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 New Code
Posted by Agent Moose - 02-11-07 04:57 - 0 comments
Today I just got done with the newest code MC Shop V1. You can see it at the top of the board. I took of the Buy Item button because I got 6 PM's from people, and I don't have a money code on Moose Creations. So whoever wanted an Item...well, your not getting it because of no money code. I will be making a money code soon for MC Shop V2.

Now, for MC Video V1, I kinda Changed my plans on how it would of been, so it will take a little bit longer. And the Discusion thread...don't listen to that, it isn't right...
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 Not making many codes...
Posted by Agent Moose - 02-2-07 20:42 - 0 comments
Sorry I hanvn't been making any codes for awhile. MC Video is really close to being done. all I need to get is videos for it, and that is it. I didn't really even make much of it, my forum friend $T-Man$ did. I will try to see when I can get it done. And about me making other codes, like side codes, I will take requests, I would like to make some. They will have to be small codes if you want me to get done with MC Video V1, MV Music V3(Yes V3) and your code that you requested.
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 These Cades are kinda late...
Posted by Agent Moose - 12-17-06 17:52 - 0 comments
I know I am late about telling you people about these codes, you all probably know by now that MC Radio V2 is out. I havn't even made a topic for announcing MC Radio V1 is out...Oops. Well, this shouldn't happen again. I hope.
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 MC Video...
Posted by Agent Moose - 11-27-06 23:32 - 2 comments
Today, my forum friend, C-Rich, came up with a good code that I can make. It is going to be called MC Video. Right now I am looking for some features to add to it. If think of any, please post it in this thread. I still have MC Radio V2 to get done so it will be awhile till I get MC Video done...
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 MC Music V2
Posted by Agent Moose - 11-17-06 23:42 - 0 comments
There is a new version of MC Music out. If you would like to see it, you can view it here. laugh.gif If you would like to request a band that isn't on there you can go to either of these places:
-Dance Age
-Moose Creations Request Forum

Thanks and I hope you like it laugh.gif
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 I love Codes
Posted by Agent Moose - 11-12-06 18:55 - 2 comments
I have changed Moose Creations from being a skinning and code board to just a code board.

I have just got done with a new code called MC Radio. If you want you can veiw all the codes I have made here. I hope you like them. The only code you can add to your forum is MC Music. I don't want MC Radio to be on other forums right now. I will later though That is basicly all I need to say...

Accually we do have a new Super Moderator, his name is Sasuke Uchiha#1. Congrates for the upgrade for him.
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