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No New Posts Rules and Information
Come here to see the rules and information for Keehrr.
Forum Led by: Global Moderator
4 0 Apr 17 2007, 05:14 PM
In: World Map
By: Tekar Nayr
No New Posts Announcements
Come here for all the latest announcements.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
1 3 Jul 23 2013, 05:20 PM
In: Keehrr And Structure
By: Draemyr Eldranathe
No New Posts Help Forum
If you have questions that need answering, post here. Also, if you were thinking of becoming an admin, an application form is here too.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
34 123 Nov 26 2011, 07:06 PM
In: Jonnathan's Spies
By: Tekar Nayr
No New Posts Welcome!
Post here to have other members meet you! I want everyone to feel welcome here...or else ^^.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
1 1 Jul 24 2013, 09:44 AM
In: New Player!
By: Gale Shièl
No New Posts Chat
Come here to give suggestions, discuss your role-plays, post any stories/art you've ever created, or just plain chat.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
37 183 May 26 2013, 06:09 PM
In: Keehrr Color Scheme
By: Gale Shièl

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Redirect Keehrr
From systems of measurement to maps of the world, this category will allow you to better understand the world of Keehrr.
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Redirect Mallpi
Perhaps the most vital continent to the Keehrr role-playing site, Mallpi is the home of Jonnathan - an epitome of evil and a fierce tyrant. Mallpi is located in the northern hemisphere.
- - Redirected Hits: 303
Redirect Nelim
Nelim is a continent divided into three kingdoms, each vying for complete control of Nelim. Their disputes are age-old, but are only now coming to open warfare. Nelim is located in the northern hemisphere, west of Mallpi.
- - Redirected Hits: 289
Redirect Eethatt
Eethatt is the mysterious land of merfolk and etwae - a continent unknown and unexplored by any foreigners. The waters surrounding Eethatt are incredibly dangerous and no ship makes it to land. Eethatt is located in the southern hemisphere, almost directly south of Mallpi.
- - Redirected Hits: 262
Redirect Dallin
Dallin is by far the largest continent in Keehrr, and is the center of slave trade. There are four countries in Dallin, ranging from the snow-clad lands of Trigger to the tropical jungle of Dekk. Dallin is located in the northern hemisphere, east of Mallpi.
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Redirect Selki
The smallest continent on Keehrr, Selki is home to the aralets and chayrcks. Selki is divided into Northern Selki and Southern Selki, and a barren strip of land separates them. Selki is located in the southern hemisphere, southeast of Mallpi and directly south of Dallin.
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No New Posts Information for Profile
In this forum you will find several topics that will help you complete your character profile, including races, classes, and religions. Please note that the list of races within this forum contains the only races that live in Keehrr.
5 0 Mar 24 2008, 12:15 PM
In: World Map
By: Tekar Nayr
No New Posts Profile Skeleton

Forum Led by: Global Moderator
3 1 Feb 20 2007, 02:28 PM
In: Character Originality
By: Tekar Nayr
No New Posts Character Profiles
Post your character profile (the guidelines of which are found in the forum above) in this forum.
Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
212 18 Dec 30 2011, 01:53 PM
In: Cili Treasach
By: Cili Treasach

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Plot-Related Closed Topics
Any topics that have to do with plots for Keehrr and are finished will be put here.
Forum Led by: Global Moderator
10 452 Dec 20 2006, 06:46 PM
In: (PG) The True Quest
By: Sylvester De Ghent

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No New Posts Jonnathan's Kingdom
Jonnathan's Kingdom is in the northern reaches of Mallpi, and descends southward until it reaches the Esciarr Mountains. Jonnathan rules with an iron hand and a cruel will. He executes anyone who is even suspected of plotting against him, or anyone that stands up to him. The humans in Jonnathan's Kingdom are subdued and have lost most of their former emotions. Jonnathan's Kingdom is patrolled night and day by his notoriously loyal guards, corrupted elves. If anyone is caught after curfew (ten o'clock) then they would take the person and imprison him or her, often for life.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
63 1,426 May 18 2010, 12:43 PM
In: A stranger in a strange land
By: Faer
No New Posts Forest of Dagariad
The Forest of Dagariad is a huge forest. Inhabited by ferocious monsters and ekoys (a terrible creature of unknown origins and disturbing eating habits) it is one of the most dangerous parts of Mallpi. Humans do not regularly pass through, and if they try to they are normally never seen again. The only foreign creatures that go through regularly are Jonnathan's corrupted elves, and sometimes even they do not come away unscathed (or alive, for that matter).

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
22 432 Jan 25 2010, 08:20 PM
In: The Battle for Sanity
By: Leon
No New Posts Esciarr
Esciarr is the southernmost area in Mallpi. It is bordered by the Esciarr Mountains, the Neelor Lake, and of course the coast of Mallpi. Very few people live here and a far fewer number travel here. Anyone who manages to get past the mountains will find an inhospitable welcome in the Plains of Esciarr, where all visitors are looked upon with dislike and a fair amount of pity.

Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
24 824 Jul 2 2010, 11:03 AM
In: Taking a walk
By: Ambrilyn
No New Posts Pakkai Prairie
The Pakkai Prairie is a large prairie, home to ghosts and other assorted animals. The Pakkai Prairie is in the northern part of Keehrr, directly above the Neelor Lake. The river that winds through Pakkai is clear and clean, and many of the ghosts live along it's edge. Humans do not willingly venture into Pakkai, and even Travellers seem to avoid it, although there is a mutual dislike of ghosts in the Traveller's Hills. Ghosts make it a personal goal to torture anything that comes within their reach to black oblivion.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
6 168 Jan 11 2010, 04:25 PM
In: A new way to fly
By: Leon

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No New Posts Kingdom of Night
The Kingdom of Night is almost made entirely of forests and swamps. It is the healthiest kingdom in Nelim and also the most densely populated. The Kingdom of Night is at odds with the other two kingdoms, vying for control of the entire continent as the others are. Any person from one of the other kingdoms will be arrested on sight and most likely kept there for a long, long while.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
17 883 Jun 23 2013, 02:23 PM
In: A Little Fast
By: Ileraill Caeris
No New Posts Kingdom of Light
The Kingdom of Light is a kingdom filled with deserts and shrublands. It is the largest Kingdom in Nelim, but it is also the most unfruitful. It's greatest rival at the moment is the Kingdom of Night, and they actually keep a guard to make sure no citizen of the Kingdom of Night enters the desert land. There are a very few number of oases in this vast desert, but each one holds a fairly large city. Most people live in these cities or villages by the only two true streams in the desert.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
8 203 Jun 11 2013, 05:14 PM
In: Homecoming
By: Alynia Scentai
No New Posts Kingdom of Might
The Kingdom of Might is mostly hills, rocks and foothills. People in the Kingdom of Might are primarily farmers, using the myriad hills of their kingdom to grow food for their families. This kingdom is cut off from the other two by mountains, so trade is sparse and if there is any at all it comes from the sea, not the land. The royal family of the Kingdom of Might will not relinquish their hold on their kingdom, however much the other two kingdoms want it. They prefer to stay in their own secluded side of the continent.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
7 136 Jan 10 2012, 10:39 AM
In: Home, for a while.
By: Mist
No New Posts Border Mountains
The Border Mountain Range is the longest and highest in Keehrr. Because of this, some people claim they are haunted or cursed. It is said that a whole army once rode into the Border Mountains, and never returned. Still, most people do not believe these rumors and travel through anyway, being careful to avoid the antisocial dwarfs.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
5 284 Jul 29 2013, 08:08 AM
In: Der Vorstoss
By: Gale Shièl
No New Posts Missing Island
The Missing Island is an island that is cut through by about fifty rivers, ranging from about 20 feet across to around one mile. Some people mistake this island for many separate islands, so that is why some people call it the Missing Islands. It is very rare that any humans from the mainland of Nelim will travel to the Missing Island. If a human does make the trip there, they are treated very poorly by any silerirs they might come across, and some of the crueler kind would lock them up, never to return to their home. Silerirs like to be left alone, and they dislike the humans for something one gluttonous human king did a long while back.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
7 61 Oct 1 2009, 01:29 PM
In: Night Awry
By: Faer

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No New Posts Plains of Kevald
The Plains of Kevald stretch on for several miles south of the Deep Desert. The people that inhabit these scruffy lands live near the coast and eat mainly food that comes from the sea. The Plains of Kevald are themselves an extremely calm place when compared to either the Deep Desert or the Bay of Cairiblodin. There are only small dangers, easily taken care of by a spear or sword thrust through the throat. Small villages dot the landscape, and occasionally you will see an old ruin of a once-glorious city.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
2 24 Feb 9 2007, 04:10 PM
In: Silence Must Be Heard
By: Qais Al'Din
No New Posts Deep Desert
The Deep Desert is, as the name implies, a desert. It is called the deep desert because according to myth the desert stretches forever into the ground, never becoming moist. A strange desert is this one, for instead of the freezing nights and broiling days, the sun turns these deserts cold and the dark colors of night stir them into heat. None dare to live in the Deep Desert, but many travel there to face whatever may come to them, be it the thousands upon thousands of monsters hidden there, or the shifting, changing sands themselves...

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
2 37 Mar 4 2007, 06:09 PM
In: Escape from the Desert
By: Gale Shièl
No New Posts Cairiblidini Ocean
The Cairiblidini Ocean is one of the most terrifying in the world. Traveling on these treacherous waters is a dangerous job for many a sailor. Because of the many rocky islands scattered throughout the ocean it makes for very difficult steering. The tides are powerful on normal days, and heat storms over the water are very common, making the waves even more ominous and deadly. Most tend to avoid this part of the ocean, though many a curious sailor has tried and failed to get to Eethatt.

Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
5 49 Dec 10 2007, 03:58 PM
In: Silly Feeling
By: Philomenia Christian

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Dekk
Dekk is the southernmost country in Dallin, located on the southwestern edge. Many slaves make up Dekk's large humanoid population. Dekk houses the world's only rainforest, called the Lorin Rainforest. The people are proud of it, but few venture very far in for fear of becoming lost. Dekk is a big slaving and trading country, and its good economy depends on the sale of all things.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
8 409 Mar 24 2009, 02:41 PM
In: Damp
By: Lucas Cooper
No New Posts Vonfra
For whatever reason, Vonfra is the least densely populated country in Dallin. Though slaves are common in Vonfra, they are reserved for the wealthy and more fortunate people. Much of Vonfra's sparse population goes to peasants - unpleasantly poor folk. Orgyon Falls is Vonfra's biggest attraction. These huge waterfalls symbolize freedom for the Dallinians and the pounding retribution anyone will receive for opposing them.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
15 367 Dec 28 2008, 08:03 AM
In: Orgyon Falls
By: Lucas Cooper
No New Posts Seroff
Seroff is the largest and most prominent of the four countries of Dallin. This huge country runs across the center of Dallin, running from the eastern shore to the western shore. The Thromnian Mountain Range is the only thing that scars the otherwise beautiful green land. The population of slaves in Seroff exceeds the number of non-slaves, which would provide some problem if the aralets did not think they were born to serve.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
23 543 Jan 30 2010, 07:28 PM
In: Pride and Joy
By: Gale Shièl
No New Posts Trigger
Trigger is the always-snowing, never-warm, northernmost country in Dallin. There are hardly any slaves in Trigger because the people living in Trigger have a deep sense of pride in themselves. They love to see something done by their own hands, and most people in Trigger frown upon trading slaves as a form of easy work. In Trigger it is illegal to export slaves to other countries/continents, and many have been arrested at that charge.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
14 369 Jan 23 2010, 08:54 PM
In: The Alchemist Mage
By: Tyler Sliivan
No New Posts Prisyth Ocean
This ocean lies to the east and west of Dallin's shores, and surrounds the continent of Selki as well. The waters are full of life that makes for good fishing by the Dallinian fishermen. Many ships can be seen sailing on this ocean every day, at any time. To Dallin trade is everything, so the majority of these ships are trading vessels, and the rest are pleasure ships or slave ships.

Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
3 56 Dec 19 2008, 03:07 PM
In: Playing around for fun
By: Resaku

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No New Posts Northern Selki
The northern section of Selki holds the slave race, the aralet. These people are uneducated and brought up hungry and dirty. They know no other life than one of constant wariness and hurt. According to their religion, they have to be slaves to the people of Dallin. They therefore do not object at all to their cruel treatment, except for a select few, because they think it is punishment from God.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
4 108 Apr 8 2009, 10:35 AM
In: ...Slaves?
By: Lavenda E'Lyan
No New Posts Southern Selki
The more sensible of the Selkinese, these people rarely mix with the northern population and are mostly a totally different race of people, the chayrcks. They do not think of themselves as slaves, and fight against any who try to take them as such. Their religion is not entirely different from the aralets', but they believe they were meant to be people, not slaves.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
5 170 Jun 18 2009, 11:38 AM
In: Hiding....
By: Shadowz
No New Posts North-South Borderlands
These lands lie between the divided north and south of Selki. It is rather dangerous here because of the Dallinian soldiers that stand guard, and the occasional fight between chayrck and aralet. The borderlands are sandy and barren, and few people ever venture to them. They are some miles across, and the flat landscape is marred only by the fortress the Dallinian soldiers and a few slaves use.

Forum Led by: Moderator, Global Moderator
1 33 Jul 15 2007, 04:17 PM
In: Noon
By: Zenith

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
No New Posts Off the Map
Come here to write any topic which occurs somewhere that is unknown or otherwise hidden, so if you are marooned on an uncharted island, lost in some magical realm, imprisoned in some unknown dungeon, or otherwise somewhere off the beaten path there is now a place for your story.

Forum Led by: Global Moderator, Moderator
9 237 Jul 20 2009, 08:50 PM
In: Darkness
By: Ambrilyn

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