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Linda D. - September 13, 2008 07:31 PM (GMT)
OK(ay) are just a few acronyms (and terms) that I found immediately that am not familiar with. Will probably come up with more -- then again, the articles are getting better in terms of defining some of the same:


ISO--is this the International Socialists who have been around for years? (and are they different in the UK and U.S.?

WWP (Workers' World Party)--who are they?

FRO--(freedom road org.?)--was under the impression they were some old ex-RCP members???

Also, when we talk about Trotsky, could someone explain more what "permanent revolution" means. Am probably gonna get slam dunked for this but I used to have trouble distinguishing bet. Trotsky's permanent rev. line and some of what the RCP used to say re rev. worldwide.

Linda D. - September 14, 2008 05:40 PM (GMT)
Well, I also had a question about the 4 All's but my question got answered in the recent post by Mike--4 Alls Capsule of ... etc.

The Four Alls are:

1) the abolition of class distinctions generally,
2) the abolition of all the relations of production on which they rest,
3) the abolition of all the social relations that correspond to these relations of production, and
4) the revolutionising of all the ideas that result from these social relations.

Now for the background:

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