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 I think I have more 3D blu-rays than 2D!
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 02:37 PM

The Eclectic Gamer

Group: Members
Posts: 2,512
Member No.: 4
Joined: 20-June 06

As of right now, I have 57 (including on-order and pre-orders) Blu-ray 3D movies, based on both Anaglyph 3D and True 3D (Import and North-American) films, probably 15+ more 3D blu-ray movies than 2D blu-rays.

There are several films I've purposely skipped and am currently not interested in, like Fright Night (even though it was shot in true 3D), Thor, Green Lantern, Clash of the Titans, and Immortals.

Here is a list of what I have so far:

1: Alice in Wonderland

2: Battle for Terra, German

3: Bear, German

4: Blue Moon, German

5: Captain America

6: Cargo, German

7: Chronicles of Narnia Dawn Treader, Chinese

8: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

9: Coraline (Anaglyph)

10: Daybreakers, German

11: Despicable Me

12: Drive Angry

13: Ein Monster in Paris, German (on Pre-order)

14: Final Destination 3D
15: Final Destination 5 3d

16: Friday the 13th Part 3 3D (Anaglyph)

17: Gnomeo and Juliet

18: Green Hornet

19: Gulliver's Travels

20: Harold and Kumar Christmas

21: Hidden, Chinese

22: Hole 3D, Dutch
23: Hole 3D, German

24: Hugo

25: Ice Age 3, Chinese

26: Imax Hubble

27: Legend of the Guardians

28: Lion King

29: Mars Needs Moms

30: Megamind

31: Monster House

32: My Bloody Valentine (Anaglyph)

33: Open Season

34: Piranha

35: Pirates: Stranger Tides

36: Puss N Boots

37: Resident Evil: Afterlife

38: Sanctum

39: Saw VII

40: Schock Labyrinth, German

41: Sector 7, Chinese

42: Shark Night 3D, German (on Pre-order)

43: Shrek
44: Shrek II
45: Shrek III
46: Shrek Forever After

47: Smurfs

48: Tangled

49: The Child's Eye, Chinese

50: Three Muskateers (on pre-order)

51: Tin Tin (on pre-order)

52: Transformers Dark of the Moon

53: Tron Legacy

54: Unalienable, German

55: WWII in 3D (On order)

56: Yogi Bear

57: Disney/Mitsubishi 3D kit Demo

Most 3D movies cost between $28-$35, with an average of $30. That's close to $1,700 worth of movies!

The last 3D movies I've watched are: Hugo, Sector 7, and The Hole. Hugo is probably the most critically acclaimed 3D movie of all time. It won several awards. As for its 3D usage, it really was incorporated well into the film, immersing everyone in the experience, with its clockwork gears and such, at least in the first half of the movie. The first half is fun and adventurous. The second half seems rather long, slowed down, and boring. Hugo is a film that is actually a salute to French silent films. Many people share my view on this, but this is a split view, and lots of other people believe that Hugo would be the movie to push someone to actually go out and buy a 3DTV.

Sector 7 is a Korean film, which tells the story of an almost unstoppable monster that attacks an oil rig. For an Asian video, the quality IMO is top notch. I've seen several Chinese and Japanese films, and they don't even compare. It seems like Asians just really haven't mastered lighting and filming techniques. With all of the praise for video quality, it does have a couple dirt bike scenes that really do look fake. There is a lot of CGI usage in the film. I really thought it was a good movie, not great but good.

As for The Hole, from Joe Dante, from Gremlins, Piranha, and Howling fame, it has been released in Asia and Europe but not in North-America. Joe Dante's reasoning apparently has something to do with it not being able to compete with higher-budget 3D blockbusters in Hollywood, as it was a low-budget ($12,000,000, the same budget Gran Torino had, which had no 3D and little to no special effects) film.

The trailer for the hole makes it seem like it's a PG-13/teen version of The Gate, from 1986. It's kind of similar but also a bit different. It's about these children that find a hole in the basement of their new house. Everyone that looks into the hole lets the 'darkness' know their worst fears. Kind of reminiscent of the Ghostbusters, where he thought of the stay puff marshmallow man. The smallest boy has a fear of clowns, the neighbor girl had a fear of not being able to save her childhood friend earlier in life from a fall, in which her friend and apparently a cop fell to their death at a theme park. The oldest kid had a fear of his father that was in Prison, but his recollection of his father was as a huge monster.

It didn't really have many 'pop-out' effects but had good depth. I thought the effects were actually good, despite being considered a low-budget movie.


What doesn't make sense to me is how movies are selected for North-American releases. Sector 7 tried hard and I believe eventually got a theatrical release in the US, but they still didn't get a blu-ray release. The Child's Eye, The Hole, Shark Night 3D, or Battle for Terra have not been released in the USA. Shock Labyrinth has gotten a release date finally.

Battle for Terra should have gotten an immediate 3D release when it was released in Europe. It's a good, fun animated feature. People have compared it to a lower-budget version of Avatar, but it should have gotten a US release.

Avatar is another example, with slightly different circumstances. It was released as an exclusive title, only available with a 3DTV or 3D kit, but those exclusive contracts ran out last month, and there's no sign of it being released any time soon in the retail marketplace.


3D movies I'm most looking forward to:

Resident Evil V
Underworld Awakening

125 HD-DVDS, 184 BLU-RAYS, 230 3-D BLU-RAYS, 281 DVDs, 599 VHS, 28 VCDs, 5 PSP Movies, 176 Laserdiscs, 10 Field-Sequential 3D DVDs
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 10:53 PM

The Eclectic Gamer

Group: Members
Posts: 2,512
Member No.: 4
Joined: 20-June 06

Actually, I just counted and was wrong. I have 66 2D blu-ray movies. A few are trilogies (girl with the dragon tattoo, underworld) and collections (searches/wild bunch/how the west was won, close encounters of the third kind.)

Maybe in three or four more months, there will be more 3D than 2D!

125 HD-DVDS, 184 BLU-RAYS, 230 3-D BLU-RAYS, 281 DVDs, 599 VHS, 28 VCDs, 5 PSP Movies, 176 Laserdiscs, 10 Field-Sequential 3D DVDs
Posted: Jun 27 2012, 11:37 AM

The Eclectic Gamer

Group: Members
Posts: 2,512
Member No.: 4
Joined: 20-June 06

1: Alice in Wonderland

2: Battle for Terra, German

3: Bear, German

4: Blue Moon, German

5: Bolt

6: Captain America

7: Cargo, German

8: Chronicles of Narnia Dawn Treader, Chinese

9: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

10: Coraline (Anaglyph)

11: Darkest Hour

12: Daybreakers, German

13: Despicable Me

14: Drive Angry

15: Ein Monster in Paris, German

16: Final Destination 3D
17: Final Destination 5 3d

18: Friday the 13th Part 3 3D (Anaglyph)

19: Ghost Rider 2

20: Gnomeo and Juliet

21: Green Hornet

22: Gulliver's Travels

23: Harold and Kumar Christmas

24: Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows part 1, Chinese

25: Harry Potter, Deathly Hollows part 2, Chinese

26: Hidden, Chinese

27: Hole 3D, Dutch
28: Hole 3D, German

29: How to Train Your Dragon

30: Hugo

31: Ice Age 3, Chinese

32: Imax Hubble

33: John Carter

34: Journey to the Center of the Earth

35: Journey 2 the Mysterious Island

36: Legend of the Guardians

37: Lion of Judah

38: Lion King

39: Lorax

40: Mars Needs Moms

41: Megamind

42: Monster House

43: Monsters VS Aliens

44: My Bloody Valentine (Anaglyph)

45: Open Season

46: Piranha

47: Pirates: Stranger Tides

48: Puss N Boots

49: Resident Evil: Afterlife

50: Sanctum

51: Saw VII

52: Schock Labyrinth, German

53: Sector 7, Chinese

54: Shark Night 3D, German

55: Shrek
56: Shrek II
57: Shrek III
58: Shrek Forever After

59: Smurfs

60: Tangled

61: The Child's Eye, Chinese

62: Three Muskateers

63: Tin Tin

64: Transformers Dark of the Moon

65: Tron Legacy

66: Unalienable, German

67: Underworld IV

68: Under the Sea

69: Wrath of the Titans

70: WWII in 3D

71: Yogi Bear

72: Disney/Mitsubishi 3D kit Demo

Looking forward to, if/when they are released:

Resident Evil V
House of Wax
Dial M for Murder
Mad Magician
Starchaser: Legend of Orin
Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
Friday the 13th part III (Proper 3D version, not anaglyph)
Silent Madness
Rottweiler: Dogs of Hell
Treasure of the Four Crowns
Comin' at ya
Flesh for Frankenstein
Domo Arigato
The Bubble
Creatue from the black lagoon I and II
Fort Ti
Bwana Devil
It came from outer space

125 HD-DVDS, 184 BLU-RAYS, 230 3-D BLU-RAYS, 281 DVDs, 599 VHS, 28 VCDs, 5 PSP Movies, 176 Laserdiscs, 10 Field-Sequential 3D DVDs
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