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  1. Why All Philosophical Theories Are Non-sensical
  2. Wittgeenstein
  3. Absolute power is in free market fascism
  4. 75 yaers since Mao's protracted war theory-part1
  5. New Synthesis of Bob Avakian
  6. Maoism and Mao Tse Tung Thought
  7. Reccomended blogs and articles on Maoism
  8. Maoism -119th birthday of Mao
  9. Polemics on Communist Movement
  10. C.P.I.(Maoist ) analysis
  11. Demarcations journal essays
  12. Richard Lewontin on 'Jewish Identity'
  13. roofing repairs
  14. Immortal theoretical contribution of Com Harbhajan
  15. "Only Communism can save liberal democracy"
  16. Simon Critchley on anarchism today
  17. Alain Badiou's "The courage of the present"
  18. Zizek on the UK rebellion
  19. Marxism and atheism
  20. Sectarianism: diagnosis and cure
  21. Critiques of "socialism from below?"
  22. foundations of mathematics
  23. Contribution of Com Mao Tse Tung and the Cultural
  24. In defence of Lenin and Stalin
  25. In defence of polemics of Marx,Lenin and Mao
  26. Answering Critiques of Maoist Theory
  27. One sentence quotes
  28. The Four Tasks of Revolutionists
  29. How reliable are Mao's post-1957 works?
  30. Trends of International Communsim
  31. 12 decisive principles for rev movement (part 1)
  32. The Red Army Faction / Baader-Meinhof Group
  33. RCP: Breaking into the internet
  34. Mike's tiers / defeating reformism (reply to blog)
  35. Basic Documents of the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L.)-Part 2
  36. Basic Documents of the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L.)-Agarian Re
  37. Historical Documents
  38. C.P.I.(Maoist)-An assesment
  39. Necessity of Revolutionary "Southern Strategy"
  40. The Revolutionary State Beyond the State
  41. What IS a Theoretical Leap?
  42. New Marxist analysis of UK Conservatism
  43. Actualizing the "Family Values" Left
  44. Not So Natural Selection
  45. any one read commonwealth by negri and hardt yet
  46. A Definition of State Capitalism
  47. Age-specific organizing?
  48. Israel BDS: a different view
  49. link to talk by zizek on bbc 1/12/2010
  50. Classism in the U.S. today

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