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 Jeff Stuby
Jeff Stuby
Posted: Apr 19 2008, 08:37 PM

Random Member #2

Group: Members
Posts: 24
Member No.: 560
Joined: 19-April 08

Name: Jeff Stuby
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Demon)
Special Ability: When Jeff’s life is threatened, he has the ability to transform into his demon form. When Jeff is in his demon form, Jeff’s defense is cut in half and his attack and speed is raised by a quarter of Jeff’s defense.
Def: 40
Att: 10
Spe: 10
Def: 20
Att: 20
Spe: 20
Faction: neutral
Rank: none
Jeff's demon also has the ability to use life bomb. This can only be used when Jeff is about to die.
Life Bomb: Jeff's demon forms his magic and life force into an energy ball that can destroy everything in a ten mile radius. After using this attack, Jeff turns back into his normal form.
Personality: In his normal form, Jeff is serious and laid back. He doesn’t do much work. He only fights whenever he has to defend himself. However, Jeff’s demon form is much different. His demon is killing happy. He loves to fight and especially loves to kill.
Physical Description:
user posted image
Normal form
user posted image
Demon form
History: Jeff Stuby lived a perfectly normal life until he turned thirteen. When he came home one day he noticed that his house was on fire. Jeff rushed in to his house to see what was going on. Once he got into his house, the first thing he saw was his sister’s friend tied naked to a post and burning. Jeff had a crush on her and was shocked to see this. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing and was paralyzed in fear. After a while, his sister got up and said “This is your entire fault” as she slapped Jeff across the face. “This is your entire fault” she repeated before she died.
Not only were they dead, his whole entire family was dead. After Jeff got slapped, he was able to move again and before running outside, he ran to get the family emblem, Elemental. After he escaped the house, the authorities came to help Jeff. They realized that the chess burnt his house and killed his family. The only thing they could do was find a place where Jeff could live. The only relative that Jeff had left was his uncle. Even though he refused to go live with him; the police forced him to live with his abusive uncle. When Jeff was in custody of his uncle, he was abused by his uncle and was force to do physical labor everyday. When Jeff was sixteen, Jeff’s uncle brought over his girlfriend. When Jeff’s uncle’s girlfriend broke up with Jeff’s uncle, he got very angry, pulled out a gun, and tried to shoot Jeff. Before he was shot by his uncle, Jeff smirked and showed his vampire like teeth. Jeff’s skin turns pale and his ears become pointy. Jeff’s eyes turned from blue to red. Jeff turned into his demon form. Jeff’s demon stopped the bullet in mid air and laughed. Jeff’s uncle stared in amazement as Jeff’s demon pulled out elemental and cut him into peaces. When the authorities came to his uncle’s house, Jeff turned back to normal and couldn’t remember what happened. The authorities only could assume that Jeff killed his uncle and send Jeff to prison.
While Jeff was in prison, he was forced to do physical labor all day every day. One day while Jeff was working, one of the prison guards was mocking and teasing him. Jeff got really ticked off and started to attack the guard. Once the fight was broken up, the prison guard got so angry with him, so he cut off Jeff’s right hand. When Jeff was eighteen, the prison guards wanted to get rid of him so that they wouldn’t have to put up with him any more. They devised a plan to kill Jeff. When Jeff was working one day, one of the prison guards removed a rock conveniently placed in front of an immovable boulder, making the bolder roll down the hill towards Jeff, who is chained by a post. When Jeff realizes the danger coming, it is too late. Jeff rushes to the prison door only to be caught back by the chain around his ankle. As Jeff struggles to escape from the chained ankle, the prison guards watched and laughed at Jeff. The boulder rolls and hits Jeff, only to stop where Jeff stands. The prison guards stared in amazement as they watch Jeff smirk and show his vampire like teeth. Jeff’s skin turns pale and his ears become pointy. Jeff’s eyes turned from blue to red. Jeff turned into his demon form. Jeff’s demon picks up the boulder and throws it at the prison guards. The prison guards rushed out of the room as the boulder smashed it. Jeff’s demon then grabs the chain around his ankle. As soon as Jeff’s demon touches the chain, it disincarnates. The prison guards rush to Jeff’s demon with their weapons ready. Jeff’s demon then concentrates his energy into his left hand, forms it into an energy ball, and launches it towards the prison guards. The blast destroys everything in a ten mile radius.
After Jeff used the blast, he turned back to his normal self. Then, after a while, Jeff woke up and couldn’t remember what happened. He noticed that the entire prison was destroyed. Without wondering what happened, he rushed away from the destroyed prison and ran into the nearby forest. An hour later, Jeff couldn’t move any more and collapsed from hunger and thirst. When he woke up hours later, he realized that he was in a strange house. He looked around the house and notice there was an old man doing something not that far from him. Jeff asked the old man “Who are you and what am I doing here?”
“Hello Jeff,” the old man replied, “it’s nice to see that you’re awake.”
“How do you know my name,” Jeff asked.
“My name is Master,” said the old man. “I saw that you collapsed from starvation and brought you to my house to heal you. The reason I know your name is because I’m your Grandfather.”
Jeff was shock when he heard this. After a day of resting, Jeff started to train with Master. Master taught Jeff how to fight using energy and with his katana Elemental. Master also restored Jeff’s right hand by shaping his own energy to form one. Master also told Jeff about the dangers of the demon and that is inside of him. When Jeff turned twenty-one, he thanked Master for his help and left. Jeff then sets off on his own adventure, trying to help the world by creating the Wameckian Organization.

Level: 1
EXP: 0/100
Strength: 10
Speed: 10
Magic: 25
Defense: 40
Synchronization: 10
Luck: 5
Pewter: 0

Name: Elemental
Type: Katana

Normal Form:
Version 1:
Posted: May 19 2008, 02:31 AM

Alien Leader

Group: Members
Posts: 542
Member No.: 236
Joined: 17-March 07

Life bomb is slightly.... well, extremely overpowered. Capable of destroying EVERYTHING in a 10 MILE RADIUS!? Even a crystalis general couldn't do something like that! I understand that it only occurs when you are dieing but that simply is too.... Mary Sue. Its like being a martyr or something, converting your remaining life force and magical energy into a bomb. You would kill yourself if you do that! Its a fact, how can you live without life force. And if you are dieing, how in heavens name can you have the energy to do something like that.... Everything else is fine except for the history being a little cheesy and "Star Warsy". Also, please fill in your ARMM data. Personality can also use a bit of an extension.

If you are still in the process of finishing this character, you can ignore this message.
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