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 QUEST: Giant Tangela in the Wild
Posted by :OZ Ghost: - 04-5-08 02:24 - 0 comments

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Stay away from the forests, woods, or grooves! Three giant, mutated Tangela were sighted in the wild! Each is found in Area 001, Area 002, and Area 003. All Oracle Guides were enabled to react on these three giants. If your Oracle Guide's horn flash faster than normal from wild encounters, then it must not be too far. Capture or defeat of the Tangela would earn you a reward of 1, 000 MP. If left alone, they would breed and born giant Tangela in the wild! Unless you like that...
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 ENTRY 002
Posted by :OZ Ghost: - 04-5-08 02:19 - 0 comments
<< ENTRY 001 - ENTRY 002 - ENTRY 003 >>

No one has spotted the suspicious thief yet but I found another one that could be involved in the case. They could be the same person however.

There was an abandoned laboratory in Area 001. It's completely destroyed. I found a box lying around but it looked like it was used already. I can't say what happened here since it looked like it's in total ruins. I've been here before, and my photographic told me that a Trainer had already been here. It looked like it's been ruins for a month or two already though. Who could that Trainer be? Were you expecting me to know?

I'm going to give all my observations in the lab,
  1. There were various samples of Pokèmon DNA. The samples have been damaged already so it's hard to tell what Pokèmon it was.
  2. There were pink goos in the experimentation and chemical lab. I sensed it came from a Pokèmon but somehow, I also can tell it's not. Something must have been done with it, or this could be the product.
  3. It looked like the place was attacked by Pokè a Rhyhorn breaking in the place.
  4. There's frozen ice here, and in random places.
  5. I can sense a Ghost Pokèmon lingering here, and it's not something usually in Area 001.
I couldn't make further investigations. I'm in an unfortunate situation right now so I can only leave as far and for not too long while trapped in a sticky situation. Although I can probably break free on my own will...
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 ENTRY 001
Posted by :OZ Ghost: - 04-5-08 02:15 - 0 comments

Greetings, Trainers! It has been a while! I hope everyone is alive and breathing, because I have bad news as usual, my friends.

In Area 001, a disturbance was stirred months ago. A man came from Area 003 stealing the important Gem from the Shadow Holder. He has appeared with a Shiny Charizard and had met up with a Trainer called Raema but disappeared. I had not stopped my investigation but was rather intrigued by the lack of events after that.

After a while, a Salamence appeared in Area 001 and I speculate that the thief owned this Salamence.

There is also a sudden drop of Yanma population during the incident. Two has been found dead and a Sandshrew was also found dead just like the two victims. The Sandshrew had a nest. It seemed like it has a family, but its children could not be found. It also had berry juices in the scene. They're good hunters. They know every Berry Patch in Area 001 but for some reasons, the murdered Sandshrew gathered berries. They would only do this if they were hibernating. I heard it's snowing somewhere.

I have not yet confirmed the drop of the Yanma population, but I haven't seen them in a while.

Hmm...I will resume investigations.
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