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Title: The "super exploited"

ZACK - October 14, 2008 06:53 PM (GMT)
The super-exploited workers are those who make less than the value of their labor power.

This is a general phenomenon in the Third World (i.e. in semi-colonial, semifeudal countries). And one of the ways this is done is by capitalism utilizing the the continued existance of semi-feudal agriculture to depress wages. In many countries workers still raise crops “on the side” to supplement their diets, and so wages can be depressed below the actual cost of labor power. One particular manifestation is the way kids are raised in semi-feudal countries: In Peru, for example, many peasan men left their villages and went into Lima (or the mines) as proletarians. Their kids were still being raised in the villages (largely by women and extended families) and supported through family agriculture there. That meant that the wages of the male workers often did not actually rise to the cost of reproducing the labor power (since, for example, they didn’t fully cover the cost of raising the next generation.)

Throughout the world (and throughout history) the wages of workers on the fringes of semifeudal agriculture have been among the very lowest. that is super-exploitation — it is a situation where there are widespread wage levels that often average BELOW the actual value of labor power.

Source: Mike Ely,

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