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 Tales of Phantasia
Posted: Jul 19 2008, 12:45 AM

Hero of Kharlan
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Group: Seraphim
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Console: SNES, Playstation and GBA
Release Dates
Japan (SNES): December 15, 1995
Japan (Playstation): December 23, 1998
Japan (GBA): August 1, 2003
Japan (PSP): September 7, 2006
U.S (GBA): March 6, 2006

The first Tales game in the entire series. It features Cless Alvein and Chester Barklight starting out on an adventure originally for revenge. This game was first released on the SNES (Famicon). And then after Tales of Destiny's success, it was remade on the PSX with greater graphics, skits, new skills and spells and a whole bunch of side quests. The GBA version was a horrible mix between the SNES and PSX version of ToP. This game was released in the U.S for the GBA on March 2006. Also, Namco announced that there would be a Full Voiced Edition of Tales of Phantasia on the PSP!

The story starts off as Cless and Chester go hunting in the woods. They finally hunt down a big boar but spot a giant dead tree. But before they can get a closer look their town bell rings. They rush back to their village only to find it in ruins. Chester finds his little sister dead and Cless finds both his parents dead. At his mother's dying words, Cless goes to his uncle's house for refuge. Chester stays behind to make graves for the dead. The two friends vowed to take revenge on whoever killed their village Totus. The only leading clue they have is that they were after Cless' pendant. he recieved on his birthday.

Main Characters

Cless Alvein
Time: Present
Age: 17
Weight: 59 Kg
Height: 170 cm (5' 7")
Gender: Male
Weapons: Swords, Axes and Spears
A young boy who was taught by his father to wield a sword. He is an avenger type of person who hates anyone who kills the innocent. He also tends to help out people even if they are not essential to his goals.

Chester Barklight
Time: Present
Age: 17
Weight: 62 Kg
Height: 175 Cm (5' 8")
Gender: Male
Weapons: Bow & Arrows
A young archer who seems rude at first, but really has a kind heart for people. He is very defensive about friends and family.

Mint Adnade
Time: Present
Age: 18
Weight: 42 Kg
Height: 162 Cm (5'4")
Gender: Female
Weapons: Staves and Rods
A young kind girl who happens to be a healer. Mint is a very friendly girl who, like Cless, wants to help those in need. Cless finds Mint after breaking out of his cell.

Klarth F. Lester
Time: Past
Age: 29
Weight: 62 Kg
Height: 176 Cm (5'8")
Gender: Male
Weapons: Books & Summon Spirits
A scholar studying for way for humans to use magic without elven blood. Through rings of pacts, he is able to call forth Summon Spirits that he has made pacts with. Cless and Mint look for Klarth in hopes of using magic to defeat Dhaos.

Arche Klaine
Time: Past
Age: 17
Weight: 39 Kg
Height: 157 Cm (5'2")
Gender: Female
Weapons: Broom & Magic
A young wild girl who seems to be a female pervert. Despite that personality, her magic skills are excellent. She's a half-elven that rides a broom.

Suzu Fujibayashi
Time: Future
Age: 11
Weight: 28 Kg
Height: 135 Cm (4'5")
Weapons: Kunais, Shurikens and Katanas
A very young female ninja. She trains hard in the outskirts of Heimdall. She is an optionable character only available in the GBA and PSX version.

Commonly known as the Demon Lord Dhaos. He wages war against humanity justifying it with his phrase of "For my people". He comes from Derris Kharlan in need of mana so he wants to obtain the mana from the Tree of Mana known as Yggdrasill.

Alvein and Irving do sound the same yes but Lloyd and Cless are not related. No, it is NOT an "evolved" version of the name because there is no such thing as names evolving. Such is known as name change!

Yes, after thousands of years Dhaos comes to Aselia to get mana from the tree, Yggdrasill. However, Dhaos is not related to Martel, Kratos or Mithos. Dhaos is made before any ToS character so it is not possible to make connections with a character made after. If there was a connection, there would have been an official announcement so don't go try making a theory of Kratos being Dhaos' dad or Mithos being Dhao's dad.

The name Fujibayashi is NOT a misunderstanding. Suzu and Sheena are officially and truly related. That would make Sheena an ancestor to Suzu. Also, there are the Four Heroes as there are the 4 Seraphims. No, they are also not related in any way.

Yes, the tree Yggdrasill is the same as the tree in Symphonia. We know Lloyd doesn't say the name in the end but according to Norse Mythplogy, Phantasia and Namco, the tree is the very same. And Martel is still a spirit within the tree.

As for summon spirits. Unlike Sheena, Klarth needs Rings of the Pact to form a pact with a summon spirit. For example, Klarth needs Garnet to form a pact with Efreet and Opal to form a pact with Sylph. Sheena obtains her pacts by pure fighting and making a pact. Nothing else. There have been stupid theories of Sheena requiring a ring to summon the spirit. This is not true. Nothing about it is said at all in the story.

These are two games that do not connect directly. Their storylines are not supposed to be 100% accurate and there are many plotholes. You're free to make theories but don't call them facts because none of them are official.

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