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 Tarkyysh, Thank you Kataka and Ash
Posted: Apr 13 2010, 10:03 PM

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Name/Alias: Brotz
Where are you from: Minnesota
Age: 18
Gender: Male
How Did you find out about us: Chrism

Have You Read The Rules. All of the Rules: "The Emperor must of used alot of skin lotion."

Your Character

Name: Tarkyysh

Alias: 'Master' Navigator Tarkyysh of the Claatuvac Guild, nicknamed by the Jedi as 'Tarky' or 'Fluffy' by Swift, "Protector of Kashyyyk"

Gender: Male

Species: Wookiee

Age: 195 (born 93 BBY)

Alignment: Neutral [The Wookiees]

Occupation: Commander of the Civilian Protection Guild

[x1] Bowcaster
-He had a synthmesh shoulder sling strapped to his bowcaster that, besides securing his weapon, served as a bandolier, as an improvised explosive device with the blaster gas packs attached, and as an emergency bandade or splint. He also had a treated kthysh vine in a utility pouch, which proved crucial to his survival on Coruscant when he ran out of ammo. He also made the stock folding, and it possessed a ribbed buttplate for superior control. Tarkyysh forwent the use of explosive quarrels, citing that between a charged shot's tendency to ricochet and loading multiple quarrels producing a shotgun effect, an explosive wasn't needed to kill multitudes of enemies with a single pull of the trigger; the danger of an exploding quarrel in someone's face was also paramount. Tarkyysh hand-built his bowcaster during his Test of Ascension, which required him to kill a scuttle-grazer and katarn, and without a doubt, Tarkyysh ate well that night.

[x1] Ryyk kerarthorr
-A highly unique and distinctive weapon, Tarkyysh fashioned his weapon out of ultrachrome, and with a small powerpack inside the hilt, it was capable of superconducting the energy of a lighsaber blow. The inside of the ship was deliberately covered with vines and moss, keeping Tarkyysh connected with nature even on his long journeys through space.

[x1] PB-950 patrol boat Traka
-Tarkyysh chose a Corellian ship, since they are generally friendly with the Wookiees and produce inexpensive, but quality modular designs that continue to prove themselves for centuries: the PB-950 is no exception. Similar to Grakkata's Treespirit, it was painted in forest camouflage.

Personality: Though fiercesome and beserk in battle, Tarkyysh was a sad Wookiee that only wanted to see his people overcome their struggles, sick of being pushed around and abused like animals. Despite being well-disciplined, Tarkyysh as much of a law-abider or traditionalist as other Wookiees; he would perform activities of daily living when he felt most practical, though he still had high moral values and was recommended to serve as Holder of the Laws several times, though he usually declined, not wanting to be responsible for the condemnation of his fellow Wookiees.

There were some rules Tarkyysh would always follow, like honoring a life debt and not using his claws in battle, lest he be declared a madclaw, though he knew when to make exceptions, such as when he had to kill animals down in Coruscant's sewers to eat. Despite his courage in battle, he was no fool, and was a very technically-minded individual. Unusually, he was friendly toward outsiders that came in peace and didn't disturb the land or its inhabitants, offering trades and making treaties. However, Tarkyysh refused to deal with those that had previously offended Kashyyyk and murdered his fellow Wookiees. Still, he holds no ill against the relatives and descendants of such people.

Though not an elder, a chieftain, or any sort of nobility or royalty, Tarkyysh was a very influenial Wookiee, skilled in battle tactics, knowing the intimate secrets of his people, and overall a proven leader of small units. Tarkyysh was not a particularly outspoken Wookiee, but in the occasion that he felt he had something to say, he would fight rather aggressively for the talking bone. His rrakktorr was said to be incredibly strong even by Wookiee standards, perhaps farthered by a fondness for Wookiee wines, and he was a skilled master of the Wookiee art of Wrruushi, particularly talented with the 'slap match,' knocking an opponent off his feet with only one's hands, and the arm-locking Clench Challenge.

Though not always an active speaker, Tarkyysh had always attended the Wookiee meetings at Council Rock, the Government Tree in Kepitenochan, or in any major Wookiee city such as Royal City or Rwookrrorro. Tarkyysh was extremely patriotic, and so his only real affiliation was to his people, with the exception of debts and pledges to others that had to be completed as signatures of Wookiee honor.

Though Tarkyysh refused to work with the Jedi in his crusade against the Empire, he did not have the same resentment toward the Jedi as Lotaka. Tarkyysh believed that the Wookiees hadn't made the proper contribution to the Rebellion, but still questioned whether or not they would have been more valuable in the eyes of the Jedi. Still, Tarkyysh would have demanded a Wookiee army led by a Wookiee Chieftain under a Wookiee hierarchy, using Wookiee equipment and vehicles, were to fight with the Rebellion, and he knew that this, before Kataka was a Jedi Knight, was unreasonable. Still, Tarkyysh regrets having not been able to fight more actively with the Jedi Rebellion, but aware that they were hardly aggressive enough to take the intuitive except in rare instances, most notably Corellia. Yet one day, Tarkyysh hoped to be able to share the sacred privileges of Wookiee firepower and customs with off-worlders who could spread such culture with dignity.

As a professional soldier among the Wookiees, Tarkyysh sees combat as a duty and doesn't hold the same ideals of honor and glory as a normal person might. He hardly appreciates boasting, and like a Mandalorian, he recognizes that there are no heroes, it is merely doing what is culturally expected, not some unusually brave act to fight. He expects everyone to fight when it is their time to defend themselves and their honor, and holds those that don't in disdain. It is clear that many of Tarkyysh's views were tranferred to Brotz as some point early in the Coynite's career.

Face: Scar across his face from above his eye down to his lower lip, presumably from a lightsaber strike.

Upper Clothing: Kashyyykian black mountain armor when battle is expected, otherwise he remains unclothed. His armor was made from Webweaver silk, a deadly creature in the lowest depths of the Shadowlands which Tarkyysh killed in his Hrrtayyk. The protective plates were originally made from Wroshyr wood, but Tarkyysha later substituted them for scales of ratidillo carapaces after he used all the wood to make arrows to survive from ogre, ghoul, and cthon attacks while hiding out in the slums of Coruscant. In addition to armor, Tarkyysh had a quulaar on his back for carrying extra utilities.

Lower Clothing: His utility belt was made from the Syren plant during his initiation rite.

Appearance Extras: Dark brown fur. 7'8''

Home planet: Kashyyyk

Force-Sensitive: No


Tarkyysh was raised on the Wartaki Islands and was fluent in the Xaczik dialect of Shyriiwook, and during the Imperial occupation of his world, he served as a code-talker, and he was fluent in Thykarann, making him somewhat of a Wookiee linguist. He was also a skilled technician and engineer, able to repair and maintain the individual systems on Wookiee equipment but yet apply his applied theoretical knowledge to enhance such designs, and he worked for both KashyCorp and Appazanna Engineering Works in Thikkihana, and he was a cousin and long-time friend of Chief Torgah. He was also brother of Traka, making him uncle of Kataka and Lotaka.

Living off Kashyyyk's coasts meant that his village was the first defense against an enemy invasion, and as such, he was raised to be one of their best warriors. In his Hrrtaykk, he traveled through the Kkowir Forest down the Rryatt Trial along the Chenataa river to the Nawataa waterfall, and into the Webweaver caverns where he, armed with a simple makeshift spear, confronted his prey and defeated it through the use of superior terrain and invention of a canny trap. In addition to his infantry skills, he capable of riding a katarn with unparalleled horsemanship. He had even climbed up to the summit of Mount Korrokrrayyo, a seemingly impossible feat of endurance and perseverance. Though he didn't normally carry them with him off-world due to their heftiness and specialized ammunition, he was skilled in the use of the Wookiee rocket launcher and long gun, the latter of which he often mounted his ryyk to as a bayonet.

Seeking adventure, Tarkyysh later joined the Antarian Rangers around 70 BBY, and fought in the Kaleesh-Bitthaevrian War, the Arkanian Revolution, and the Stark Hyperspace War. Tarkyysh was Par'adate Brotz's instructor and commanding officer in the organization, though Tarkyysh later left to return to his people; he never got to know Brotz very well, but respected him for his traits that made their way into the history book.

Tarkyysh fought to secure Alaris Prime and later fought alongside the Wookiee Trade Guild, both times against the Trade Federation. In the early stages of the Clone Wars, he was responsible for helping develop the Decimator and killing the Separatist informant Bogeega Be'Daay. As a dragon trooper, Tarkyysh burned multitudes of droids with his massive vehicle-grade flamethrower against the armies of General Sev'Rance Tann and later Grievous, and besides fighting on Krant with Echuu Shen-Jon, he served the vital role of protecting Tree Vikkilynn in Kachiro, and he was given a chip containing the Claatuvac Guild's data after he left. He had the honor of sounding the one of the clarions that announced the final battle against the Separatists. Throughout the war, Tarkyysh had only fought for and alongside his fellow Wookiees, not the Republic.

When the Empire rose, Tarkyysh joined the ranks of the elite Ittummi berserkers, gaining a Z-6 jetpack. He was part of the Honor Clan, freedom fighters against the Empire, and he later served on Attichitcuk in the battle to retrieve the Vor'Na'Tu on Geddes. He continued to fight an independent resistance from a PB-950 with his Wookiee crew. During the Galactic Civil War, Tarkyysh served as a Sergeant in the Rebel Alliance's Wookiee Regiment and later Renegade Squadron, fighting in nearly every major battle of the conflict. He was captured on no less than three occasions, first on Kashyyyk with Chewbacca, second on the freighter Toral, where he was rescued by the famous Keyan Farlander, and third on a latter mission after 4 ABY, which resulted in him being imprisoned at the Maw Installation alongside fellow Wookiee Nawruun.

After the war, Tarkyysh returned home to settle down as a husband and father, a family man was that so rare among hardened military men; he had fond memories of carrying his daughter on his back on treks across the forests with his wife. During this time, Tarkyysh flew as part of the starfighter strike force that Jedi Knight Jax Tulan had assembled to take down the Dark Jedi Marthos, and Tarkyysh sent the battle holding up the Trandoshans in a rearguard dogfight with his Agr. Tarkyysh would be the Wookiee that survived that space battle to save Kataka from the frozen void of space. Tarkyysh would later rename his ship after his deceased brother. After defeating the Trandoshans, Tarkyysh helped Kataka remain under the radar for the next twenty years.

In the meantime, Tarkyysh kept good connections with those in the New Republic, such as Grand Master Slay and Master Dryporin, both of whom Tarkyysh showed great respect toward, and they would later fight alongside side-by-side in Letum's invasion, where due to Sith civil war, the Wookiees held back the Sith. However, the Sith would come day return, Tarkyysh knew, so he fashioned a blade from ultrachrome to fight Sith warriors in close-quarters.

Tarkyysh settled down in a village on the Thikkiiana Peninsula when he saw Vexas's brilliantly orchestrated surgical attack take place while on a simple hunting trip. Though the other Wookiees were to be enslaved, Valec would not risk that Wookiee warriors could kill his Spartan warriors on Ziost or overrun the mines on Apatros, and ordered all Wookiee soldiers to be killed, quickly silencing all pockets of local resistance. However, Vexas estimated three or four hours for an organized resistance, but Tarkyysh's cavalrymen, riding katarns, formed up early and were there within a few hours.

With the element of surprise, Tarkyysh rushed through the city and attempted to drive the intruders out, but despite remarkably wounding several Spartans, the rescue failed. Falling back, Tarkyysh retreated to the woods to dismount and form skirmish lines in the trees, sniping at Vexas's men as they tried to drag the bodies of gassed out women and children, waiting for reinforcements before he could charge the intruders once again. Wookiee artillery and aircraft eventually arrived to harass the Sith, but the Sith had already taken dug in and wouldn't be budged. Valec's superior air power prevailed and the Wookiees were unable to save their own. Angered in despair, Tarkyysh realized that the attack would demonstrate their weaknesses to the Trandoshans, who he thought were soon to come and attack. Yet in truth, it was far worse than that.

Soon, through Trandoshan informants telling the Imperials of Jedi on the planet, Vexas Saix, now Imperial Warmaster, returned to unleash an apocalypse would envelop the planet. With Saix only giving a hour of warning, Tarkyysh advised the evacuation of the Wookiee cities to the Shadowlands, where they would dig foxholes and cover them with large branches to protect themselves from the fall of debris from the canopies. As his last directive, Tarkyysh requested the fielding of every Blade bomber equipped with flame-retardant bombs. Caught in the middle of Queen Saphira's attack, Tarkyysh was badly charred; only quick evacuation by Cinaed Ry'Treiz's men to Hoth where he received medical attention from Kataka prevented permanent disability, and even as of General Brotz's visit to Hoth, he was still recovering in their hospital.

When Tarkyysh finally recovered and learned that his family had been killed in Saphira's attack. Tarkyysh lost it and turned feral, more blood-drunk that an Iridonian battle rager. He wanted playback. Tarkyysh broke out of the Jedi base with such force that nobody dared restrain him. Gathering a force of pirates, Tarkyysh was labelled as an outlaw who used gathered a band of Wookiee insurgents using a PB-950 to terrorize troop conveys and other minor military targets that could be cleared out. Eventually however, Tarkyysh was captured while covering his crew's escape. Locked in a maximum security prison on Bastion, even that couldn't stop him, and he killed twenty stormtroopers before hijacking a Space Master-class medium transport and escaping to Coruscant.

Tarkyysh was wanted dead for 25,000 credits, so great that Lord Acheron was offering Sith legal pardons to bring in the fierce Wookiee. Tarkyysh had hid in the undercity, hunting down its mutated creatures, primarily rats, to survive. For the bounty hunters, Tarkyysh proved too difficult of an opponent, and killing many of them, he eventually escaped the planet to return home once again after a heated fight with Imperial law enforcement. Meeting Rani on Kashyyyk, she convinced Tarkyysh let go of his thirst for revenge to care for his people. In his return, he would be greeted as a national hero for saving millions of acres and lives during the Sith bombardment. As such, Tarkyysh reunited with his old crew and joined the Civilian Protection Guild, the Wookiees' only real militia and emergency response force against future attacks and the constantly marauding Trandoshans. He resettled on Alaris Prime and started the arduous process of rebuilding the Wookiee people to their former glory.

Fighting in the war against Vindicis, the Imperials forfeited their bounty of Tarkyysh and forgot about him. Though the Wookiees reluctantly stayed aligned with the Jedi Rebellion after their alliance with Vexas Saix, the merging of the Rebellion and the Empire into the Galactic Alliance was the last straw, for the surviving Wookiees demanded prosecution be taken place in accordance to their laws for the multiple Imperial attacks on their world. Still, Tarkyysh was more than happy to offer assistance to his nephew Kataka, who became Watchmen of Kashyyyk system, and they still each owed each other life debts. Tarkyysh graciously let Kataka postpone the debt for as long as his Jedi duties required, while he hoped that eventually Kataka could call upon him to fulfill his; Tarkyysh hoped to one day acquire some Nak'tra crystals. In the meantime, Tarkyysh provided a base of operations to the mercenary Sigil, who helped protect the world from Trandoshan raiders.

Recently, Tarkyysh led a Wookiee contigent with Swift's multi-national expeditionary force, though the Wookiees held the rearguard and saw little more than skirmishes with the Sith. As casualties mounted, largely to disease, Tarkyysh was convinced by his advisors to pull out before the final attack while the lines back to known space where still open, and thus Tarkyysh was one of the few lucky individuals to come back alive. Returning to Kashyyyk in one piece, Tarkyysh remained vigilant for a threat worse than the Trandoshans to return: the Sith.

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Darth Valec
Posted: May 8 2010, 04:54 PM

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Works for me, get them moving.

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