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 Nads down
Posted by Kal - 07-28-06 21:28 - 0 comments
For the benefit of those Nadsters who check here when the proper board is down, some information:

There's been a fire at the datacentre where our server lives, which has resulted in a power outage.

No idea when things will more
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 At least this is fecking working
Posted by London_Calling - 01-25-06 16:23 - 5 comments
<Pink Floyd mode>

Helo . . .

Is anybody out there . . .
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 Pictures of NADSters
Posted by Mad Matt - 01-23-06 10:24 - 5 comments
I've been gong through my mobile phone having a look at photos I have stored on it. I stumbled across some pictures I took when Eva Luna and Tamerlane were over last year (in The Silver Cross). Unfortunately I was only using a ca more
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 Borger Kang
Posted by Gyrate - 01-23-06 10:18 - 9 comments
Seriously, people, that advert creeps me out.

For those of you who have lives and thus don't watch much television (or are in other countries where it's not shown):

A man stands at an ATM machine in a dark and empty pas more
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 An important announcement...
Posted by Kal - 01-23-06 07:09 - 22 comments
...will be made here shortly.
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 Product Placement on Coronation Street
Posted by JFK2 - 01-20-06 20:23 - 4 comments
About 10 years ago, watching an episode of Coronation Street, it dawned on me that there was blatant product placement taking place. Every time anyone went into Alf Roberts's shop, right there in the middle of the shot were the very distinctive more
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 Anyone for dinner/drinks Saturday Jan 28?
Posted by Cerowyn - 01-20-06 18:25 - 15 comments
My girlfriend and I are going to be in London, and I thought it might be nice to see some of the NADS folk. Apparently, we're going to be doing tourist-y things during the days, but I thought that Saturday might be convenient for people. Of cour more
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 I'm back
Posted by Iteki - 01-19-06 08:26 - 19 comments
I know you did!

Back from New York now, with an actual penny old-school-mooshed to day "I [heart] NY", and I dooo! I didn't really expect to dig it as much as I did, was sort of thinking "Ah well, free tr more
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 Fillums what I've watched recently
Posted by Achilles - 01-18-06 14:14 - 29 comments
Tzameti (Thirteen)

Nutshell: French / Georgian B&W thriller which sucks ass.
Good: Mild sense of unease thro more
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 Quizzes for every lifestyle
Posted by Gyrate - 01-18-06 13:58 - 15 comments
Alright everyone: divide yourself up into your respective social classes and get ready, 'cause these quizzes won't take themselves.

Posh people, you take the Read 401 times - last comment by Chimpy   Print email

 Remember that voodoo doll knife block?
Posted by Kal - 01-18-06 10:59 - 4 comments
I want one of these instead.
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 Okay, so tell me:
Posted by Achilles - 01-18-06 10:36 - 1 comments
Why in the name of fuck is Bob Casey not on the Irish 6 Nations squad?

Malcolm O'Kelly is one bad tackle away from retirement and Paul O'Connell, great and all as he is, is only back from injury. Why not have the best 2nd row in t more
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 Triple Nelson!
Posted by katisha - 01-18-06 07:31 - 14 comments

<We have 111 registered members>

doesn't look good, for the cricket fans anyway. unsure.g ...<a href="">read more</a></td>
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 music questions
Posted by Ms Boods - 01-17-06 22:40 - 10 comments
I'm putting together my syllabus and assignments for my spring class, which is a bit of a lark, as it's The History of Rock and Roll -- there are already nearly 100 students enrolled.

Anyway, for one of the written assignments, I more
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Posted by Kal - 01-17-06 21:26 - 31 comments
Littlebum did a poo this morning and I changed her nappy for her.

Good proper poo, so it was. Nice and firm turds.

After we were done, I picked up the dirty nappy and folded it up to throw away. As I did this, one of those ni more
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