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Clecrerma - May 19, 2010 03:21 PM (GMT)

How Do I Rip a Protected DVD to my PSP?
By no means am I encouraging people to pirate movies, but I do believe if you own the movie already, then you are free to view the movie the way you chose, whether you want to view it on your iPhone/iPod, PSP, or simply on your computer, then you should have the right to do so. I get so irritated when I buy a DVD and I can't put it on my PSP, so my only option is to buy the movie again for my PSP. DVD Video to iPhone Mac
dvd converter for mac Xilisoft's DVD Ripper gives me the freedom to convert a protected DVD to play on pretty much any multimedia device; it can even copy the ISO image to duplicate the DVD.
This type of software is somewhat controversial because there is no doubt people are using it for piracy purposes. This is just inevitable though, just look at music CDs and how easy it is to rip and copy CDs. PPT to DVD
I like to use this software to put movies and clips of movies on my PSP and iPhone. Being able to convert selected segments is extremely useful, because most of the time, there's just that one really funny part which I want to put on my PSP to watch when I get stuck in a traffic jam. iphone ringtone converter
There are so many different movie formats these days that I can hardly keep track. I need a format for my PSP, then a different format for the iPod, then a different one for Xbox, and the list just goes on and on. This is why there's such a huge demand for video converters, to solve the format dilemma! So now, no matter what format I have, I can turn it into any other format. apple tv video converter for mac There lots of other useful features in the DVD ripper such as if you have a live concert DVD, you can extract just the music from the DVD to be played you iPod. iPhone ringtone maker for mac
Like I said before, I am completely against piracy, but if I bought a movie, I should be able to enjoy it by whichever medium I choose. Xilisoft's DVD Ripper helps make that happen.

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