stage in unison.

Quadros: Speaking of big deals! EXILE IS IN THE BUILDING!

The four men who formed “Exile” at the conclusion of Point of No Return stand side by side on entrance ramp with huge smug smiles etched into their faces, Ryan Shane, Zex and Dade Davis all hold their titles in the air at the same time as Jack Gaither makes a motion around his waist signalling “This is where the world title should be.”

Quadros: That is ONE powerful stable right there, possibly THE most powerful stable ever assembled here in PWA!

Franks: Seems like you have been drinking the Exile-Kool-Aid!

Quadros: And I’m not the only one, listen to these fans.

“Dade Davis” Chants fill the arena as his hometown fans cheer his name; which causes an arrogant smile to befall the face of the Boston Native, who looks to his Exile cohorts and nods at them, here Zex opens his black leather jacket to reveal a Boston Celtics home shirt to which the fans explode with a huge pop.

Franks: Zex is such a suck up! The Guys Canadian but yet her wears Boston colours!

Quadros: It’s a known FACT that Zex’s deceased mother was Irish and was born in Boston, it’s also a known FACT that Zex is a HUGE Celtics fan.

Franks: I...Forgot...

The four members of Exile bask in the cheers before they slowly walk down the entrance ramp, the fans cheer louder as they reach ringside; Here Gaither points at Freddy Ferdinand and then to the ropes; ushering the rotund ring announcer to seat on the middle rope to welcome the newly formed stable.

Franks: I still can’t believe Gaither...It...It bothers me to see him like this.

Exile enter the ring and stand side by side allowing photographs to be taken they look to eachother with a smirk as Zex steps forward and takes the microphone from out of Freddy Ferdinand’s hand, he then pushes the big man out of the way and raises the microphone to his lips.

Zex: I gotta say, it feels pretty good to be in my mothers’ home town.

The crowd cheer loudly before quietening down a little allowing Zex to continue.

Zex: But firstly there is something I need to tell the PWA universe; and that’s that In Exile there are no leaders, I don’t tell Dade Davis what to do, He doesn’t bark out orders to Ryan Shane, and Shane doesn’t boss Jack Gaither around, all men are created equal, Blah, Blah, Blah; you get the picture. However...In the PWA locker room, WE ARE LEADERS! There isn’t another group of guys back there who can do what we do, not Salvation and most certainly not The Outfit.

Franks: Typically Zex is taking shots at others.

Quadros: He is just saying it like it is.

Zex: Donail Swiggette can pretend that Captain Howdy and Slade are the front runners to the world title, while the rest of us KNOW that just isn’t the case; didn’t I just beat Slade last week? And apart from some random Hall of Fame acceptance what has Captain Howdy done recently? JACK SHIT! The truth is it is EXILE who should be the front runners, it is Exile that should be facing down from the World Heavyweight championship and TONIGHT! When we DESTROY Salvation we will prove our worth!

At this moment Zex receives a mixed reaction as many of the fans here tonight like Slade and Captain Howdy.

Zex: Although not all is lost backstage; the locker room isn’t full of posers...No, because there is ONE guy backstage who has caught my eye recently, and that is Vendetta! Since our match for the Primetime championship this kid has gone from strength to strength; but yet STILL no one has taken notice! Management seem to just leave him alone when this kid should be pushed to the stars...Which is why I am reaching out to Vendetta, I am asking him to hear what Exile has to offer, I am asking the Primetime champion to remember the mutual respect we shared in or Ladder Match and accept my PERSONAL invitation to JOIN EXILE!

Franks: WHAT!?

Quadros: It makes sense to me, Vendetta would be a perfect fit and he and Zex DO share that respect.

Zex: Don’t be stupid kid, side with us now while you have the chance; don’t RUIN the mutual respect we share, don’t make me come after you and BEAT YOUR ASS! You got lucky once kid, it won’t happen again mark my words!

Franks: That didn’t take long for Zex to turn did it?

Quadros: What the hell are you taking about?

The Artist lowers his head for a second before turning to his Exile stable-mates.

Zex: The fact is; Exile is only at it’s genesis and over the next month you will see us expand, you will see us TAKE EVERY TITLE here in PWA and leave posers like Evan Andrews in the dust where they belong!

The crowd boo Zex’s remarks about Evan Andrews as he turns to Ryan Shane and hands him the Microphone as the fans boo him from turning his back on Jack Swanson.

Ryan Shane: You can boo all you want because all it does is let me know I've done everything right. A lot of you hate me for what I've done in the past or even what I did last week. Everyone thinks that turning my back on Jack Swanson was wrong but it should have been expected. Up until last week you only wanted to see him brought to a halt because of the monster he had become and myself along side Exile put him out of his misery. I had to kill my creation like many before me have had to do. He had accomplished his part and that's why I am standing in the ring today. As his manager lets just say I used a little bit of trickery to take over his contract and so the PWA is once again stuck with me.

Franks: WHAT!? Nobody in PWA wants to see Ryan Shane!

Quadros: I do!

Ryan Shane: When the idea of Exile came about it was the perfect opportunity to fix everything that's wrong with the PWA. There may be others who have said a change was a coming but they have all failed, wrestlers and owners alike. We are united and have a common goal and we will see that the end game is reached because unlike other so called groups we aren't held back by little things like respect and morality. We will do whatever it takes to make sure we have the power and the control. The belts around our waists are a good start but we want more. Hungry Jack let us down but Gaither if he is given the rematch he deserves is going to bring the gold where it belongs.

Gaither raises his arms in the air while sporting the very same sinister smile he has been for the past week.

Ryan Shane: Speaking of gold my old mentor and partner is the Lightheavyweight champion! A belt for small guys who usually think small. This is your chance to think big Jake, to be part of a bigger picture. I know you are less than perfect Jake and you've been trying to turn over a new leaf so I don't expect you to take us up on the offer. I just want you to know that if you don't we can't be held responsible for your well being. So what's it going to be Jake Keeton? Join Exile or try to survive with a target on your back? Take some time and think it over.

Franks: I don’t like where this is going; First Zex reaches out to Vendetta and now Ryan Shane is reaching out to Jake Keeton?

Quadros: Just say it with me; Vendetta and Jake Keeton...EXILE MEMBERS! It’s got a ring to it.

Shane looks to his premier title and then to Dade Davis who grins widely and takes the microphone thus stepping forward while the other members take a step back; once again pro Exile and Davis chants fill the arena as The Franchise begins to talk.

Dade Davis: The question in the air, if I am correct, is why? Isn't that always the question when any sort of coup is formed?

Dade looks over at his tag-team partner Zex, who grins and nods.

Dade: The reality is, no matter how much I explain it, nobody except the four of us will ever truly understand it. But what I do know is that we all four had to make our own decisions for ourselves. And that decision brings us here where we can now make decisions as a unit to better ourselves and our stake as a unit. See, Ryan Shane is one of the few people that I can say I know has always had my back in PWA. From the day I stepped foot here, whether we've battled or teased of siding with each other, I know that Ryan Shane would always have my back in a pinch. And here we are, in a pinch, on the verge of eradication by the people who only want to elevate themselves and where is Ryan Shane?

Dade stops and points over at the Premiere Champion.

Dade: He is right there, having my back as I have his. Anyone who ever wanted to hate Ryan Shane as an individual or Dade Davis as an individual always took the cheap back road and lumped us together because of independent decisions that we happened to make together three damn years ago. Well now here you go boys. Evan, Jason, Jake....all of you bitches want your stab at us together, here we are. We aren't going anywhere. And we aren't going anywhere in part because of these other two men, two men who share the same vision. Now I have known in my heart for a while that Zex was not a man to go with the majority, to kiss ass to stay ahead. Mr. Xavier does things his own way, marches to the beat of his own drum. Like minded individuals can do scary things when they converge for a common goal. If what Dade Davis and Ryan Shane could do together is scary, then throw in my new tag-team championship partner Zex and it should blow your minds.

Quadros: Zex and Davis = Best PWA tag team EVER!

Franks: Grow up!

[Dade stops and bites his bottom lip in typical fashion. He shifts the tag-team belt over to the opposite corner and looks over towards Jack Gaither. Dade takes a deep breath and continues....]

Dade: So then there is this other big question. Wasn't I, Dade Davis, just a few weeks ago, tearing down Jack Gaither as one of the biggest parts of PWA's problem? Yes I sure was. But something has happened that you out here in the arena, at home, in the have only started to see a fraction of. Jack Gaither changed. Whether it was because of me and what I said, in spite of me and what I said, or for a reason independent of Dade Davis...that's irrelevant. The reality is that Jack Gaither saw the writing on the wall and has chosen to no longer be a pawn in the plans of other men. That was The Golden Eagle's job. But when a man is pushed, he either crumbles or fights back. One Jack Gaither would have crumbled. But this Jack Gaither....the Fallen Eagle, his is forging his own path. And together, sharing the spotlight equally....

[The three other men in the ring laugh briefly.]

Dade: I know right? Surprising thing to happen in PWA....but we aren't these other guys. We aren't Nighthawk, Kaito and Michael O'Neil....we aren't The Outfit, MAD or Wing Zero....we aren't The Era, Dysfunction or Gundan RTO. Everything you think you know about how it's changes now. The four of us, together as one entity....we change that now.

Franks: I just can’t stand this guy!

Dade hands the stick over to Jack Gaither, and almost immediately, the fans begin to boo the man rather lustily.

JACK GAITHER: You guys in Beanville have nothin' better to do than boo or hiss at me, right!? Well, you "fans" never realized that I would go as low as I did a few days ago. "Point of No Return" was a GLORIOUS chapter in our history, where we finally decided that we were sick and tired of getting shafted and disrespected by those people who "THINK" who care about us. Donial Swiggette? He's just a black bean counter with nothin' to do but stick his money up people's asses. Wren Chesney? She's probably experiencing the pleasures of Donail Swiggette's fat and hairy dick. John Gillmen?!

The crowd instantly turns to cheers at John Gillmen's mention.

JACK: What is he doing these days anyway? Probably studying for the next test and recovering from the beatdown that Ryan and I gave him nearly a month ago.


JACK: Oh yeah...the two men who beat that guy down within an inch of his life were none other than Ryan Shane and myself, and this is my reason why: because I wanted to TEACH John a lesson in survival, and obviously--judging from his long coma--he was probably too doped up in the brain to understand what happened to him. John Gillmen wasn't there that night in St. Louis when I beat Nighthawk for the big Kahuna, but more on him later because...right now...I ought to be feeling rather peachy at the moment because of my recent destruction of Brad Kane.

Franks: Now we get answers! So Zex attacked Donail Swiggette; Gaither and Shane attacked Gillmen, but WHO attacked Kaito and O’Neil last week?

Quadros: Easy Columbo calm down!


JACK: Call me an asshole all you want to, but the fact of the matter is Brad Kane will probably never be able to FUCK his wife again when I'm through with him. He'll never be able to have kids that will want to be like him and DARE TRY to shut me up in the future; otherwise...they might as well commit suicide anyway in order to avoid any potential embarrassment on their part after I punish the father again for the crimes of his sons.

The fans start littering the ring with trash. Jack doesn't care at the moment as he finishes his Pepsi can before checking it into the stands with authority.

Franks: That is just plain sick! Fans...we apologize for that one.

JACK: And speaking of "sons," we have a "son of a bitch" by the name of Nighthawk.

The Boston fans leap to their feet at Nighthawk's mention.

JACK: First off though...before I get onto the subject of Nighthawk...the only reasons why Slade and Captain Howdy are one and two on the rankings list are simple: they took a lot of imaginary 'roids and kissed a lot of ass. Captain Howdy might have been the "World's Most Dangerous Man" at some point in time, but right now...he's just a pussified version of Freddy Kreuger and Jason what's-his-face rolled into one, and as for Slade, he gets a title opportunity just for running his mouth? Please! I can run my mouth with the best of them, but unlike Slade, I know how to use my voice effectively. He might have a strong frame, but he doesn't have the brain power like me. Now...back to Nighthawk we go.

Quadros: This should be fun.

Franks: You would say that.

JACK: Tristan, do you remember the last time I beat you? That's right, I beat you in St. Louis for the big Kahuna, and what happened after that match. When the refs raised my hand in victory that night at "Vow IV," I remember asking the pyrotechnic guys in the truck to NOT do the usual celebration of fireworks and confetti. Yet four weeks I watched you walk out of Detroit with the World Championship to a sea of confetti, I started to realize that EVERYTHING I had ever worked for all these years was nothing but a total waste. Look at yourself in the mirror Tristan, and you'll see just how HYPOCRITICAL you are of your own "righteous" beliefs and values. You stand for fairness and stoicism, yet you have the boys in the truck shower you with confetti. Oh...HOW FUCKIN' ROMANTIC must it have been for your lovely bride to see you whooping and hollering at my own expense as I lay there defeated. YOU NEVER BOTHERED TO SHAKE MY HAND AFTER THE MATCH, FUCKWAD, AND YET YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHAMPION!?! FUCKING...PATHETIC!!


JACK: So...if you really want to call yourself a true champion, then PROVE IT...NEXT WEEK!! That's right: Jack Gaither versus a steel cage for the big Kahuna--the World's title. That's right, I'm calling YOUR ass out because, thanks to a certain woman who is this company's co-CEO, I'm gonna be able to cash in on my rematch clause from a month ago. So what's it gonna be, huh?! What's the matter, Tristan? Afraid that I'm gonna beat you down some more with my aluminum baseball bat!? Look at you Night Trash: you call yourself a "fighting champion" yet you don't have the balls to answer my challenge!? You wanna make this real Tristan? Well, I'm gonna make it "VERY" real--you're a pussy! The so-called "Fighting Champion" Nighthawk is a glorified pussy! Well...we've got ways of dealing with pussies here at Exile, and that's all I'm gonna say right now.

Gaither throws the microphone down as you can see he has psychically and emotionally changed over the past week. “Bulletproof" by 12 Stones kicks in as the four members of Exile make their way out of the ring, flagged by a mixed reaction from the Boston fans.


Written by: Andrew

~ PWA referees Steve Upshaw and Andy Sheppard are shown staring at the assignment board that's posted near the entrance of the office that's been designated for use by members of the federation's officiating team, and as the scene begins, appear to be in engaged in conversation about the matches that each of them will over-see.~

Andy: Oh man...I've gotta ref the Gaither vs Kane Extreme Rules Match!? That's gonna be a shit-show and a half!

Steve: Yeah...Well, I'd take that match any day of the week than the match I've gotta officiate tonight...

Andy: Which one is that, Steve...?

Steve: Terminus vs Frankie Bones...

Andy: Really? That doesn't seem all that bad, though...It's just regular rules, isn't it...?

Steve: Andy...I'm not terribly concerned about the type of match that bothers me. I'm concerned about the competitors involved in the match.

Andy: Why would you...?

Sheppard lets his sentence trail off as memories about what happened to Upshaw last year flood back into his consciousness.

Andy: Oh...That's right. Frankie and Tony basically strong-armed you into acting as their personal referee after you counted the pin-fall against Field during the Terminus-Tony match at V100, didn't they...?

Steve: Yeah...And that basically shot my credibility as an official straight to hell for a few months. I had to jump through hoops of freaking FIRE to get myself cleared as an official again after that. That whole episode nearly cost me my career. And now, the same thing could happen again....

Andy: So, you're worried about what Frankie's gonna do if the match goes his way....?

Steve: Yeah...You could say that. I wonder who's brilliant idea into the match.

Andy: I got ten dollars on Wren Chesney as an answer.

"Sorry, Andy...I'm afraid you're out ten bucks..."

The two officials whirl around, and go wide-eyed at the sight of the current incarnation of Terminus standing before them.

Steve: G-Glen...!?

Terminus: Hey, Steve. Hey, Andy. Anyway, sorry to interrupt, but I was hoping to talk to Steve for a moment.

Andy: Glen...I don't mean any offense, but that be interpreted as an attempt by you to influence the outcome of the match...

Terminus: I wouldn't dream of doing something like that, Andy. But I just felt Steve should know that in spite of everything that happened last year, I don't bear any ill will toward him. That's why I specifically asked that he be chosen to officiate the Extreme Iron Man match that Field and I had at PONR 4...And why I also asked that he officiate my match this week...

Upshaw blinks and stares at the masked man in shock.

Steve: Wait...This was YOUR decision...!?

Terminus: It was...'Cause, I know that, in spit of your past/ you're still capable of doing this job. I know that you're still capable of calling the match you see.

I mean...You proved yourself capable of doing that last week...And that's why I won't complain at all about the job you did, even though I unfortunately came out on the losing end of that affair. You did it once....No reason why you're not capable of doing it again...Right?

Steve: I...I guess not...

Terminus: Exactly. So yeah...Just call the match you're gonna see, and I can't see any problems resulting from it. "Course, my opponent this week might not see things the same way...But, something tells me his opinion isn't gonna matter that much.

Terminus begins to back away, nodding toward the two officials all the while.

Terminus: Anyway, that was all I wanted to say. See ya in the ring, Steve...

Steve: Yeah...

Upshaw remains rooted to the spot, and then closes his eyes shut and squeezes his eye-lids as memories of what happened last year flood into his mind.

Andy: Steve...What was THAT about? What exactly did Glen say to you...!?

Upshaw opens his eyes, and then breaks out into a slight smile as he shrugs his shoulders.

Steve: You heard what the man said, Andy. All he wants me to do is to call the match as I see it...

And y'know what, Andy. That's exactly what I'm gonna do....


Brad Kane vs. Jack Gaither

Written by: Andrew

Franks: Welcome, everyone, to Violation 134. We have an exciting card in store for you this evening, and one of the matches on the card that carries to most intrigue happens to be our very first match!

Just to set the stage...Earlier this week, Brad Kane issued a challenge to Jack Gaither. In response, Gaither stated he would accept, only if the match were held under Extreme Rules. Kane, of course, accepted the challenge...

Quadros: And in doing so, made the worst mistake of his life! Maybe that sex freak might have had a chance of beating The Golden Eagle...But he's got NO shot of beating a much more aggressive, and dangerous FALLEN Eagle!

Franks: We'll see, Ray! We'll see! All right, let's go down to the ring and get this match started!

Ferdinand: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is an Extreme Rules Match...Scheduled for one fall, with no time limit.

Introducing first...Hailing from Corpus Christi, TX...And weighing in at 181lbs....This is the...FALLEN...EAGLE....JACK GAITHER!!!

~ The opening guitar line of Sabbath's "Iron Man" is heard, and almost immediately, the crowd erupts into boos and jeers as they await the arrival of "The Golden Eagle", Jack Gaither. These catcalls become even louder when bursts of pyro go off, and the former World and Light Heavyweight Champion steps through the curtain, with his trusty aluminum baseball bat in hand, and wearing a nasty smirk on his face. As the classic riff churns throughout the arena, Gaither saunters down the entrance ramp, with that cocky grin in place even as the crowd begins to shower him with every bit of debris they can find. Jack slides under the bottom rope into the ring, and takes a moment to bask in the crowd's hatred, and remains in ring center as he awaits the arrival of his opponent.~

Ferdinand: And his opponent...Making his return to PWA...Hailing from Boston, by way of Belfast....This is BRAD KANE!!!!!!

~ The house lights go out in the arena as the opening of "Torcher II (Saw Intro)" by DZK flares up. Strobe lights begin to go insane when the vocals blare out of the sound system as Brad Kane appears in the entry way. The Boston crowd cheers upon seeing him; and Brad inhales before he makes his way down the ring. A few hands get slapped away as once Brad is at ringside, he hops up on the ring apron. The lights are back to normal as he ducks through the ropes, keeping his eyes focused on his opponent all the while as he enters the ring. Noting that Gaither's still brandishing his baseball bat in threatening manner, BK decides to dispense with his usual pre-match ritual of climbing the turnbuckles and playing to the crowd, and instead simply steps back to his corner and waits for the match to begin. The official decides it's best to get things started, and wastes no time in signaling for the opening bell. ~


~ An expectant, uncertain hush descends over the Boston crowd as they watch Gaither advance toward Kane with the bat in his hand, all the while hurling insults and threats in his direction. BK doesn't back down, and instead sneers and motions to come forward and do his worst. The Fallen Eagle seems happy to oblige and brings his bat up as if to strike at his head, only to bring it down with the intent of chopping his foe down at the knees. But Kane anticipates this tactic, and manages to jump over the steel bat, into an Enzuigiri that connects flush against the back of his head! Gaither's bat clatters to the mat as he tumbles to the mat to the canvas, and Kane quickly picks it up and drives the top of the bat into Jack's nose as he starts to rise! Gaither flops onto his back, and BK quickly drops down and applies the cover to his opponent...~

1...2...Kick Out!

~ Kane simply shrugs and pulls Jack back to his feet by the hair, before delivering a Headbutt to the nose that sends him reeling back into the corner. BK steps forward and follows up a stiff knife-edged chop to the chest! WHOO! Another one follows...WHOO! And then a third...WHOO!...And then a whole bunch more as Kane just BLASTS him with a series of repeated, rapid-fire chops! WHOOO!!! BK then takes his opponent over with a Snapmare and follows up with a stiff shoot kick across the spine that causes his foe to cringe in pain! THWACK! Kane nods in satisfaction and then connects with a second shoot kick to the back, before capping the sequence with a Basement Dropkick to the back of the head, before he once again applies the cover to his downed opponent..

1...2...T-Another Kick Out by Gaither!

Undaunted, Kane simply pulls his opponent back to his feet by the arm, before he twists it into an arm-wringer and pulls him into his grasp, before lifting him into the air and driving him down across his knee with a Uranage Backbreaker. In one smooth motion, BK lifts the smaller man up, and then takes him over into a sick Exploder Suplex that sends Gaither crashing upside down into the turnbuckles of the nearest corner! AMG SPECIAL 3!!! The Fallen Eagle crashes to the mat in a heap, and Kane once again covers him, making certain to hook the leg closest to the ropes...

1...2...THR-NO Gaither gets his shoulder up at the last moment!

Franks: I've gotta say, Kane's looking awfully good at the start of the match, and has dominated using a variety of stiff striking techniques, and high impact moves.

Quadros: Yeah...But none of those maneuvers have come all that close to putting Gaither away, have they, now...

Franks: Well, if he keeps connecting with them, he probably will. Because while I won't deny that Gaither is a tough, tough guy, you have to wonder just how much more punishment this man can take!

The crowd groans in disappointment, but the hometown favorite stays cool and simply pulls his foe up by the hair before blasting him with a European Uppercut that sends Gaither reeling back into the corner. BK follows with an alternating series of forearm shivers to the jaw, and knife edged chops to the chest before he whips Gaither toward the other corner. Wait! Somehow, Gaither still has the energy needed to run up the turnbuckles, and then leap off into a Corkscrew Bodypress that catches Kane by surprise! Kane is knocked to the mat, and Gaither lands on top of him for a pinfall attempt of his own...


~ WAIT! Somehow, Brad's able to use his leg strength to roll over on top of his opponent. But rather than try and hold him down for a count, Kane simply stands up and hoists him across his shoulders, before dropping down into a sick Double Knee Gutbuster! Kane stares down at his foe as the latter lies gasping on the mat, and then stares out into the crowd, and lets out a war cry, signalling that the end is near. As the crowd cheers, BK measures his opponent as the latter rises to his knees, and then lashes out with the Buzzsaw Kick variation that he sometimes uses to finish matches...



...Only to have Gaither duck underneath the attack and then counter with a stiff Uppercut to the groin! BOO! Kane doubles over in agony and then collapses to his knees, and Gaither quickly takes advantage by rising to his feet before charging forward into a brutal Enzu Shining Wizard Knee strike that connects flush against the back of Kane's head! CRASH LANDING! Kane collapses to the mat in a heap, but Gaither chooses not to cover and instead sinks in the STF that he refers to as THE DOUBLE WHAMMY! ~

Crowd: Please Don't Tap! Please Don't Tap!

~ Gaither's eyes take on a sadistic gleam as he cranks on the submission for all that he's worth. Meanwhile, Kane's eyes bulge out in pain and agony as he desperately tries to resist the effects of the hold- but that becomes much more difficult when Jack grabs his trusty bat and pulls it into Brad's windpipe in an effort to choke the life out of him. Kane gurgles and wheezes, but manages to shake his head in refusal when Sheppard asks him if he wants to quit! Gaither glares down at him in annoyance, and then wrenches back even more on the choke. "ASK HIM!" "Whaddya say, Brad?" "No!" "FUCKING ASK HIM!" "Brad..?""NO!" Spurred on by the chants of "BK!" BK!", Kane starts to push the bat away from his throat, eliciting a loud cheer from the fans. But these cheers are cut short when Gaither wrenches the bat away from Kane's grasp and then brings the butt end of it down HARD into the spot between Brad's shoulder-blades! ~

Quadros: OH...That's gotta hurt!

~ Gaither stares down at his stricken opponent and then breaks out into a nasty grin as he brings the bat over his head and then drives it down again, directly into the small of his foe's spine! Brad lies on the mat, with his back arched in pain, but Gaither isn't done with him yet and brings the bat down AGAIN, this time into his foe's rib cage! Jack bursts into deranged laughter as he stares down and the stricken, curled up form of his opponent, before he uses the sole of his boot to roll him over and drops a knee across his chest, keeping it there while ordering the official to count...~

1...2...THRE-NO! Kane gets his shoulder off the mat!

~ Jack stares down at Kane with an annoyed look on his face, and then orders the official to count faster while applying a more traditional lateral press, and making a point of grinding his forearm across his rival's face...

1...2...THRE-NO! Kane manages to get his shoulder up AGAIN!

~ Gaither pounds the mat in frustration, and then vents it by assuming the mount and delivering a series of right hands, all the while calling Kane every name in the book. Jack then punctuates this attack by SPITTING in Kane's face, before he rolls out of the ring and ducks under the ring apron, before emerging with a steel chair in one hand and a burlap sack in the other! Jack slides the chair into the ring, and then proceeds to re-enter the squared circle, before emptying the contents of the bag all over the ring...and Kane himself!


Quadros: Yes...Thumbtacks. Quite a few of them. And since Kane issued the challenge to Gaither in the first place, and agreed to the Extreme Rules stipulation, he really can't complain about them being introduced in this contest, can he...!?

~ Kane frantically tries to shake and brush off as many of the tacks as he can before they puncture the skin, and Gaither clearly seems to be enjoying the sight of his opponent in such a distressed state. But, after a few moments, Jack seems to tire of watching this, because he pulls his opponent off the mat by the arm and pulls him into a repeating series of shoot kicks to the gut to double him over, before grabbing him and taking him over into a nicely executed Vertical Suplex that causes Kane to crash back first into the tacks! OH! BK lies on the mat in agony, and can't defend himself when his opponent follows up by ducking to the outside and then vaulting into a Slingshot 450 onto his rival! SIDEWINDER! Having connected flush with his move, Gaither applies the cover, making certain to hook the leg:

1...2...THREEEEEENOOOOO!!!!! Kane kicks out at 2.999999!!!!!!

Gaither's mouth drops open in disbelief, and he unleashes a loud angry roar as he pulls his opponent off the mat by the hair before pulling him into a front facelock and then dropping down into a nasty DDT that spikes Kane head first into the steel chair! Jack then places the sole of his boot across the back of opponent's head and proceeds to CURB STOMP his face into the chair!! CRACK! Not content to leave matters at that, Gaither repeats this action again...and again...and AGAIN!! Some fans are chanting Kane's name, while others are chanting "Stop The Match!", but Gaither isn't listening to any of them as he peels Kane off the mat and then sinks in a Half-Nelson. Gaither then begins to lift his foe up, with the intent of driving him head first into the mat with the move known as THE BIG GOODBYE...!!!!

Quadros: Nice knowin' ya, Brad!

Franks: Wait! Not so fast!

~ But somehow, Kane manages to block the attempt by shifting his weight. Before Gaither can react, Brad performs a standing switch, and then proceeds to hook his foe's arms, before taking Jack over into a Tiger Suplex. Once again, Kane rolls through the move and back to his feet, and then lifts his foe up and takes him over into a Bridging Dragon Suplex for a surprise pinfall attempt...~

1...2...THRE-Gaither just manages to twist out of the AMG SPECIAL 2 at the very last moment!

~ The two men struggle to their feet, but Gaither stills seems to be in better condition and makes it up first. The Golden Eagle attempts to take advantage of this by lashing out with a standing High Kick to the head. Kane manages to duck this attack, and then counters into a Spinning Legsweep that dumps his foe to the mat. More angered than hurt, Jack starts to rise...But by that point, BK is in the process of following up with the Buzzsaw Kick that he was looking to land earlier in the match! CRACK! The KILLSHOT lands flush against Jack's head, and sends him crashing to the floor, and Kane quickly flops on top of him to apply the cover...

1...2...THRE-NO! Gaither manages to get his shoulder off the mat, much to the chagrin of everyone else in the arena!

~ Kane mouths the word "Fuck", and then takes a deep breath to compose himself, before he breaks out into a nasty grin as he rises to his feet. The smile grows even wider he scrapes his foe off the mat and hoists him up into Backdrop Suplex position, before spinning him around so that he can drop him with the Omega Driver that he calls IMPENDING DOOM REDUX! NO! Somehow, Gaither manages to counter into a Rana, before chaining into the Triangle Choke that he calls THE SQUEEZE PLAY! ~

Quadros: This has GOTTA be it!

~ Gaither applies as much pressure as he can, and starts delivering elbows to the top of his foe's head in an effort to convince him to tap. But Kane's NOT gonna allow that to happen, and manages to find the strength needed to dead-lift his foe off the mat, before sitting out into a modified Powerbomb that deposits Gaither into the tacks! Kane flops down onto back, and spends a moment shaking off the effects of the choke, before he drags himself back to his feet and reaches into his pocket. Kane then pulls out...a thin coil of barbed wire (what were YOU thinking?) and wraps it around his arm, and then waits for his opponent to rise before spinning into his dreaded BK BACKFIST...~


~ ...But incredibly, Gaither manages to duck under the attack, and then uses the last of his energy to grab his foe and lift him up onto his shoulders before dropping him into the tacks with his patented SAMBA SLAM! Jack takes a moment to collect himself, and then applies the cover, hooking the leg as the crowd volume drops to near silence....







~ Now it's Gaither's turn to stare in shocked disbelief at his opponent, before his features twist into a mask of rage as he takes the barbed wire and wrenches it free from his foe's grasp. The Fallen Eagle then wraps it around his hand and proceeds to apply a BARBED WIRE CLAW, laughing maniacally as he grinds to wire into his foe's face! Once he's satisfied that he's done enough damage, Gaither hoists his opponent up off the mat and onto his shoulders, with the intent of dropping head first onto the steel chair with a second SAMBA SLAM...!!!~

Quadros: Well, Kane put up a pretty good effort, but stick a fork in him, 'cause I would say that this match is DONE!

~ But Kane's got other ideas and somehow manages to shift his weight and land behind his opponent. Before Gaither can react, Kane lifts him up and drives him down hard onto the turnbuckles with an Atomic Drop. As the crowd goes ballistic, Kane climbs to the second rope and grabs his opponent, before lifting him up and leaping off into an AVALANCHE OMEGA DRIVER that dumps Gaither head first into the tacks! ~



~ Kane then applies the cover, making certain to hook the leg as the crowd counts along with the official....!!!





~ Kane breaks out into a wide smile as he pulls himself off the mat and allows Sheppard to raise his hand in victory. BK then slowly climbs onto the second rope so that he can bask in the cheers of the fans. The Boston crowd begins to grive Brad a HUGE ovation...but their cheers are cut short after a few moments when a somehow recovered Gaither sneaks up behind his opponent and spears him in the back with his trsuty aluminum bat. BOOO! Gaither then yanks Kane down and begins to stomp away at him, before raising the bat and glaring at Andy Sheppard when the official tries to convince Gaither to cease this assault. The official steps back, and Gaither raises the bat over his head to deal the death blow....~


~...But that's when a female in her early twenties appears from the crowd and races into the ring! Wearing thick glasses, and a "Jack Gaither: The PEOPLE'S Champion" T-Shirt, the young woman has the look of someone who really doesn't belong in the squared circle. But that doesn't stop her from rushing forward and grabbing the bat in an effort to wrench it free from Gaither's grip! ~

Fan: Why are you DOING this, Jack!? Why are you acting this way!? Why are you selling out the people who care about you!? Why are you selling out you FANS!?

Gaither: Sell YOU out!? YOU sold ME out! Each and every one of my so-called fans turned out to be a fake, just like you!

Fan: NO! YOU'RE the fake, Jack...Not us!

~ Gaither and the fan continue to argue and wrestle for control over the bat, while Kane shakes off this latest beating and looks on with a mixture of bemusement and amazement. After a moment, he decides to make his presence known to by reaching forward and pulling the bat away from both of them, before he levels a hard glare at the Fallen Eagle while brandishing the bat. Kane then swings the bat at Gaither's head with all his might...but Jack JUST manages to get out of the way and darts out of the ring, cursing and ranting as he storms up the ramp. Kane stares at Gaither with an expression of contempt on his face as he watches him leave, before he raises the bat over his head and smiles as the fans in the arena shout "BK! BK!" to show their appreciation for the hometown favorite! ~


Written by: Donnie & Andrew

The screen goes green with gold lettering littering it as the countdown starts.

The Game Changes in
...5 ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1
.....The Saviour....

Then the opening cords of Slash's "Godfather Theme" solo start to echo throughout the arena. After a few moments Tony Field finally steps out on the ramp, flanked by his entourage, Rochelle Robinson, Frankie Bones, and Ryan Gaines. Together the four make their way down the ring, Tony with a sly smirk drawn across his face as the fans show their disapproval for the group as they all slide into the ring and take their places.

Tony stands in the ring, just relishing in the negative reaction of the crowd. After a few minutes of deafening boos, Field finally raises his hand to indicate it's time for him to speak.

Tony Field: It's nice to know I'm loved in Boston. But of course, what do you guys know. I mean after all, the Yankees are America's Team.

The crowd reaction grows even louder as they show their distaste for Field.

Tony Field: So we have some reasons to celebrate tonight it would seem. For the most part, Point of No Return went off without a hitch. I mean sure, we had the formation of Exile, a group that makes me look at Dade Davis, one of those few rare guys in this industry I actually have some kind of respect for, and say "what the fuck are you thinking..."...and we may have had a farce of a main event that just left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, and a so called "heel turn" that no one's buying, but that's not the important part. That's not what sold tickets, put the seats in the asses, and set record Pay Pay View Buy Rates. No, there's something else that the wrestling world is abuzz about, something that every news site is creaming themselves over, that every "internet insider" just can't get enough of.

Tony stops a moment, flashing that classic smirk of his, seemingly quite proud of himself.

Tony Field: No, the buzz that everyone is talking about is that Tony Field walked into Point of No Return, squared off agaisnt Terminus, Glen Watts, in his own handpicked match, put on what many are already saying is the match of the year, and beat him at his own game.

The crowd starts to toss out their boos and heckles at Tony, but he just continues on.

Tony Field: That's right, I LET Glen select his own type of match, the Extreme Iron Man Match, a variation of the Iron Man Match I'd never fought in before, and I beat him at his own game. And guess what? I did it CLEANLY!!!


Tony Field: Deny it all you want, but I walked down to that ring, I looked him in the eye, and I used no outside interference what-so-ever. I used no Frankie Bones, no Ryan Gaines, I just used my own skill and my own mentality and understanding of Glen and I walked out with my arm raised and my head held high. And really, what is there left to do? I mean I just showed the world I was the better man. I've shown who the top competitor is...and I put Glen Watts back in the record books at the same time. So really, there's nothing left to do now. So when Glen came asking for a rematch tonight...

The crowd pops.

Tony Field: ....I said no....

The crowd quickly turns.

Tony Field: I mean really, what is there left to do now? If I just keep on beating Glen week after week, that's not ratings. That's going to generate revenue for PWA. No, now it's time I move on. To what, I don't know just yet, but that's why I'm taking the night off tonight and letting Frankie here...

Tony nods over to his massive bodyguard and confidient.

Tony Field: ....fight Glen tonight and take care of my light work. I can't honestly be bothered with anymore. A year and a half of my life and it's time to move on...

Tony stops mid sentence as he turns toward the ramp and notices something.

Sitting casually at the top of the entrance ramp, the masked man keeps his gaze focused upon the people in the ring as he begins to address his nemesis in a deceptively pleasant tone of voice.

Terminus: Hey, Tony. I apologize for interrupting this speech...and before you accuse me of lying, lemme go on record and state that I actually AM sincere when I make that statement. The reason why I actually mean what I say is that during the early portion of your address, you actually made a couple of valid points...

Terminus pauses for a moment, and then chuckles and shakes his head.

Terminus: Never thought I'd hear myself say that, but there's a first time for everything, right?

But it's true..I actually agree with your assessment of the formation of the group known as Exile, Field. It's not like these guys are actually out to accomplish anything, after all...Instead, it seems like just another way for those involved to engage in extended sessions of mutual masturbation. But, it's not like that hasn't before in this federation...And it's not like it won't happen again long after Exile collapses under the weight of his collective ego. So, instead of making a big deal about it, I'm just gonna focus upon matters that ARE of interest to me...

Glen's tone of voice becomes a bit harder as he stares direction at Tony.

Terminus: And the matter that's currently of most interest to me, your claim that you BEAT me at Point of No Return 4. That's where we disagree, Tony...'Cause while you may have WON, you most certainly didn't BEAT me. And deep down, you know that just as well as I do.

Hell, EVERYONE knows that, Field.

Everyone who witnessed the match remembers the sight of you bleeding all over the place...Virtually unconscious in ring center and completely at my mercy. Everyone who saw that match knows that I would have been able to even the score at three falls apiece, had our mutual friend Rochelle not decided to become part of the equation.

Yes...You can claim to hold another victory over me. But, make no mistake, Field...This victory is JUST as tainted and questionable as the one you gained over me at Vow II last year.

And if I were to conduct a quick survey of this crowd, I'm certain that most of them would agree with that statement...Am I correct...?

Terminus holds up the microphone, and the crowd does indeed erupt into cheers to express its agreement.

Terminus: So...Regardless of what you say, everyone knows that this matter between us, hasn't been resolved.

Tony... You came back to PWA and called me out with the intent of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were the better man.

Well...Guess what...? That hasn't happened.

So...My question to you, Tony is as follows...

What's it gonna take for me to get you inside the ring, and make sure that this DOES happen. Are you going to stand there and lie to everyone- most of all yourself- by claiming that this matter between us has settled....

Or are you gonna reconsider...And give us both the chance to gain the resolution that we not only desire...but truly need...?

Tony leans out over the rope, a smirk on his face as he chuckles to himself mockingly.

Tony Field: After a year and a half, you seriously underestimate don't you. You think I'm some two bit hack like the rest of the roster here who can be lured into a match I don't want? If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I do what I want to do, when I want to do it.

Tony's smirk grows even wider.

Tony Field: You see, Glen, here's the thing. Do I really care whether or not when you ask the crowd if they agree with how I won or not, and they show they hate it? Since when have these sheep ever approved of anything I do? I'm the man they love to hate and thrive off of it. I could've walked into that ring, beaten you 15 to zip, and they'd still find something to bitch about in how I did it. These fans don't know what they want, I know what they want and what is best for them.

Tony leans out a bit farther, letting those words sink in a bit before he continues.

Tony Field: But that's all for nothing. You see, the only person who's opinion matters on this is mine. At the end of the day, I have to leave with myself and my own decisions, and my opinion is, I've beaten you two out of the three matches we've had now, including a more or less clean win in your own specialty match, so you're no longer the challenge you once were. I've solved the stigma of Terminus. So you want you're rematch, you want to try to sucker me in, but Glen, you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm done with this and I'm moving on, I suggest you do the same before Frankie hurts you tonight...

The crowd rains down boos, but Terminus silences them with a wave of the hand, smirking slightly as he gazes out at the spectators in attendance.~

Terminus: No...Wait...Maybe he's got a point. Maybe I should take the advice of people like Zex...or Dade Davis...or Tony Field...And think about doing something else. Maybe I should give this matter a rest...

Terminus turns his attention back to Field and stares intently in his direction.

Terminus: ...Maybe I should forget the fact that you and I engaged in last year's Feud of the Year- and choose not the acknowledge the fact that the reason for this was due to continue to target me, even after I defeated you in a manner that was far more decisive then the result of our last match...

Terminus rises to his feet and takes a couple of steps toward the ring as he continues to address his arch rival.

Terminus: Maybe I should do that...But I won't. From this point forward, I'm gonna do what *I* want, Tony...Regardless of what you, or anyone else in PWA wants. And what I want, more than anything else, is to settle this, Field. If you don't want to do that this evening, then that's your right...

Glen turns his attention toward Bones, and nods in his direction

Terminus: But, if that's the case, I'll claim the right to express my displeasure about this in a manner that Frankie here will NEVER forget.

Terminus takes a step back and nods toward The Real Deal.

Terminus: Just keep in mind that every decision you make results in unforeseen consequences... And you're gonna understand this point very well by the time all is said and done. See you around, Tony...

And with that, the masked man spins on his heel and walks up the ramp, not bothering to look back at the sneering form of Field as the latter continues to stand inside the ring.
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Written by: Bailey

The cameras cut backstage to where Cross Recoba is on the phone to someone.

Cross: …look, quote me on this, for the foreseeable future and most likely the time after that, there will be no Rat Pack Reunion!

PWA's long-suffering employeee, as much as employee in the PWA as Milton Waddams was at IniTech, Johnny Red rushes into shot and looks out of breath. He bends over and reaches into his perma-worn tuxedo to grab a microphone.

Red: *pants* You…said….you…had…an…announcement….to….make?

Red continues to be doubled over as he holds the microphone above his head. Cross grabs the microphone from his hand and looks down at Red with disdain.

Cross: That's right, Johnny…now for those of you who could afford to pay for the pay-per-view - you all saw what happened. For those of you that didn't, I could give you my version of events but instead I'm going to get the VE to roll the stills!

The two men go nose-to-nose, Doc’s three-inch height advantage showing, they utter inaudible comments to each other.

Franks: This could be a very costly mistake for both men! If any sign of violence is seen to happen between these two then the penalties will kill any hope either have of rising up the ranks anytime soon!

Cross mutters something that causes Doc’s face to curl in anger, Doc steps back and shoves Cross causing the Chicagoan to stagger backwards.

Franks: This could get ugly!

Quadros: And expensive!

Cross goes to raise his arm to level the Scotsman with a stiff right but before he can swing his arm PWA Security have got four men on each guy pulling them out the ring.

The mics pick up quiet insults from both men as they are hauled down the aisle.

Franks: Recoba should be thanking security, they just saved him tens of thousands of dollars!

Quadros: How long can you keep these two separated for though? It will definitely not be a quiet September in the PWA with these two around!

Cross: Yet again, the PWA decided to screw myself, Doc, and the fans! They once again saw money and steered the good ship, HMS PWA, away from that iceberg! So…if I can't lay you out, Doc, in an arena the PWA is in…we'll just have to get more creative….

Franks: This'll be good…

Quadros: No! It really will!

Cross pops open a side door that shows a darkened alleyway.

Cross: One foot into this alley and I'm off the property, two feet in the alley and I'm out of their jurisdiction! But…just to be safe, Doc, I brought this with me….

Recoba reaches into his jacket pocket and holds a cheque to the camera for $100,000.

Cross: That should cover the fine for the pair of us - if the PWA so wish they could even invest the money wisely…but let's not get ahead of ourselves here…

Franks: He looks serious, did you see the signature on the bottom?

Quadros: It said K.Fabe didn't it?

Cross: … so, I'll be waiting there at any point after my match with Slade…hope to see you there, Jocky Boy!


Written by: Donnie & Drew

Slade is standing near the curtain to the arena, doing some last minute warm ups as he is close to going through the curtain into the TD Garden for his bout with Cross Recoba. A shadow moves in on Slade, who glances up only to see Tony Field approaching. Before he can say a word, Field smirks at the big man.

Tony Field: So how's your bid for the belt coming along?

Slade: About as well as your quest to rid the company of The Things; depends on who you ask.

Tony Field: Well you know I'm in your corner, anything you need, I'll do. But you gotta keep your focus. There's no reason for someone like. shit, what's his name???...the artist guy....loves the color purple and probably takes it in the ass..shit..his name escapes me...

Slade smirks.

Slade: I don't bother with his nickname, either. 'The artist guy' works for me.

Tony chuckles.

Slade: And for your information, 'the artist guy' only got the win over me because he recruited help. I don't lose to people who actually have the stones--and lack of brains--to face me alone.

Tony Field: He truly is an isignificant little piss ant, isn't he? I seriously don't get it. The only two guys in this place I have any respect for are you and Davis, and Davis throws in with that "who cares what his name is" idiot, a former paper champion like Gaither, and a primadonna never wil be like Shane. It tuly turns my stomach

Tony nods his head.

Tony Field: And you're right, he had to cash in all his chips to beat you, didn't he?

Slade: If only I could sacrifice my integrity long enough to take a cheap win... oh wait, that's not me. But I'm sure he'll trumpet from the top of the highest hill in the forest that he destroyed me... oh wait, he did that too.

Tony Field: Well I've told you once and I'll say it again. I know you're a proud guy and want to handle shit on your own, but if there's a ever a know who to call.

Slade: Trust me, Tony... the clock is ticking. I can't keep ice skating uphill by myself against this donkey show of an alliance for much longer.

Tony gives Slade a knowing look.

Tony Field: I know my way isn't you're way, but when you deal with meager minded people like you have here in PWA, sometimes it's the only way.

Tony extends his hand to Slade...

Tony Field: My aid is always on the table to you....

Slade shakes Field's hand, and for once, there isn't the air of suspicion there usually is.

Slade: And as I said... that clock's ticking, and soon it'll be time up. I'll keep in touch.

Tony nods his head knowingly.

Tony Field: Not that I think you'll need it, but good luck out there tonight.

Slade: Let's hope I don't need it... yet.

Tony finally flashes his smirk at Slade as he turns and walks away, leaving Slade standing there near the arena curtain. Slade looks on at field for a moment, then jumps right back into his warm ups as if he were never interrupted.


Written by: Jason

Cut to the backstage area where we find PWA interviewer Miranda Buck standing by with a microphone in hand. She pauses for a brief moment before addressing everyone in attendance and the millions watching at home.

Miranda Buck: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is none other than Salvation member and PWA Hall Of Famer, Jiraiya Kaito!

The fans cheer loudly as the camera pans over to reveal Jiraiya Kaito standing by her side with his arms folded across his chest and his gaze fixated away from where she is standing. Miranda turns to face the Black Dragon and proceeds with the interview.

Miranda Buck: Now Kaito, tonight you and the rest of Salvation will be taking on the group that made themselves known at your expenses, Exile. What are your thoughts going into this heated match?

The fans boo at the mention of what Exile did to Kaito and to the rest of Salvation. Without turning his head to face her, the Black Dragon responds to her query the only way he knows how.

Jiraiya Kaito, soft-spoken: I... not surprise. Not surprise that yet another group try to make name for theyself. But to do it... they try to eliminate anyone who oppose them by to injure them?

More boos erupt from the fans in attendance. Finally Kaito turns his head, but only to face the camera with a look of disgust clearly written on his face.

Jiraiya Kaito, upset: I see this happen before. Nothing that this Exile do is what I no see before. This tactic... very old. But unlike Exile... all others who perform tactic... succeed in they goal.

He now turns his head to look at Miranda Buck.

Jiraiya Kaito: But Exile... fail in they task. So what if they Powerbomb Maiku Oniiru? So what if they hit Naitohooku with baseball bat? So what if they attack my knee?

The fans boo even more as Kaito turns his attention back to the camera.

Jiraiya Kaito: Fact remain... we all still here! We all show up tonight!

Now the fans cheer for Salvation showing up to compete despite any injuries they might have.

Jiraiya Kaito: You all no worry about main event. It still happen! Maiku Oniiru still compete tonight! Naitohooku still compete tonight! I... still compete tonight!

The cheers become even louder. Even some chants of "SAL-VA-TION" can be heard.

Jiraiya Kaito: No matter I stand on one good leg, two good leg, no good leg... no matter! I join rest of Salvation tonight... even if I must stand on my hands... and STILL kick all of you ass!!!

Now the cheers become deafening. Mixed chants of "SAL-VA-TION" and "KAI-TO" are now heard in the midst of the cheering. At this point, Kaito is now seething in anger as he stares a hole through the camera.

Jiraiya Kaito, angry: You all... make mistake... of to allow us to live! Tonight... Exile... will... pay! Salvation... no leave here tonight until Exile learn lesson! To break us... only give us strength! To kill us... easy to say than to do! To defeat Exile...

He turns once again to face Miranda Buck, who braces herself for what the Black Dragon is about to say.

Jiraiya Kaito, soft-spoken: ... We willing to die for our goal to be accomplish!

And with that, Jiraiya Kaito hobbles off-camera and down the hallway. A stunned Miranda Buck looks on while the fans show their support for Kaito and the rest of Salvation as we cut to commercials.


Slade vs. Cross Recoba

Written by: Bob

'Gimme Shelter' by the Rolling Stones begins to play as the crowd begins to boo. Out walks High Finance in the form of Cross Recoba, Chris Card, Natasha, and Mr. Murphy. They stop on the entrance ramp and soak in the crowd's response. Recoba turns to his High Finance partner and waves them off, saying he's got this. Card, Natasha, and Mr. Murphy all shake his hand and leave Recoba alone to take care of his own business.

Franks: It appears Cross Recoba is going to fight this one alone and I am absolutely shocked he would be so bold.

Quadros: You be careful with what you say, Carl. Someone might say you are biased against the greatness that is Cross Recoba!

Recoba walks down to the ring and taunts the crowd as he does so. He slides into the ring and heads to the top turnbuckle, proclaiming his greatness and how much he enjoys the Benjamins.

The lights go out, and for a few seconds, no noise can be heard. Suddenly, the silence is shattered by the opening riffs of AC/DC's "Big Gun". Once the drum kicks in, strobe lights go off all over the building, and teal colored pyrotechnics explode near the entry. The lights come up, and there, emerging from behind the curtain, wearing his standard blue jeans, black leather vest, boots, black MMA fighting gloves, black bandanna and sunglasses, Slade appears ready for a hard day of work more than a wrestling match. His lips curl into a small smirk as he scans the crowd before making his way to ringside. He wipes his feet on the side of the ring apron before stepping over the top rope and warming up like a boxer, throwing jabs and moving around the ring. He slips off his sunglasses, bandanna and vest, tossing them aside.

Franks: Slade looks ready to go and poised to get back to his winning ways after a letdown at Point of No Return 4!

Quadros: He's about to be let down again! Mark my words!

Referee Andy Sheppard points to the outside and calls for the bell...DING! Here we go Boston, Mass! Slade and Cross Recoba circle around the ring for a moment before locking up. Recoba is so bold to attempt a test of strength against his much larger opponent. This ends up being a bad idea as Recoba is swiftly powered back first into a corner. Slade crowds Recoba against the turnbuckles in the lock up until Referee Sheppard tries to get in the middle to break it up. Slade steps back to listen to the referee's orders only to get a classic Recoba cheap thumb to the eye!

Franks: That was hardly fair.

Slade recoils and gets the tables turned on him in the corner by Recoba. Stomp to the midsection by Cross. Stomp in the corner! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Referee Sheppard yells at Cross to give Slade some room. Shut your mouth ref! I'm working here! Stomp! Stomp! Recoba grabs Slade by the arm and sends him for a ride across the! Reversed by Slade! Cross Recoba slams chest first into the corner so hard he bounces backwards from the whip! Slade grabs him from behind by the head and starts ramming Recoba face first into the top turnbuckle! The crowd counts! “One!... Two!... Three!... Four!... Five!... Six!... Seven!... Eight!... Nine!... TEN!” He let's Cross Recoba wobble around the ring and collapse face first onto the canvass.

Quadros: Now that wasn't fair!

Slade turns him over for a cover...1!...2!...KICK OUT!

Franks: A close one but Recoba is still in this.

Slade pulls Cross up and sends him to the ropes. He goes for a big boot but Recoba ducks and bounces off the ropes with a slingshot clothesline that draws Slade back but doesn’t send him to the mat. Slade spins back around but Cross rolls him up into a small package. Cross grabs the middle rope for leverage. 1…2… Kickout!

Franks: And the referee sees Cross’s obvious attempt to squeak out a win.

Quadros: A win is a win.

Cross breaks the cover and hits a dropkick on Slade’s cranium. Cross pulls him back up and goes for the Ranhei but Slade blocks it and pulls Cross up and hits him with the high angle body slam. He then pulls up with a few shots to his cranium. He then follows up with a leg drop to the back of Cross’s head. He lifts up Recoba and performs a brutal German Suplex. Slade goes for the cover. 1…2…. Cross gets his leg on the bottom rope.

Franks: That was a lucky break by Recoba.

Quadros: No, it was a clever move by Cross Recoba. Even when not in control… he is in control.

Slade pulls him back up but Recoba goes for an rake that Slade stops. He then head butts Cross Recoba backwards and into the ropes. He then hits him with a Big F’N Boot that sends him out of the ring. Slade quickly follows him onto the canvas as the count begins. 1…2… Slade begins hammering him with knee strikes to the ribs. 3…4… He then goes to slam Cross into the barricade, but Recoba stops himself and slams Slade’s head into the barricade with the bull dog. Slade falls backwards. …5…6… Cross then rakes the eyes and hits him with the Skim. 7…8… Cross Recoba slides into the ring as Slade shows no sign of getting up.

Franks: No, Cross is going to win via count out.

Quadros: I told you… Cross Recoba is crafty.

9…Slade quickly gets back up and slides into the ring right before the ten. Cross goes on the offensive and nails Slade with a rocker dropper. Slade quickly gets back up and goes for the rude awakening neckbreaker. But Slade goes for a reversal and sets him up in German Suplex position… but Cross lands on his feet and attempts a turnaround springboard dropkick but Slade catches him. Slade sets him up for a fallaway slam and lands it. He then goes for the cover. 1…2… Cross kicks out finally and then heads to the ropes. He charges at Slade but Slade catches him and sets him up for the final trip as there is a huge ovation for him.
Franks: Here it comes, it is time for Cross Recoba’s final Trip.

Quadros: No… Cross Recoba just raked his eyes.

Slade drops Cross after the eye rake and he lands on his feet. Cross then hits him with the Sicillian Type Writer… but Slade reverses it into a basic powerbomb… that Recoba reverses into an armdrag. Both men roll to the other side of the ring.

Franks: Wow… both men proving that they are both evenly matched here.

Quadros: I would’t say evenly!

Both men charge at eachother but Cross ducks a clothesline attempt. He then grabs him by the legs and performs a small package… and pulls on Slade’s tights.

Franks: Ref … look Cross Recoba has the tights… he has the tights.

Quadros: Really I don’t see it.

The ref doesn’t notice Cross Recoba’s handful of tights and continues to makes the count. 1…2…3. The bell rings as Slade gets out of the pinfall. Slade is not happy but Cross slides away and out of the ring celebrating his victory.

Franks: Cross Recoba just snaked that win from Slade. He couldn’t win a fair fight so he needed cheat to win. Slade could have had this won.

Quadros: But he didn’t. They were equally matched. Recoba was just willing to do underhanded things to get that victory.

Slade looks enraged as Cross continues to celebrate his win up the rampway.


Written by: Bob

The scene opens with a man sitting indian style on a mountain top. He has bleach blonde hair and is wearing wire frame sunglasses. He looks at the camera.

Man: Premiere…

He stops for a moment as the sunsets in his sunglasses.

Man: Wrestling…

He stops again as lighting flashes in the skies above.

Man: Alliance…

He then brings a pipe to his mouth but before he puts it inbetween his lips he speaks again.

Man: Premiere because we are supposed to believe that the product being mass produced to the general public that eat it up is some fresh, new and hip.

He stops and stares again.

Man: Wrestling because that is the false concept that these men hold on.

He finally puts the pipe to his lip and lights up.

Man: And Alliance… in other words dependence. The dependence on fanfare. The dependence on a paycheck. The dependence on being better than your opponent. And, of course, the dependence on striking partnerships with others so you don’t feel completely alone on this earth… even though that contradicts the very notion of this sub-culture.

He then exhales the smoke.

Man: Three words. Three lies. The cosmos have opened up and provided this “thing” that appears on our television sets every week. And be it destiny or be it free will… we watch. We watch men and women fight to reach an object that is merely just important due to thought. The prestige and importance is only in your minds. It is all in our minds.

He puts the pipe down to his side as he watches the moon begin to appear in the sky.

Man: Luckily, the Lie Lie and Lie is ready to have their minds altered. It has been craving this new adventure of mind, body, and soul. And it has finally found it’s shaman to send this commercialized business on the vision quest it so needs. Purpose; it isn’t just for people anymore. An organization needs to be pointed on their journey… and lead them towards either free will or their destiny. It could be one or the other… it is it’s choice or is it? But it is time for Lie, Lie, and Lie to smoke the opium that will show it where it needs to be in this vast sub-space we call life.

He looks up at the stars beginning to show up in the sky along with the moon.

Man: Take a walk with me outside of your bodies and look at the meta-physical world that surrounds us. You see four men form dependent relationship under the term EXILE, a term used to describe loners and rebels, but I see four demons looking to possess eachother in the name of a word and that word is gold. And that is all it is a word. Greed isn’t the motivation of the true exile. A true exile has no motivation. A true exile has not the need to stand with three other men. And in this metaphysical walk I don’t see a man who is the best in the world, but instead a man dependent on a mere opinion; a man desperate that people reinforce his opinion on himself. And on this walk with your shaman, you will not see hours of entertainment, but a vast microcosm of wasted potential. You will see a universe made up of men who already didn’t embrace their chance at immortality… because they lived past the age of twenty seven. Most of these men are now just existing and aging as little things.

He picks up the pipe again and takes another hit.

Man: And these truths will come into fruition as you smoke your opium with me, your Shaman. Your mind will finally be realized as it enters the gates of knowledge. But until that epiphany and until you decide to smoke out of the pipe of wisdom… bring your minds and souls to calm…

He blows out the smoke before he finishes.

Man: Hush!


Written by: Donnie

Tony Field is backstage in The Outfit locker room watching the closed circuit live viewing of Violation when his cell phone suddenly rings. Tony glances at the number, not reconizing it at first. He presses the ignore key and then pockets the cell phone and turns to Jayden, sitting next to him.

Tony Field: Must’ve been a wrong…

The phone rings again. Tony pulls the phone out of his pocket, glancing at the caller ID, noticing it’s once again the same number. Field just rolls his eyes and hits the ignore button a third time. He glances over at Jayden again, rolls his eyes. Just as he does, the phone goes off a third time. Field glances, seeing the odd number for the third time, finally deciding to answer the phone.

Tony Field: Field who is this…

Tony’s real quiet for a moment, then his eyes grow the size of silver dollars.

Tony Field: Doc, you say you’re from what hospital…….is she okay….okay, okay, I’m on the first flight out…

Tony hangs up the phone abruptly and glances at Jayden, then around the rest of the room at the remainder of The Outfit.

Tony Field: It’s my daughter…I gotta go…

Tony quickly scurries out of the room as the camera follows him out, and then fades out.
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Captain Howdy vs. Jake Keeton ©

Written by: Neil

The lights dim, as "Captain Howdy" begins to play. He storms down the ramp, neither looking into the crowd, or back the way he came. As he gets closer, he removes his lime green jacket, and drops it at ringside near the attendant, along with his walking stick. The Captain slides under the bottom rope, then stands, glaring at the official, and almost stalking him, causing him to jump out of the ring. He then starts to pace back and forth, growling and muttering, like a caged animal waiting to be fed, as he waits for the match to start.

A hush fills the arena and cheers erupt from the crowd as "Still Unbroken" by Lynyrd Skynyrd hits the PA. Jake Keeton slowly emerges through the curtains with his full attention focused on the upcoming match. He walks down the ramp barely acknowledging the fans as he steps into the ring and begins to stretch.

Referee Steve Upshaw calls for the bell...DING! Here we go in what should be another classic encounter between Captain Howdy and Jake Keeton! Keeton comes out like a man on a mission, throwing early bombs that causes Howdy to back up. Right hand! Left! Right hand! Left! Captain Howdy is backed into a corner by the Light Heavyweight Champion and he's trying to deflect as many shots as he can. He covers his face until Keeton starts landing stiff blows to the midsection. Right, left, right, left, knee! Knee! Knee! European uppercut from Jake Keeton rocks Captain Howdy!

Franks: Keeton has come out here with some ferocity we haven't seen from in quite awhile!

Quadros: I think Captain Howdy brings it out in him, Carl. I really do.

Franks: You think?

Keeton is stomping a mudhole in the stunned Captain Howdy while Referee Upshaw starts counting for a break out of the corner. 1!...Stomp! 2!...Stomp! 3!...Stomp! 4!... Jake Keeton steps back but doesn't listen to the scolding referee. Instead he comes in with one brutal knee to the side of Howdy's head that keeps the Captain down in the corner!

Franks: Keeton with a killer knee there!

“Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” The fans are loving his early intensity. Jake brings Howdy up and out of the corner with a hip toss that lands Howdy right on his rear end. Basement dropkick to the back of the skull by Jake Keeton has Howdy rolling around holding his head! Cover? No way. Jake Keeton gets on top of Captain Howdy and starts straight punching him in the face while his other hand has a firm grasp of the hair. Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Rams the back of Howdy's head right into the mat as he gets up. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!”

Franks: Jake Keeton has owned Captain Howdy so far in this one, Ray.

Quadros: It looks like Howdy isn't even trying, Carl. For all we know this sick bastard is enjoying it.

Keeton runs towards the ropes and bounces off with a stiff stomp to the head. Now he covers...1!...2!...TH...KICK OUT! Again Keeton brings down some brutal blows to the head of Captain Howdy. Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch! Howdy is taking a thrashing as he's been busted open near the hairline. Keeton brings him up by the hair and sends him running hard across the ring. Slam! Spine first into the turnbuckles!

Franks: And here comes Keeton!

Running with a full head of steam and...NO! Captain Howdy moved out of the way but Keeton stopped his momentum before he hit the corner. Captain Howdy grabs him from behind for a suplex. Wait! Keeton is battling back with elbows to the side of the head. Elbow! Elbow! Elbow! Keeton reverses and latches onto Captain Howdy's back for a suplex of his own! Wait! Captain Howdy grabs the top cable to botch his opponent's plan. Howdy throws some back elbows himself to break up the suplex attempt. Now he sneaks around the back. Captain Howdy suplex? Nah. He pushes Jake Keeton chest first into the turnbuckles. Punches to the kidneys of Jake Keeton. Right kidney. Left kidney. Right. Finger nails down to the back!

Quadros: Ugh that never feels good.

Keeton steps out of the corner holding his backside in pain only to be knocked down the hard way by a Howdy short-armed clothesline. Howdy brings up his stunned opponent and locks on a side headlock. He wrenches down on Keeton's head, trying to twist it off like a bottle cap. Keeton reaches behind and grabs the pants of Howdy, trying to hoist him for a defensive back drop. But Captain Howdy will have none of that as he blocks with his foot and releases the headlock only to grab Keeton by the nose. Doing almost a 3 Stooges impression, Captain Howdy twists Keeton's nose and smacks down on it, trying to draw his own blood. Jake Keeton wobbles away holding his nose as if it is broken!

Franks: Oh man that was straight up mean by Captain Howdy!

Quadros: I thought he was a good guy?

Then he crumples Keeton from behind with a shoulder to the back of the knee. Stomp to the knee cap of Jake Keeton! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Knee Cap twist! Again! Now he slams Keeton's knee into the canvass!

Franks: Vintage Captain Howdy again, folks. Targeting the extremities.

Romper Stomper to the legs of Keeton! Stomp to the joint! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Turned over into a stretch muffler submission. Keeton reaches out for the ropes, trying to get them to break free. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” He tries to power himself up so he can crawl towards the ropes. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” Captain Howdy releases the submission by slamming Keeton's knee back into the mat.

Franks: I swear these two just like to beat each other up.

Keeton is crawling towards the ropes still to use them to help him back to his feet. Captain Howdy rubs some blood off of his forehead and yells out to Keeton that he truly is sorry for what he did.

Franks: Captain Howdy sure does sound apologetic, Ray.

Quadros: It's another mind game, Carl. He's good at those. Making you think he's not playing one when he really is but he's not really cause you'd think he is.

Franks: What?

“Did you get a new driveway, Jake?” Oh that sets Keeton off again as he explodes off the ropes and tackles Captain Howdy like a football dummy! The crowd goes back into a riotous frenzy as they cheer Jake Keeton on while he pummels with opponent with fists! “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” He drags his stunned opponent up and executes a over-the-head belly-to-belly suplex with ease, flattening Captain Howdy on the mat!

Franks: What power shown by Jake Keeton! His legs must be fine!

Quadros: Dude is just too angry to feel pain right now.

Captain Howdy scrambles to his knees and tries to reason with the limping Jake Keeton. He's truly and honestly sorry for what he's done in the past. “Fuck you!” Boot to the face of Captain Howdy in the corner!

Franks: I think Captain Howdy may have underestimated Jake Keeton's hate for him!

Quadros: Well if it's true he sent Keeton money for a driveway that's pretty damn insulting, Carl. The man can take care of himself.

Keeton grabs Captain Howdy by the hair with both hands and pulls him up. Brutal knee shots to the face of Captain Howdy in the corner! Knee! Knee! Knee! Knee! Referee Upshaw tries to break it up. Knee! Knee! Knee! Keeton lets the bloody Captain Howdy fall to the mat. He then boots him in the ribs. Kicks him again in the ribcage. One more time causes Captain Howdy to fall out of the ring. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!”

Franks: Somebody better tell Captain Howdy that Keeton is serious here tonight. Being Mr. Nice Guy probably will lead himself being taken out on a stretcher if the Light Heavyweight Champion has his way.

Keeton rolls out of the ring while Captain Howdy is trying to get back to his feet. Jake clubs him across the back before taking him by the head and whipping him head first into the barricade!

Franks: Oh!

Quadros: The barricade may have moved a couple inches back there, Carl. Just nasty.

Jake Keeton pins Captain Howdy against the barricade and starts booting him right in the ribcage. Kick! Kick! Kick! Referee Upshaw calls for the match to return to the ring. Keeton ignores the zebra and throws another kick. Wait! Captain Howdy grabs his foot! Howdy smashes Keeton's foot against the barricade! Howdy gets back to his feet and smashes Keeton in the face with a headbutt! Hits him with another headbutt! Another headbutt!

Franks: And just like that Jake Keeton is reeling from three monster headbutts!

He grabs Keeton by the head and bounces him face first off the ring apron. Again Howdy bounces his opponent's face off the apron! Again! Again! And again! Keeton falls to his knees! Boot to the side of Keeton's head!

Quadros: That's what I'm talking about! Captain Howdy is getting that mean look in his eyes, Carl.

He walks over to the steel steps and picks them up over his head! Referee Steve Upshaw yells from the ring as Howdy threatens to bash Keeton in the head with them!

Franks: No! Don't do it!

Captain Howdy seems to be battling the idea in his mind before he tosses the steel steps aside with a clang bang. He pulls the stunned Keeton up and gives the referee a menacing look before executing a DDT straight onto the floor!

Quadros: Keeton might have wanted to taken the stairs instead, Carl.

The crowd starts to get on Captain Howdy's case once again as it is hard to cheer for him when he's against Jake Keeton. He pulls his opponent up and rolls Keeton's limp body back into the ring. Here comes Captain Howdy with a cover! 1!...2!...THRE...KICK OUT!! “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” Now Captain Howdy is the one hammering away with mounted blows to the face. Punch! Punch! Punch!

Franks: This is more of a fight than a wrestling match, that's for sure!

Captain Howdy brings Keeton up and hits a vertical suplex. Holding and rolling, Howdy hits another vertical suplex. Bringing the wobbling Keeton up one more time, Captain Howdy holds his opponent up vertical as the flash photography goes off. Holding! Holding! Holding! Hold until Keeton's face is flush red! Then BAM! Sheerdrop brainbuster known as the WIDOWMAKER!

Franks: Oh! That has to be it! Keeton hasn't moved an inch after being planted on his head!

Quadros: Wrap it up. It's done.

Captain Howdy hooks the leg for the victory...1!...2!...2.99998716741687!! KICK OUT!! “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” The frustrated Howdy locks on a side full nelson on the mat. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” The crowd is trying to will him on. Referee Upshaw asks the PWA Light Heavyweight Champion if he gives up? NO is the reply! Howdy adds more pressure to the neck. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!”

Franks: Jake Keeton is battling here!

He gets to one knee with Howdy still firmly planted on his backside. He's trying to power Howdy up with him. “Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” He powers up with his legs and stands up with Howdy still locked on. All he has to do is break the full nelson. No wait! Captain Howdy uses the position against him and hits a solid full nelson slam! Keeton is back down again as the crowd moans. Captain Howdy hooks the leg one more time...1!...2!...THREE...KICK OUT!!

Franks: Another clutch kick out from Jake Keeton!

Quadros: He's never beaten Captain Howdy one-on-one before, Carl. He still isn't in a good position to do it.

Captain Howdy brings him up one more time and sends his opponent towards the ropes. Howdy telegraphs a back body drop attempt early and Keeton pounces all over it with a kick to the chest that stands Howdy up straight! Keeton sneaks around the stunned back of Howdy and hits a solid Dragon suplex! He holds and rolls as he's looking for some momentum...Tiger suplex! Still holding, still rolling, Jake Keeton finishes off with a pump handle suplex!

Franks: The patented Tri-Plex from Jake Keeton! Can he capitalize?

“Keeton! Keeton! Keeton!” He runs towards the ropes and springboards off with a moonsault! Connects! Keeton grabs his ribcage but still covers...1!...2!...THREE...KICK OUT!! Close but no cigar. Keeton is all pumped up again though as he starts stomping the crap out of Captain Howdy. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! He brings Captain Howdy up by the hair and hits a fisherman buster!!

Franks: And Captain Howdy is laid out and staring at the ceiling!

Quadros: Jake Keeton is going to the top turnbuckle. This could be a mistake!

He jumps off with a Wasted Hopes shooting star legdrop! BAM! Nothing but mat! Captain Howdy moved! Keeton slowly gets to his feet while holding his rear end, definitely feeling the effects of that one. Howdy has used the ropes to get to his feet and turns around just as Keeton is going to attack...PEZ DISPENSER! A Tongan Death Grip from Captain Howdy!

Quadros: I told you that was a bad idea!

Jake Keeton's arms flail about as he's being knocked backwards while Captain Howdy cuts off his carotid artery.

Franks: Keeton may be fading!

Possibly? Possibly? NO! Keeton does the only thing he can do and that's kick Captain Howdy in the midsection to break free. He wobbles as the blood tries to get back to his brain but here comes Howdy with a retaliation short-armed clothesline! NO! Keeton ducks the wild attempt and hits him with a shocking cutthroat corkscrew neckbreaker! The IDENTITY CRISIS PART 1!! The crowd pops as Captain Howdy is laid out by the finisher! Jake Keeton hooks the leg! 1!...2!...THREE!! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Franks: He got him!

Ferdinand: The winner of this match...the PWA World Light Heavyweight Champion...JAKE...KEEEEEETON!!

“Still Unbroken” begins to play as Jake Keeton pumps his fist, finally getting that monkey off his back. He is handed his LH Title belt back and he raises it above his head, soaking in the cheers while Captain Howdy remains down and out. Keeton steps out of the ring and starts to back track his way towards the locker room area.

Franks: Jake Keeton gets a much deserved victory against one of his biggest PWA rivals...wait? What?

The boo birds come out in full force as two members of Exile, Jack Gaither and Zex, run out from the back. They blow right past Jake Keeton, who stops and watches what happens. Zex and Gaither slide into the ring and start doing a dancing number on the fallen Captain Howdy. Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Franks: What is this all about?! Exile attacking Captain Howdy? What for?

Quadros: Listen to Zex, Carl! He's holding up Captain Howdy and telling him he isn't getting a World Title shot, Jack Gaither is!

Zex is indeed holding Howdy up in a full nelson while Jake Keeton continues to watch. Jack Gaither kicks Captain Howdy in the groin while Zex continues to hold him up! DING! DING! DING! Gaither spits in Captain Howdy's face and then bitch slaps him! BOOO!

Franks: Do something Jake! Don't just stand there!

Quadros: Oh he's going to stand there, Carl. He's watching with a grin on his face. He's enjoying the destruction of Captain Howdy.

Zex then power Captain Howdy up onto his shoulders and hits the Z-EXpression DVD X-Factor! Captain Howdy is laid out while Jake Keeton continues to stand there with a smile. Jack Gaither slides out of the ring and pulls out his aluminum bat!

Franks: NO! Not the aluminum bat! Do something Jake!

Gaither slides into the ring ready to take out Captain Howdy when all of a sudden Slade runs out from the back! The crowd cheers as Slade nearly knocks over Keeton on the way to the ring with a steel chair in hand!

Franks: Slade! Slade is hitting the ring with a chair!

Quadros: Maybe he joined Exile? Zex is the better man and he knows it!

Gaither comes at him with the aluminum bat but Slade swats it out of his hands with the chair! BANG! The bat flies out of the ring in the direction of Keeton. Slade stalks both Zex and Gaither with the chair until they slide out of the other side of the ring, drawing hatred from the crowd. BOOOO! Slade threatens them both with the chair as the Exile members disappear into the crowd, having made their statement so far.

Franks: Slade may have prevented further Exile damage to Captain Howdy. But why?

Quadros: Cause he's an idiot!

Slade storms around the ring with the chair in hand while Gaither and Zex have disappeared. He then locks eyes with Jake Keeton as the two stare each other down. Jake Keeton picks up Gaither's aluminum baseball bat and whips it right in the ring in the direction of Slade's head. Slade dodges it and points towards the LH Champion...Me – 1. You – 0!

Quadros: Keeton just had a Roger Clemens moment there, Carl. Throwing that bat at Slade like he's Mike Piazza. What do Slade and Mike Piazza have in common, Carl?

Franks: What?

Quadros: They both suck!


Written by: Okori

As Nighthawk sits alone in his locker room, the World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder and his bare back to the camera, we can't help but notice the bruises and welts all over his torso as a result of the beating that he received from the men in Exile. Clad in his ring trunks & boots the "Wrestling Machine" ties his long cherry bomb-red locks up in a topknot.

Nighthawk: "I should have seen this coming, I admit. I mean, Dade Davis, Ryan Shane and Zex are the sort of people who hunger for the spotlight unlike just about anyone in the PWA. In fact, the only person that could safely say they desire it on the same level is the man who is the 4th member of Exile, Jack Gaither.

So tonight I deal with them. Tonight I end this. And when I'm done, gentlemen, I want you to send Jack Gaither a warning. My hands will be on you soon, and you will regret doing what you did. You think I embarrassed you before? You have yet to learn the meaning of the word."


Written by: Donnie

The scene cuts to Frankie Bones, wearing a black muscle shirt and solid black pants, cracking his knuckles as is mere moments away from his match with Terminus. Frankie glances around, and then mumbles to himself.

Frankie Bones: Where the hell is Gains at..he should be here by now….

The screen cuts away from Bones to a door in some unknown corridor at the arena. The door bangs, but doesn’t open as “The Club” is wedged between the double doors, locking them together. The door continues to rattle as a familiar voice can be heard on the other side.

Ryan Gaines: Frankie, Jayden, Rochelle, someone…let me out……


Frankie Bones vs. Terminus

Written by: Donnie

“Bad Ass” by Saliva plays. The massive Frankie Bones steps out into the arena to be met with a series of boos and cat calls.

Ferdinand: Coming to the ring first, hailing from St. Louis, Missouri. Standing 6 foot 8 inches and weighing in at 289 pounds, he is Frankie Bones.

The bodyguard of Tony Field’s just ignores it, as the muscle bound mammoth stalks down to the ring, calmly and collectively taking his place in a neutral corner.

The crowd in attendance begins to murmur as the lights grow dim...

"This place will self-destruct in...five...seconds..."

Twin bursts of white pyrotechnics go off as the main riff of "And Some You Lose" kicks in; heralding the arrival of Terminus. Glen Watts who takes a moment to stare out at the throng in attendance, and then slowly raises one index finger and draws it across his throat in that ever so familiar cut-throat gesture.

Ferdinand: And his opponent. Coming to us from Calgary, Alberta, Canda. Standing at 6 foot even and weighing in tonight at 210 pounds. He’s a former PWA Heavyweight Champion…Glen Watts….TERMINUS!!!

The crowd pops insanely as the masked man walks down to the ring, keeping his gaze focused upon the squared circle all the while; he then slides under the bottom rope and into the ring, and then takes a moment to drink in the crowd's cheers before he makes his way to his corner and crouches down with his head bowed in silent contemplation as he awaits the start of the match.

As soon as Terminus hits the ring he tackles Bones, taking him down to the mat. He mounts him and starts to hit a flurry of fists. Bones tries to cover up but fails to do so as Terminus fights with a certain flare of motivation. Finally Glen does climb off Bones and Bones scurries to his feet. Bones takes a few steps toward Terminus only to be met with an arm drag take down.

Franks: Terminus wasting no time in getting this one underway, going right at Frankie.

Quadros: He does seem to have a fire lit under him, but Bones is just too big. He can’t win this match. I understand now why Tony Field says he’s done with him.

Franks: I’m sorry, but that’s just faulty logic, Ray. And I think Terminus is going to show us that here tonight.

Frankie again gets to his feet while Terminus stands perched waiting. Frankie gets to his feet but gets nailed with a dropkick to the knee. Frankie falls to the mat hard. Glen Watts then grabs the leg of Frankie, motions to the crowd, who go nuts, and then places his leg on the middle rope. Then, straddling his leg, he drops down on it, wrenching it backward. Frankie cries out in pain as Terminus does it again and again. Terminus then hops to the apron, then springboards over with a leg drop across the knee of Bones, who just buckles at this point.

Franks: Smart play by Terminus. Work over the knee of the much larger opponent, slow him down even more, and fight your match, not his. That’s why he’s a former champion.

Quadros: That and a little luck. He only wishes he were half as good as my hero, Tony Field.

Franks laughs.

Franks: Seriously? How many championships has Field won since he’s been here.

Quadros: That doesn’t matter.

Franks: If you say so.

Terminus then get to a base and stands there behind Frankie, waving him on, waiting on him to get to his feet. After a few moments Frankie pulls himself up, his knee almost buckling. Glen runs at him from behind, but Frankie side steps just in time. Terminus hits the ropes and bounces back, Frankie lifts his leg for a big boot, placing his massive foot in the face of Terminus, taking him down to the mat. Frankie follows close behind however, the weight on his knee buckling him to the mat.

Franks: Bones with a big boot to switch the moment, but he crumbles under his own 290 pound frame.

Steve Upshaw checks both competitors. Frankie grabs the middle rope, pulling himself up while Terminus simply pushes himself to his feet. Frankie takes a few steps toward Glen Watts, limping all the while. He lunges at Terminus with a Bone Crushing Lariat, but Glen steps underneath and then turns to clip the knee of Frankie, knocking him to the mat in the process.

Franks: Bones tries to end it early, but Glen goes right back at the knee to take control back.

Quadros: That’s alright. Frankie will get his second win, I can feel it.

Glen grabs Frankie by his good leg and drags him over near the corner. Then he slides out of the ring, grabs the bad leg, motions to the crowd, and then locks on a figure four around the ring post. Referee Steve Upshaw, oddly enough, glances around as if he doesn’t see it at first, then gives a bad acting look as if “wow, when did that happen” before he starts an extremely slow count.

Quadros: This is illegal, he should be DQ’d for this..this…blasphemy.

Franks: Seriously? Field has used these same tactics on Terminus for over a year now, and you never seemed to have a problem with it then.

Quadros: Because Field does it with class.


Terminus torques harder on the knee of Frankie.


The crowd goes crazy as they watch Terminus and Steve Upshaw give Frankie Bones and The Outfit their just due.

Quadros: Come on, Upshaw, count like you mean it. This is blatantly cheating.

Franks: Really? You didn’t think that all those times Field and Bones pushed Upshaw around in the ring, bullying him, taunting him, wouldn’t come back to bite him in the ass? This is called karma.

Quadros: It’s called cheating…Upshaw should be fired for this.


Frankie screams at pain as he grasps the ropes, wanting a break desperately.


Terminus continues to torque on the knee, and then finally releases the hold, seemingly satisfied.

Frankie crawls toward the ropes and tries to pull himself up, but just as he does he collapses, holding his knee. Meanwhile, on the outside of the ring Terminus grabs a steel chair and tosses it in the ring. Then, rolling under the bottom rope, he glances at Upshaw, who has no love lost for The Outfit. Upshaw then drops to his knees, turning his back as if he’s tying his shoe. Terminus smirks through his mask as he folds the chair around the knee of Bones. Terminus then climbs to the top rope as chants of Terminus break out.


Glen then takes flight, landing with full force with a double foot stomp on the knee of Bones as Bones writhes with pain. Glen, oddly enough, just laughs to himself as he slides the chair away. Then motions to the crowd just Steve Upshaw turns around. Then he grabs the bad knee, bends and locks on Buried Alive. Just mere moments after the hold is locked on, Bones starts tapping the mat frequently. Steve Upshaw calls for the bell, giving Terminus the win.

Ferdinand: And the winner of this match by submission, TERMINUS!!!!!

The crowd pops, loving the quick work that was made of Frankie Bones. Glen doesn’t break the hold however, he continues to hold it. Steve Upshaw steps forward, and starts to count, but the masked man show no sign of releasing his grip on the Deathlock STF variant!

Upshaw: Glen...You gotta release the hold. You'll risk a DQ if you don't!

Terminus, looking up: Steve...I really don't care about that. And, quite honestly, after all the crap that this guy has done to you, can you honestly say that you do...?

Upshaw, after a long pause: No...Not really. Congrats on your win, Glen.

With that, the official turns on his heel and leaves the ring, leaving Glen alone in the squared circle with Frankie. Terminus continues to keep the Buried Alive applied, staring down with contempt at Frankie as the latter screams in agony. Glen begins to rise, and finally "releases" the hold by spinning around and falling backward to wrench the knee even more! Glen then rolls to the outside and makes his way over to the annoucer's table, as a cold, malevolent look appears in his eyes.

Quadros: OK...We get it, Glen. You made your point!

Terminus: Ray...I haven't even BEGUN to make my point.

Quadros: Glen...!?

Terminus doesn't respond verbally, but simply shoves Quadros out of his seat and grabs the steel chair before sliding back into the ring. By now, Field is rising to his knees, but before he can start to make his escape, Glen's there to meet him with a Spinning Heel Kick that drives the steel chair into his face! Frankie crashes onto his back, and Glen grabs the chair again before driving the butt end of it into Frankie's injured knee! CRACK! Glen then repeats this action again...CRACK! And again! CRACK! He then wraps the chair around Frankie's knee and laces the big man's legs together, before turning him over into a chair-assisted Sharpshooter!

Quadros: Jesus Christ! Where are the other members of the Outfit! We need help, or else there won't be anything left of Frankie! Somebody DO something!

Franks: I remember saying the same thing when Field attacked McLean, and you just laughed, Ray...

Quadros: Well, it's not so funny when it happens to someone I actually LIKE...!!!

Terminus cranks on the submission, bending Bones into a disgusting U-shape and causing even more damage to the knee, while Frankie can only flail about and scream for mercy that just isn't going to be granted! The masked man glances up the ramp and sees Rochelle emerge from the curtain with EMT's and security members in tow, and then releases the hold, and ducks through the ropes as if to finally leave for good...

...Only to vault onto the top rope and twist off into a Springboard Phoenix Splash, landing with all his weight onto the steel chair that lies on top of Frankie's battered knee!


Frankie's blood curdling cry of agony can be heard throughout the arena, and silences the crowd! Terminus clutches his stomach, but is still smiling as he rolls out the ring, and that grin takes on an even nastier edge as he backs up the ramp and watches Rochelle and company attend to the badly injured Frankie! The smile stays on Glen's face as he turns around and exits the arena, not bothering to look back as the crowd buzzes about what's just taken place!


Written by: Donnie & Andrew

~ A very pale Rochelle Robinson is shown lingering near the entrance of the TD watching, looking terribly concerned as she watches EMT's wheel the virtually unconscious form of Frankie Bones into a waiting ambulance before speeding off into the night. Robinson lets out a long sigh, and shakes her head as she watches the vehicle drive away, before she turns around....And stops dead in her tracks when she sees the figure of Terminus standing directly behind her, with a slight smile apparent through his mask.~

Terminus: Hey, Rochelle...Been quite the eventful evening for you, hasn't it...?

Rochelle takes a few steps back, trying to put some distance between her and Terminus. She nods her head uncomfortably, knowing that she's all alone for the first time in her tenure in PWA.

Rochelle Robinson: do you want?

~ Glen takes a single step forward, keeping an unblinking gaze focused upon his former friend as he addresses her in a cool calm tone of voice. ~

Terminus: Oh, I just wanted to see how you were feeling, just now. I mean, it's gotta be tough to watch one of your long time associates be taken out just like that...

~ Glen quickly snaps his thumb and forefinger together to punctuate the point, as the smile on his face grows just a little bit wider.~

Terminus: ...Simply because he happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

~ Glen takes another step forward as his smile begins to fade~

Terminus: Tell me, Rochelle...How does it feel to be placed in that position...?

~ Rochelle takes another couple of steps back as she keeps her full attention focused on Terminus. Biting her bottom lip, she tried to keep her voice steady, but even with all her effort there's a slight break in her voice, the fear being somewhat evident.~

Rochelle Robinson: Look...Glen...I'm not...this isn't you. What you did out there, that's not you. I don't know what you think you're doing, but I...I really don't like it...

~ Terminus lets out a bitter, humorless chuckle.~

Terminus: Rochelle..You don't know the first damned thing about me, and something tells me you never did. "Cause if you had bothered to know me, you would have understood that I don't react well when someone attempts to push me. When that happens, I find ways to push BACK, Robinson...And to push back with another force that the offending party won't EVER consider the idea of repeating that action

~ Glen steps forward, starting with contempt at Rochelle.~

Terminus: Lemme ask you this..."babe". Did you honestly think I was gonna be content to forgive or forget anything that you've done to me!?. Did you really think that after all the crap that you and Tony and Frankie put me through, that I was just gonna let things slide!? Did you really think I was just that kinda guy...!?

~ Rochelle closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to get her courage under control.~

Rochelle Robinson: No...I suppose I didn't expect you to be that kind of guy. But I also didn't expect you to be just like....Tony..either...which is what you did out there. If I didn't know better, I'd think you two were two peas in the same pod.

~Rochelle shrugs, trying to keep her composure.~

Rochelle Robinson: I just always figured you were one of those rare people who stood for something, not someone who became what he's fought so hard against for all these months.

Terminus: Yeah, well, I thought you were different too, Rochelle. For a while, I thought you were the type of girl who actually could respect someone who thought that having values and principles were important. But that's clearly not the case...

~ Terminus takes another step forward, with eyes that have taken on a fiery, angry glint as he continues to speak.~

Terminus: I mean...You laughed just as loud as Tony did when McLean was injured, didn't you? You thought it was the greatest thing in the world. And then you did everything you could to make sure that I lost a match that we BOTH know I should have won. So, it's not like you REALLY have much regard for those concepts, do you? When it comes right down to it, it's just not your thing.

~ The smile on Glen's face reappears as he continues to address the woman in front of him.~

Terminus: So...Honestly,I'm not sure why you're all that broken up over this, Rochelle. It's not like you REALLY gave a damn about the kinda guy you THOUGHT I was, right?

Rochelle Robinson: Honestly, I'm not broken up about it, I just find it funny you are letting Tony win. Tony was right when he said you had a breaking point and he could push you to it. Me, I thought he was wrong, I thought even Tony couldn't push the high and mighty Glen Watts to that breaking point.

~ Rochelle shrugs her shoulders, showing false bravado.

Rochelle Robinson: I guess one of these days I'll learn not to trust Tony's instincts.

~ Glen shakes his head and scoffs slightly at this last comment.~

Terminus: Rochelle, you and I both know that you'll never learn to do that. You and I both know that you'll continue to follow Tony blindly, all the while hoping that he'll finally come to see you as being more than just another expendable resource. And deep down, you and I both know that just ain't gonna happen...\

~ Terminus pauses for a moment, letting those words sink in.

Terminus: ...At least it won't happen as long as Field continues to remain the way he is. You aren't gonna change Tony..."sweetie". But I can. Cause while I've NEVER been so arrogant as to claim that someone like Field isn't capable of pushing me to and past my breaking point, I KNOW that I'm capable of doing the same thing to him.

~ Glen advances so that he's close enough to stand directly over Rochelle while addressing her in a voice that's not much louder than a whisper.~

Terminus: And I WILL do the same thing to him, Rochelle. "Cause if I have to become my worst enemy, I'm gonna make damned certain that he's forced to become ME, and to understand just how I"VE felt these past few years. He's gonna understand exactly what it feels to be constantly threatened and tormented, and what it's like to watch his associates be forced into position where they have to pay for HIS sins.

Yeah...He's gonna understand, Rochelle...

~ Terminus smirks down at a now shivering Rochelle, and folds his arms across his chest as he completes this statement in a cold, chilling tone of voice.~

Terminus: ...And if you don't wake up soon, then you're gonna understand this as well.

~ Glen nods his head as if to punctuate that last remark, and then steps back and smiles at an open-mouthed Rochelle, before he slowly spins on his heel and walks back into the arena, leaving Robinson to process the conversation that just took place.~
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Written by: Bailey

The camera cut from ringside to outside the arena. There Doc stands, clearly annoyed that his week off is being disturbed but eager to finally shut up Cross Recoba by landing a Glasgow kiss on his smug face. Doc turns to the cameraman .

Doc: This'll be proof enough to keep him from opening his pie-hole and coming up with the shite he does!

Doc walks round to the alleyway entrance, he is stopped before turning the corner by a fan looking for an autograph. He tells him to get lost, or something else that doesn't involve profanity.

Cross is standing at the end of the alleyway, he casually smokes a cigarette as he leans against a dumpster, a preppy evolution of the kid at school who think's he too cool for class. He spots Doc and smiles.

Recoba: Well - ready to put up or shut up?

Doc doesn't need asking twice as he marches with purpose towards Cross. Growing up in Glasgow taught the Scotsman all he needs to know about fights with no rules as he reaches into his pocket and slides a knuckleduster into place.

Cross starts to walk towards him, casually flicking his cigarette away and undoing his watch. Doc goes to throw a punch when a door slams open and the camera turns to see High Finance's muscle, Mr Murphy, standing there with a grin. He launches a thunderous right hand to the temple of Doc that staggers him before lifting up his boot and planting it dead centre into the face of the Glaswegian flooring him.

Murphy continues the onslaught with vicious boots to the face and body of Doc.

Recoba: Still think you know all the tricks? Lift him up!

Mr Murphy props up the dazed Doc, Cross spits clean in his face causing the haziness to clear from Doc's demeanour, he takes a step forward before walking into a lariat that cleans his clock from Mr Murphy.

Franks: Folks, we haven't heard the end of this!

Quadros: Va'aiga really did leave a lasting impression on the big man at Point of No Return, didn't he!

Franks: That might be true, but Recoba is walking a very fine line with his actions tonight!


- Salvation vs. Exile -
Kaito, Michael O'Neil & Nighthawk © vs. Dade Davis ©, Ryan Shane ©, & Zex ©

Written by: Sam

Franks: This main event is all about revenge for Nighthawk and Salvation.

Quadros: No! It’s all about Exile eradicating Salvation and showing them for what they are, POSERS!

The camera pans away from the announcers and to the suited Freddy Ferdinand and referee Mickey Vann.

Ferdinand: The next match is a SIX MAN TAG TEAM MATCH!!! And is scheduled for ONE FALL!!!

The fans cheer loudly knowing the next match will be one hell of a fight.

Ferdinand: First...Weighing in at the combined weight of 601 Lbs...We have...PWA Heavyweight champion...Nighthawk, “The Black Dragon” Jiraiya Kaito and “The Black Phoenix” Michael O’Neil...SALVATION!!!

Quadros: Salvation should just call themselves The Blacks; we have NIGHThawk, BLACK Dragon and BLACK Phoenix.

Franks: I think SALVATION is a better choice of name.

Quadros: How about...Salivation?

Franks: Will you please!?

Nighthawk, Kaito and O’Neil step out from the entrance ramp as "Holding Out For A Hero (The Autumn Wind Intro)" by Emery blares across the arena, they make their way to ringside and then enter the ring one by one each of them ready for a fight!

Ferdinand: And their the combined weight of 705Lbs...PWA Tag Team Champions “The Artist” Zex, “The Franchise Dade Davis and PWA Premier Champion...Ryan Shane...I GIVE YOU...EXILE!!!!!

The fans boom with Dade Davis chants as "Bulletproof" by 12 Stones kicks in over the speakers as Zex, Davis and Shane step out onto the entrance with their titles over their shoulders, they then walk down the ramp in unison before slowly entering the ring.


Franks: And Salvation isn’t?

Quadros: Quiet frankly...NO!

The referee goes over the rules with all six men before sending them to their corners.

Quadros: Hometown hero is up first!

Dade Davis steps into the ring, he walks around adjusting his elbow pads to a HUGE cheer from his hometown fans, on the other side of the ring Michael O’Neil steps inside ready to lock horns with “The Franchise.”

Franks: Looks like Davis and O’Neil are starting this one up.

Quadros: No Shit.

They circle around eachother until O’Neil shoots for the leg of Davis; who side steps and takes O’Neil in a headlock; he then hits down a few punches on the head of the Salvation member before whipping him to the ropes, O’Neil bounces back right into a picture perfect drop-kick from “The Franchise” who drops to his knees applying a Arm and elbow lock.

Quadros: Davis taking control of this one early.

Davis with his free hand hits down across the body of O’Neil with some hard strike before standing and pulling the smaller wrestler to his feet, Dade then doubles him over with a kick to the mid-section and runs to the ropes, he bounces back and goes for an “Aimed” kick to the head, but O’Neil ducks, runs off the ropes and dives back with a flying forearm, he kips up to his feet and runs to the ropes only to be clubbed across the back of the head by Ryan Shane, O’Neil falls to his knees as Davis gets back up.

Franks: Blatant cheating by Ryan Shane just as O’Neil was gaining momentum.

Quadros: It’s called TEAM WORK!

“The Franchise” walks to O’Neil and just reigns down punches across his head and face before pushing the downed Salvation member to the ground and tagging in Ryan Shane. Shane quickly enters the ring and begins to stomp on O’Neil over and over before picking him up and throwing him to the corner where Zex and Davis hold him back.

Franks: More cheating!

Quadros: More TEAM WORK!

Shane takes a run up and hits a splash to O’Neil; he takes a few steps back as O’Neil staggers forwards and then kicks him to the mid-section here Shane wrenches “The Black Phoenix” around the neck and then hits a Snap-Suplex taking him down...And a cover!


O’Neil kicks out with everything he’s got which just angers “Mr. Right Now” who leans back onto his knees and then hammers away with axe handles smashes across O’Neil’s sternum. Shane then lifts O’Neil up and hits a few forearms before throwing him to the ropes, O’Neil fires back and ducks Shane’s Clothesline attempt, Shane turns and WHAM!!! Cross Body by O’Neil and both men go down!


Quadros: I think you will actually find the song is called “Come on Irene.”

Shane begins to get to his feet as O’Neil uses the ropes to pull himself up, Ryan runs in at him only to receive a kick to the gut, Shane falls to his knees as O’Neil gets ready to go for a Powerbomb...WHACK! Shane Low-Blows O’Neil causing him to slump to the floor; Ryan then drags “The Black Phoenix” to his corner and tags in Zex.

Franks: O’Neil needs the tag; these guys have just done a number on him since the bell rung.

Quadros: It’s called a GAME PLAN! Exile have the smarts to get a job done.

Zex leapfrogs the top-rope and crashes down on O’Neil with a leg-drop across the back of his neck, he then lifts him up and leans O’Neil across the ropes where he lays into him with some strikes before hitting a very quick DDT!


Franks: What HEART on this kid!

Zex looks down at his “never quitting” opponent and shakes his head, he lifts him to the air and whips him into the Exile corner...NO! O’Neil reverses and uses Zex momentum to propel him to his own corner...O’Neil tags in Kaito and as Zex turns he EATS a huge kick to the jaw.

Franks: Finally SALVATION IS AT HAND for Michael O’Neil.

Kaito springs into action and uses the middle rope to propel himself down onto Zex with a splash.


Kaito lifts “The Artist” to his feet and hits two solid palm thrusts to Zex’s chest area knocking him back into the corner... WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! 100 Chops...Make the 99 Chops as Zex manages to catch Kaito’s arm, as he does this Kaito leans back and fires another palm strike this time to Zex’s throat.

Quadros: Illegal move!

Kaito then quickly throws Zex to the ropes he runs in and drops him with a drop-toe hold, here “The Black Dragon” runs to the ropes to gain speed and flies back with a double foot dropkick to the side to the fallen Zex’s head. Kaito stands and reaches down taking hold of Zex’s hair when Ryan Shane darts into the ring with a chop block taking Kaito down, Shane then rolls out of the ring with a huge smile as Kaito holds his injured knee.

Quadros: Now...That is an illegal move!

Franks: Are you kidding me?

Zex crawls his way to the Exile corner and tags in Dade Davis, with a huge pop from the crowd Davis steps inside the ring and instantly begins to target stomps to the knee of Kaito, he then lifts the smaller Japanese star up and hits a harsh knee breaker followed by a cover.


Davis leers back with a smile, but then O’Neil races into the ring with a diving clothesline to Davis rocking him onto his back; O’Neil then climbs the top-rope; but Ryan Shane races to the ringside and pushes O’Neil off the turnbuckle and to the outside!

“HOLY SHIT” Chants fill the arena as O’Neil lays dormant outside. Kaito begins to crawl himself to his corner as Dade get’s back to his feet, Dade races in to stop the tag when TAG!!!! NIGHTHAWK IS IN!

Franks: Here comes the champ!

Nighthawk dashes with FIRE at Davis hitting with forearm smash after forearm smash, he knocks Dade into the ropes and then hits a hellacious European uppercut, dropping Dade to the floor, Hawk then runs with a forearm to Ryan Shane taking him off the turnbuckle and to the floor, as he does this Zex sneaks into the ring behind him...

Franks: Look out Hawk!

But Hawk turns with a very quick Step-Up-Enziguri...Zex staggers back as Kaito enters the ring...Zex turns... TODOME DA!!! Zex hits the floor and is out for the count! Nighthawk turns around...BAM!!! Someday Snap!!! Nighthawk IS DOWN!!! Shane pulls Davis over Nighthawk as Kaito darts at him spearing him to the ground; the two PWA superstars roll out of the ring trading blows as the ref counts the pinfall.


Out of nowhere Michael O’Neil pulls “The Franchise” out of the ring by his ankles, Davis turns and floors O’Neil with a clothesline; he rolls back into the ring and covers Hawk...

WHAT THE HELL!? Nighthawk rolls the pin over and into a Triangle Choke!

Out side the ring Kaito has Shane up against the barricade and his chopping away at him, he backs off and then darts at Shane with a flying knee; Shane ducks and hits a quick neck-breaker on Kaito!

Franks: This match is all over the place! O’Neil is down and out! Zex is laying on the mat; Davis is locked in a choke and Shane just floored Kaito!

Ryan Shane jumps forward and puches through the ropes at Nighthawk hitting him in the nose; Hawk lets go of his choke briefly as O’Neil takes hold of Shane’s legs; Shane begins stomping down trying to get the Salvation member off him. While in the ring Nighthawk spins his body using his legs to rotate Davis and locks in a Fujiwara Armbar!!!

Franks: What a combination of submissions by Nighthawk! He didn’t let Shane’s punch interfere with his game plan.

Quadros: You mean “combination of LUCK!”

Hawk pulls back on the move ready to end the match when from out of nowhere Zex hits a harsh boot to the temple of Nighthawk almost knocking him out cold; The ref rushes over forcing Zex to return to the corner as Dade holds his arm in pain.

Outside, Kaito hits a super kick to Ryan Shane’s lower back as O’Neil holds his legs thus slumping him to the ground; here O’Neil and Kaito make their way to their corner as Shane holds his back in pain.

Quadros: What cheating bastards!!!

Davis crawls to his corner as Nighthawk is looking to tag in also; outside Ryan Shane is back up which causes Kaito to run into the ring across it and dive over the top rope to negate Shane; But Ryan side steps and Kaito lands face first on the ground as Hawk tags in O’Neil and Davis tags in Zex!

The two men; one Exile the other Salvation meet in the middle of the ring and fire away punches at eachother until a huge boo from the crowd kicks up and Jack Gaither leaps the barricade holding his baseball bat! He then swings the bat square in the back of Nighthawk!

Franks: What the hell!?

Gaither stands looking down at Hawk, thus gaining the attention of Michael O’Neil as the ref tells Ryan Shane and Kaito to stop fighting outside and get back to their corners. As O’Neil turns Zex hit’s him with a Low-Blow! “The Artist” turns and ushers in his NEW tag team partner Dade Davis. Davis enters the ring as Zex climbs the top rope...SMASH!!! The Franchiser!!!! Followed by the Zex-Appeal!!!!


Ferdinand: Here are your winners...EXILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zex and Dade are joined by Gaither and Shane; they lift the unconscious O’Neil to his feet and taunt the PWA universe with his limp body; Gaither hands Shane the baseball bat and turns to the fallen Nigthhawk and spits at him.

Franks: What a disrespect!

Quadros: At the end of the day EXILE WIN!!!

Dade and Zex hold O’Neil still as Ryan Shane swings the bat straight to his knee, for a moment the limp O’Neil screams out in pain and holds his knee before falling to the ground in agony.

Franks: That was uncalled for!

Quadros: Exile said they would END Salvation tonight and it looks like they just took out Michael O’Neil.

The four Exile members form a line and stand side by side in the centre of the ring with the fallen body of Michael O’Neil in front of them...A similar end visual as to that of Point of No Return.
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